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Start a multi-million-dollar revenue NFT business today. Launch an exquisite platform to showcase unique collectibles and digital assets. NFTs’ demand is now at its peak in the forms of artworks, gaming cards, software licenses, real estate, music, content subscription, gaming assets, and many more. Kickstart your crypto-business journey today. Get a versatile marketplace designed by our expert developers, where assets get tokenized, and the value rises exponentially. Deliver an incredible NFT platform experience to your customers while boosting your growth and revenue.

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Non-Fungible Token Development Benefits

What’s so captivating about NFTs? Well, they are non-fungible.

Fungibility reflects a resource’s ability to be replaced with a comparable resource without dropping its quality.

For instance, one $100 bill is equivalent to another $100 bill regarding value. Suppose, you lend $100 to your friend. When the time comes to take it back, you don’t need him to return the same note, you gave him. Why? $100 is fungible, which means another of its sort has the exact same worth. Non Fungible Token is simply something that cannot be replaced because it is unique.

Unlimited Potential

Our nft marketplace development company
makes it unique and easy to use marketplace. NFT can be digital art, a collectible, or any other digital or physical asset. The value can never be limited, as everything trades through bidding.

Handsome Revenue

An NFT marketplace can rise above all other collectibles trading platforms when it comes to revenue. As only one copy of an asset exists, the value could reach sky-heights. Hence generating enthralling commission for the platform-owners.

Fame Builds Your Name

A handful of NFT marketplace platforms exist in the online world currently. Trends guarantee us a scintillating future ahead with tons of users turning NFT traders.

Vast Opportunities

Blockchain has transformed the way people invest. Non Fungible tokens can rise up exponentially with more creators stepping in. NFT’s flexibility is attracting more unique assets and a marketplace solution is just the need of the hour.

Technology Stack for NFT Development

blockchain platform
storage platforms
t standards
front end framework

Blockchain Platforms


Undoubtedly, NFTs couldn't have gained much popularity if Ethereum wasn’t incorporated in the NFT development stack. The open verification of token medata and publicly accessible transaction records make it effortless to prove the ownership history. Another major advantage is the forever reliable backend of Etherium keeps the NFTs going without any issues.


Flow is being frequently utilized to build both the NFT marketplace and NFTs by using the Cadence programming language. Additionally, it is a fast and decentralized blockchain designed for a new generation of digital assets, apps and games.


Tezos is essentially an open-source blockchain platform for applications and assets. Moreover, what makes Tezos a trustworthy platform is that it is backed by a community of builders, researchers and executioners.


Cardano is another innovative blockchain platform which delivers top notch security to NFT applications. It is incorporated with technologies and tools required to provide sustainability to decentralized systems and applications.

Storage Platforms


IPFS is a p2p hypermedia protocol. It was originally framed with the aim of storing media content in a decentralized way (using blockchain). Now, due to the pertaining complexities, the NFT media file cannot be directly stored on the blockchain. We have IPFS as a reliable rescue that can store all the NFT data.


Filecoin is a decentralized network built specifically to store sensitive information, such as media files. The storage platform; Filecoin carries everything that a developer will ever need to begin with decentralized storage for NFTs. Truffle Suite has also launched NFT Development Template via Filecoin Box after witnessing its benefits.


It is one of the most popular File Management platforms. Pinata is mainly utilized to upload and manage files on IPFS. The biggest advantage of Pinata lies in its secure and verifiable files for NFTs.

NFT Standards


ERC-721 is an entirely free of cost, publicly accessible medium that explain how to build non-fungible or unique tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.


The ERC-1155 token is a new type of standard token within Ethereum with the ability to change the landscape of DApps within this blockchain, thanks to its multi-token provisions.


FA2 provides developers a wide latitude to define and invent token types with complex token interactions while maintaining a standard API for wallets and external application.


dGoods is a free-of-cost and publicly accessible medium for developing and, managing the virtualization of items on the EOS blockchain. It was initiated by MythicalGames.


TRC-721 is a standard integral set for fetching non-fungible tokens(NFT) via the TRON network.


BEP-20 is nothing but a token standard. It resides on the Binance Smart Chain, which further extends the logic of ERC-20 and BEP-2 tokens. Moreover, it serves additional functionality of moving your tokens.

