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Wearable technology provides solutions for industries be it medical, finance, fitness, or advertising. Work tracking, task management, data security, increased productivity— these and many more! Get a robust wearable app developed at an affordable price.
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Why Wearable Devices are the
Future of Technology?

Because businesses, military forces, and some medical sectors have been using it for decades. But now this technology is open to private consumers also!
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Units of wearable devices
were shipped in Q4 2020

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Wearable devices in 2020

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Expected to rise till 2022

What is a Wearable App?

Wearable devices are worn on the body as accessories or are part of a clothing material. They carry out many important processes with the help of wearable apps. Wearable apps use the sensors, and receivers of the device hardware to connect and provide the needed outputs.
These devices are becoming popular because they are compatible to carry, and provide many fast and accurate solutions. So, wearables are a huge deal in the global technology market.
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3 Reasons Why Wearable Technology is Profitable for Users, Developers, and Business Owners

A quick look on why the Wearable app market is taking the world by storm and
why wearable technology is more profitable than ever.
Increased Market Demand

Increased Market Demand

A study estimated that the number of shipments of smart watches will be 258m by 2025. That’s a big number!

Uplifting living Standards

Uplifting living Standards

Wearable devices assist in shopping through virtual product samples, smartwatches for health and fitness enthusiasts, healthcare monitoring devices— these devices are making life easier!

Enhanced Productivity Levels

Enhanced Productivity Levels

Setting reminders, keeping track of habits, recording messages, reducing screen time results— they bring your best at being focused on your goals.

Industries That Wearable Technology Is Revolutionizing!

Before making a wearable app, have a quick look at some industries with rising
wearable app demands and a promising future:

Some easy steps to understand the working of this app:

fashion branding

Fashion Branding Solutions

Electric components and many sensors with real-time data tracking come attached to fabrics. The up and coming technology used by many big fashion brands are using this technology. These devices monitor and feed heart-rate, breathing patterns, stress levels etc on your smartphone app.
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Health and Fitness Solutions

This is the most popular sector witnessing tremendous use of wearable devices. The smart watches are used for heart rate monitoring, step counting, blood oxygen level checks, and many other health monitoring activities.
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Traveling solutions

From getting digital identification at places like airports, to getting updates on flights, trains, and booking hotels on the go, getting updates on your pet. Government authorities all across the world are buying such gadgets for accurate travel records, and strong security measures.
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Retail Solutions

Retail industry has seen enormous change due to wearable technology. Many retail customers get to experience a virtual feel of any product they want to buy. It can be clothing, house interiors, etc.
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Financial Solutions

Banking app wearable technology enables easy payment through your wrist device. You can carry on banking activities like check account balance, find nearby ATMs, trade market updates, etc. Not to forget the new wearable barcode scanners that allow easy on the go access to your account and make payments.
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Why Outsourcing Wearable App Development Services is Beneficial for You?

Wearable devices are worn on the body as accessories or are part of a clothing material. They carry out many important processes with the help of wearable apps. Wearable apps use the sensors, and receivers of the device hardware to connect and provide the needed outputs.
Idea Usher has a long list of clientele who believe in outsourcing services and always want to come back to us!

How does a Wearable App Differ from Other Smartphone Apps?

A few important points that differ wearable apps from other smartphone apps:
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User interaction

Wearable apps require a few details and provide you with many useful results. The devices are easy to use for many routine requirements.

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Easier to Carry

Smartphones were the smallest and the smartest devices at one point of time. But evolving technology has provided wearable devices. They have smaller and less distracting screens. And we can wear them as accessories instead of carrying them!

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Many functions on wearable devices just need a single screen touch and it's done! Like in an emergency situation, you don’t have to unlock the device and find the button.

Wearable Software Features that Makes
App Development a Success

Listing some features that play a crucial role in developing an app that gets success over time.
These steps make a strong software application:
security icon

Security Features

Many security features are installed in the app by developers to make it secure for the users, Some of them could be biometric fingerprints, facial recognition options, etc.

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Third-party Integrations

These wearable devices can also be integrated with many 3rd party apps such as Google Fit, social media platforms , maps, and many more.

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AR Technology

Many wearable devices are installed with AR (augmented reality) technology. These are worn on heads and give you information while your hands are free to work.

VR Technology

The VR (virtual reality) devices are many customized products like shoes, gloves, etc. They provide an extra dimension to the user, and a feel of enhanced reality.

