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Shopping | Delivery App

We designed an app that seamlessly combines a user-friendly interface with features for swift, fresh flower deliveries. Sporting a floral-themed minimalist design, we integrated chat assistance and diverse payment gateways to enhance user convenience.


Trading Blockchain

We led SALVACoin’s development on Polygon, enhancing the website, researching ICOs, and ensuring security. Users can buy SALVACoin, access the store, earn rewards, and soon explore an NFT marketplace. SALVACoin offers low gas fees and a user-friendly design for blockchain enthusiasts and investors.

Image AI

Trading Blockchain

As developers and designers, we collaborated with the client to create an AI-powered image generator app. With advanced customization tools, templates, and real-time rendering, users can unleash their creativity and streamline image generation with the AI Image Generator we brought to life.

Metaverse Retail Store

Trading Blockchain

Using our expertise in immersive technologies and innovative design, we created a metaverse retail store. By integrating 360-degree product views, virtual try-on, and personalized recommendations, we revolutionized the shopping experience. Together with our client, we pushed boundaries and set a new industry benchmark.

VR Office Space

Trading Blockchain

We combined our expertise with the client’s vision to create an immersive virtual environment that boosts productivity and collaboration. Through research, user-centric design, and testing, we crafted a visually stunning platform that revolutionizes remote teamwork. Our attention to detail and comprehensive approach deliver a cutting-edge solution, empowering organizations to thrive in the digital age.

VR science lab

Trading Blockchain

By leveraging virtual reality technology, we created an immersive and interactive learning platform for students. This innovative platform revolutionizes science education, empowering students to explore complex concepts, collaborate with peers, and unlock the wonders of science beyond the traditional classroom.


Trading Blockchain

EQL is a modern stock trading app that leverages real-time social momentum and sentiment analysis to provide valuable insights on trending stocks. It offers convenient features like IPO tracking and investment scanning for traders, investors, and hobbyists.


Music Blockchain

MOGO is a blockchain-based music platform that empowers indie artists and fans with its NFT music streaming service. It offers a range of features for artists to create, monetize, and grow their fanbase while incentivizing listeners worldwide.

Radical Body Transformation




“A well crafted and robust digital solution to fulfil all your fitness needs”

RBT is a powerful and unique fitness solution for the people of the United States. This innovative app suggests workout and diet plans to its users according to their goals. RBT is a one-stop solution for anyone who wants to transform their life by getting fit and healthy.


Fit Lyfe




“A well crafted and robust digital solution to fulfil all your fitness needs”
Fitlyfe is a comprehensive fitness and training TV app and website with the most in-demand features. It serves as a personal trainer and motivates users to stick to their fitness programs. Additionally, it helps users reach their fitness goals by providing them with meal planning and workout routines.

Gold’s Gym




“A unique one-stop fitness solution to provide a comprehensive health and well-being approach to Gym Members.”

Gold’s Gym India app is a powerful and secure solution specially designed as well as customized for the people of India. This app helps the gym members to maintain and analyze their fitness regime continuously and accurately anytime, anywhere. This innovative app also acts as a universal gym pass that allows the gym members to go and workout at any Gold’s Gym all across the nation without any hassle.

Buzztime GO



“An exclusive entertainment app connecting trivia lovers all over the world.”

Buzztime is an innovative gaming app designed for people looking for entertainment with their friends in restaurants and bars. The app is gaining massive popularity in the USA and Canada. This unique app provides a common, real-time platform for all trivia lovers to come together and enjoy their game nights. With a variety of games and cutting-edge design, Buzztime makes the user experience exciting and enjoyable.





“A robust digital solution to connect doctors and patients remotely”

A creatively designed application using cutting edge technology to connect patients and doctors in real-time and to assist doctors in providing positive results. The app keeps a backup of patient’s vital information that can be accessed by doctors anytime and anywhere.

The Guts Feeling

On-Demand Delivery App

Food Delivery App

Grocery delivery App

“A one-stop digital solution for all the food and grocery delivery services” TGF is an innovative app that offers a one-stop solution for all the food and grocery delivery services for the people of Singapore. The app has two parts, i.e., the food delivery and the grocery delivery. The user can order food from the restaurant or can reserve a dine-in using the app. Moreover, along with ordering food, the user can order groceries from the restaurant, and the payments can be made online via multiple payment options for a hassle-free experience.

Pets Can Stay




“Wherever you go take your pets along easily” Pets Can Stay is an innovative app designed especially for all pet lovers, which allows you to book your hotels for your vacation with the ease of taking your pets along. This creative app provides the three sides. The user side offers the options of property booking, user onboarding, profile building, etc. In contrast, the host side offers the construction of the property’s profile and management of the listed property. The app provides three panels. Pets can stay is a digital platform that provides convenient pet-friendly accommodation services.


Ride-Sharing App | Turo-like

ShareMyRide is a digital carpooling app for Australians to share travel costs, time, and fuel. The app offers hassle-free ride booking with just a few clicks on a smartphone, making travel easy and convenient for users.