Front-end Frameworks


ReactJS is an immensely popular open-source JavaScript library. React is typically used for developing user interfaces (inherently for single-page applications). Additionally, developers also prefer ReactJS for developing and managing the view (front-end) layer for mobile and web apps. React also allows developers to create reusable UI components, which is the biggest advantage of the front-end framework.


Angular is a platform and framework for developing single-page client applications using HTML and TypeScript. Angular is written in TypeScript. It substantially executes core and optional functionality as a TypeScript libraries’ set that you import into your applications.


VueJS is a mixture of both React and Angular. However, it is less popular than both of them. Vue is an evolving framework for JavaScript, which is utilized to construct web interfaces and one-page applications. Not just for web interfaces, developers also go with VueJS for mobile app (Native apps) development as well as desktop applications development. Vue is usually executed using the Electron framework.

Features of our Non-Fungible Token Development Services with Idea Usher

Immutable Tokens

The core idea of NFT is to establish a permanent uniqueness to an existing asset. It can be a digital asset like an art form, collectible, share, real estate, or anything else. The immutability is preserved and holds utmost importance.

Reliable Blockchain Network

Developing tokens through well-known networks of blockchain is the optimal path to reliability. Various professional non-fungible token tools and support help us create an immeasurably valued NFT.

Comprehensive Asset Ownership

Users should have complete knowledge of their ownership aspects. Especially, with digital currencies and assets, providing comprehensive ownership proof is the priority.

Secured Verification

Blockchain technology is functioning enough to address the challenge of how to secure the data and prevent malicious cyber-attacks. Brief and secure verification protocols assist in the quick launch of assets and save us valuable time.

NFT Development Use Cases

Collectible NFT Arts

Remember exhibitions for unique collectible artworks? Blockchain is transforming digital art completely. Artists now get immense value for trading their artworks without any theft or copyright concerns.

NFT Gaming Industry

Gaming has evolved faster than any other corner of technology. Unique gaming skins, avatars can now have any unimaginable values. NFT assists gamers in tokenizing their unique gaming assets and in establishing proof of originality.

NFT Digital Assets

NFT marketplaces comprise a great variety of digital assets, including digital art, domain names, virtual lands, and other collectibles. Users can buy, sell and explore the existing exclusive assets. It also incorporates ERC 721 and ERC 1155 assets.

NFT Music

There is hardly any form of art untouched by NFTs. Musicians can now tokenize their creations that can be further sold or auctioned. With millions of music lovers worldwide, the value constantly rises with the growing attractiveness of NFT music. Another blockchain highlight in NFT music includes eliminating music piracy.

NFT Real Estate

Virtual landowners can now even tokenize their property and list them in the NFT marketplace. Interested buyers can either buy or bid for virtual lands. Converting a physical asset to a digital asset smoothens processes and completely avoids intermediaries. NFTs allow sellers and buyers to connect with each other directly on specialised online marketplaces

NFT Investments and Collaterals

NFTs can be used as collateral against bank loans, provided if the value of NFT meets the specific requirements. Users can now tokenize their assets and use them as collateral. By converting an asset into NFT, trading of assets and transferring ownership of assets/tokens become easy and quick.

NFT p2p Exchange

One of the most innovative NFT use cases, P2P exchange, allows users to trade NFTs freely and directly. NFT P2P exchange is a process that needs administration.

NFT Software License

NFT software license management goes like this; Each license is an NFT number, authentic and signed by the software owner. NFTs help majorly in managing software licenses

NFT Content Subscription

Content creators and public figures can transform their work by tokenizing content into NFT. Further, viewers can purchase a subscription to watch their favored content.

User Flow on an NFT Marketplace

User Flow on an NFT Marketplace
nft mobile flow

Step 1

Users signup on an NFT platform

Step 2

User sets up a crypto wallet

Step 3

Users upload digital assets to showcase their unique work

Step 4

The uploaded assets/items are then listed for sale

Step 5

Assets overcome moderation

Step 6

Once the latest NFTs get approved, buyers can find them in the list for sales

Step 7

The NFT’s owner starts accepting bids

Step 8

Once the auction closes, the seller is notified about top bids

Step 9

The NFT marketplace platform regulates the transactions of digital assets and funds

If a user arrives at the Non fungible marketplace application for the first time, they need to register an account (signup) on the NFT platform. Then the platform requires setting up a crypto wallet for storing NFTs and cryptos. Moving forward, the user now creates an NFT and configures auction aspects.