On-Demand Home Services App

App like TaskRabbit

“A powerful one-stop solution Home Services App”

A perfect marketplace for home services that enables its users to connect with top-rated professionals for availing a wide range of home services like plumbing, cleaning, pest control and many more in London without any hassle.





“An innovative digital app solution that brings people closer through sporting activities”

Hubear is an innovative and robust digital sports platform creatively crafted for the people of the U.S.A. This app enables its users to create or join nearby sports events and connect with sports enthusiasts with similar interests. It also connects like-minded people via sporting activities. Hubear has various features that make it stand out from the crowd, such as event creation and friend connections.



Jaba App is a secure digital payment solution designed for Finland. Co-founded by creative entrepreneurs, it offers various banking solutions under one platform, making payments easy and secure.

Studio Tonight




“The first on-demand studio booking application and a groundbreaking digital solution.”

Studio Tonight is an application like never before. This powerful and Airbnb-like application connects studio seekers and studio providers in real-time. Packed with advanced features, creative artists never miss out on an opportunity to hone their talent with this application. In turn, the studio providers earn an additional income by providing stellar and professional set-ups. Now that is what you call a win-win situation!

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Smart Home Application

Wireless sensor networks

“Introducing a unique platform for controlling all your snow-melting devices with just one click.”

Snowmatic being an IoT integrated platform, is an exclusive one-stop solution launched in Canada. With the Snowmatic Mobile App, using its Wi-Fi Provisioning Model, one can eliminate the hassle of keeping track of the numerous snow-melting devices installed in their premises by monitoring them all at once on a single screen. Its robust design lets you handle the controllers’ status and turn them ON / OFF through the mobile application via Internet access.


Coupons listing platform

Deals and Discounts

Promo codes App

“An innovative platform to make online shopping easier and help customers save big!” Shopping online can be challenging, especially when you feel that you could get the same product at a lower price elsewhere. With FOCO being in the picture, you can now forget your worries about discounts and online product prices. We present to you a one-stop savings destination that delivers innovative promotional media solutions. With its comprehensive list of in-app coupons, the application can help you make better shopping decisions, save big, and be a smarter shopper. To sum it up, FOCO makes its customers’ lives simpler on their “Add To Cart” days!

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Car service

On Demand Solutions

Car repair services

“A well-designed, one-stop, unique solution for all your car repair needs.”

Introducing a hassle-free & easy way to schedule car servicing. The Mvm2Go app is an exclusive, on-demand, car-repair solution for people residing in the USA. This prime application connects the mechanic to the customers and vice versa with just one click.


Bicycle Renting app

On demand Solution


“A bike-sharing application that offers micro-mobility solutions while being eco-friendly.”

GURARIDE is re-imagining urban mobility. It is a technology-driven bike-sharing application that makes urban commute seamless, shareable, and sustainable. By providing Micro Mobility Vehicles (MMVs), GURARIDE provides a green and economical solution for urban traffic, and tackles the chaotic congestion in cities. Whether you want to travel short distances or run errands, their high-quality bicycles and scooters will help you go farther, faster, and have more fun! So, if you’re passionate about making a positive impact, get GURARIDE and pedal the change for a sustainable lifestyle.




E- learning

“Unique, one-stop destination for learning from the masters.”

Experts from all industries and niches come together and provide high-quality lessons on this platform. Be it music, cooking, sports, or even tech. Users can get access to multiple video lessons and more on this one-stop destination. The growth of educational technology in the modern world is astounding. Many people now prefer to outsource easy, quick lessons for the sake of fast learning after considering its many significant advantages. This is where AcceleratedX comes in.

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“An unconventional platform that makes on-demand delivery seamless and efficient” Fast. Simple. Ready. Limitless is an on-demand / hyperlocal / grocery delivery service that allows users to shop local supermarkets from one accessible online destination. Limitless utilizes a network of stores and delivers products directly to your door, making products access more convenient. Users build shopping lists and browse products available for delivery in their zip code or delivery zone or pick them up from the store itself. No need to worry if you will be home when your groceries arrive as Limitless also offers an innovative on-demand delivery program. Users schedule their deliveries at the best time for them and on their terms with our allotted delivery window!

Driver App Available on

Customer App Available on

limitless splash screen





“Unique, one stop platform for transferring NFTs from one chain to another”

Esaiyo is a unique platform that has established a standard and is continuously developing technology to create, connect, and reveal ‘Social Identities of Objects’. This versatile software combines blockchain and object graph technology to assist nations, governments, and businesses in safeguarding, connecting, and presenting context through valuable data and other digital assets.


Entertainment | Meditation

Allaya is a music platform that offers mindful tracks for meditation, relaxation, and sleep. App owners can upload and share their tracks with ease on this content management system for users to explore and enjoy.





“A music platform designed especially for indie music lovers”

Rairplay is a music platform that offers an excellent experience for indie music creators and lovers. The app provides a wide range of features, such as a radio channel, trending tracks, etc., that allow users to enjoy top-recommended indie music. Rairplay offers an easy way for indie artists to share their music and kick-start their music careers.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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