Now, the collection is listed for sale on the NFT platform. However, the digital assets need to cross one more stage of approval by the platform. The platform analyzes the digital assets for their uniqueness, originality and some more parameters before auctioning them for sale.
Once the analysis is complete, the platform moderates the list. NFTs now appear on the list for sales. Interested buyers browse for collectibles and place bids. Moving ahead, at auction close, sellers receive notifications regarding the top bid placed. The marketplace platform handles the transfer of ownership and funds.

Create NFT Tokens With Idea Usher

Our nft marketplace development company have built blockchain applications for numerous startups. Idea Usher also carries tremendous experience in building scalable and robust trading platforms. We offer services ranging from token creation to establishing online crypto marketplaces. By overcoming business requirements, we develop products and services that you and users can rely on.

Experienced Team

NFT development requires a combination of innovative ideas and expert-level implementation. Idea usher technical team thrives on meeting client requirements.

Rapid Blockchain Development

We never wait for deadlines. Our focus is to deliver quality solutions as soon as possible, and deploy them. In the modern technological era, launching a product or service at the right hyped time is very critical.

Expert Team

We have a dedicated team of developers and engineers who thrive to provide excellent quality end products for businesses. Our technical team possesses 100 years of combined experience and we have experts specializing in different tech stacks.

24x7 Support & Maintenance

Providing all-time support holds the key to solving any future problems and resolving bugs. After-development service holds a vital position in our portfolio too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Non-fungible tokens are an upcoming revolution in crypto as they serve secure transactions on decentralized marketplaces. If you are an avid crypto follower, you probably have heard of ERC-721 tokens. Moreover, these tokens possess an attractive property: they are not fungible.

Yes, many surveys suggest that by 2050, around 9 million transactions will be through digital platforms. Cryptocurrencies are entirely digital, and anyone can buy them worldwide. It is regardless of their age, location, or any other parameter. Now you might want to imagine how much money a crypto business can make.

“Game development” is definitely the digital gold rush in the near future, and your business can reach there first. We are already witnessing games, gaming costumes, gaming skins, and other in-app purchases as NFT gaming assets. However, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has evolved game development higher than we could ever wonder. Hiring with an agency like Idea Usher can help you boost your workflow, serving you more time to develop and apply brand strategy and market planning.

The development of a non-fungible token application or an NFT marketplace wallet/ app takes around 45-50 days. Additionally, it depends on your requirements majorly.

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. They basically come with a digital certificate of ownership of each digital asset. NFT can be in many forms like digital artworks, gifs, videos, etc.


While on the other hand, ERC-1155 is a token standard developed by Enjin that can usually assist in creating both fungible (currencies) and non-fungible (digital cards, and in-game skins) assets on the Ethereum Network


Distributed Non-Fungible Token (dNFTs) is an open-source standard that gives access to distributed ownership of NFTs in real-time applications on the EOS blockchain.

  • The capital and opportunity to make a lot of money
  • The volatility and excitement that is indulged within
  • News highlights/stories from the crypto world
  • Mainstream news

Blockchain and other cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular. One of the advantages of cryptocurrency is security. In 2021, you can securely store and transfer value without a third party’s help seems quite revolutionary.

It’s quite simple to understand, NFT. However, people tend to overthink a little about it due to the inducement of ‘cryptocurrency’. NFT marketplace is quite similar to an art exhibition, except for the facts that almost everything can be converted into NFT and can be auctioned, and ownership and copyright can not be stolen from any owner.

NFTs have already crossed significant benchmarks in the luxury and gaming industries. Additionally, they have enough of potential to grow beyond these starting industries. The art industry will be an evergreen segment of the NFT market and is likely to reach maturity over a couple of years.

Yes, we can tokenize almost anything to NFT. Anything that a user is willing to sell and has a unique aspect to it. That will probably add up to its value.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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