Wearable App Development Services We Offer

We offer efficient and quick wearable android app development services for
all your big and small device ideas.
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Fitness Tracking Apps

We develop a plethora of fitness tracking apps similar to Fitbit. These apps are designed to monitor health and fitness data of the user.

smart glass

Google Glass

Google Glass is one of the best examples of the fast advancing technology that meets more than our expectations! These head-mounted pairs of glasses are the best hands-free devices.

virtual reality

Gaming and Entertainment Apps

Wearables have made gaming a dynamic experience. The wearable gaming devices are increasingly in demand these days. These wearable devices offer some cool features— From 8D hands-free gaming experiences, to extended VR feel!

smart watch

Payment Apps

Wearables are the perfect choice for safer and on-the-go banking transactions. Several wristbands and wearable devices are incorporated with payment applications.

Why Are Wearable Apps Good for Your Business?

Those days are behind us, all you need is to find a wearable app development company that has
some experience in developing suitable apps.

Idea Usher offers you all these features at a friendly price:


Professionalism With Speed

To establish business in the fast paced world you will need an organization that not only provides you with solutions but also does it fast.


Building Brands That Matter

One time is luck but repeating success a couple of times says a lot. Idea Usher has helped people build brands that are serving the world.


Factor of Remarkableness

We follow a motto that goes ‘a website, app or a software should never be boring’ making sure that the factor of remarkableness is always there in anything that we develop.


Creating an App Based on Personal Values

Personal values are vital when it comes to thinking out of the box, a business that is based on your story is unique because only you have lived it. We, at Idea Usher, give utmost importance to your values.



Reasonable price is the only thing that can keep both parties happy. We offer a reasonable price and our experienced team develops apps.

The Core Strengths Of Wearable App Development Solutions

Wearable Technology accessories like smartwatch, goggles, and even jewellery come with mobile tracking integration. They give useful information, and easy everyday solutions like hotel recommendations in close proximity, bar ratings, alert notifications for emergency situations, weather updates, etc.
Hybrid categories of wearable app devices are now made possible for industries like clothing and footwear.
Precise fitness metrics have paved the way for wearable devices to enter into the healthcare and sports industry. Many health-conscious users are trusting it.
Transformative solutions in the medical field are happening because of this technology. Methods such as preventive and reactionary care are now possible. Solutions like immediate patient data collection, medial history tracking, etc can be done easily and accurately.
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Our Wearable Device App Development Process

Idea Usher follows a detailed development process. But we divided it into six simple steps.
This makes the application process methodical and precise.

Research & Analysis

Kickstarting our journey with research which helps us to get to know our target audience and their preferences. Also, doing a brief analysis of similar products that have worked well in the same industry.

UI/UX Designing

After having all the crucial data, let’s move on to design where our experienced designers try to make an easy to use, fun UI. Adding certain features to enhance the user experience and taking it to the next level.


With the outstanding design in hand which works as a blueprint to our developers they carry the process of designing GUI(graphical user interface). Next, we make sure that the app visitors will develop a good connection with the app.


A team of dedicated developers will design the structure of the app including databases and the interaction of the app with the server.

Testing & Deployment

Final step is to test by running it under different circumstances. Well, doing this gives us a brief on what else is there to improve? Our engineers make sure that design goes well with features and identifying glitches attempting to leave no room for error. Testing includes design, speed, compatibility, etc.

Marketing & Support

Now, your brainchild is ready to be introduced to the world. And believe us, we have an outstanding marketing team to do that in a stunning way! Also, backed by a good support system that checklists the response for all the common scenarios.

Don’t keep waiting too long, that amazing app needs to be built now!

We Use the Best Technology Stack


Wearable apps are synced with the primary devices that can be carried easily such as smartphones or laptops. Apps’ working ability is directly linked to devices since the sensors act as observers by recording data such as heart rate, calories burn and device visibility.
Well, customer satisfaction has always been our priority and the rates vary from the complexities that customer demand will generate. As, our job is to develop visions of a person into a reality in the form of applications that we design. Best thing would be to get our free consultation letting us know your expectations, visions and then finalizing a price.
Yes, we can deliver you apps that’ll work on both android as well as iOS.
Idea Usher doesn’t believe in middleman, as the qualified person will be assigned as a ‘project manager’ and will look after teams in design, testing, assessment, support and maintenance.
We believe in not only delivering a quality product or a quality solution but also doing it fast as delay is a problem in itself, there will be a team assigned specially for your project that will be responsive and act as a quick problem solver.
The sensor-fitted smart wearables like smartwatches are bought on a daily basis by people around the world. Some such wearable devices include names like Samsung Gear 2, Fitbit Flex, Galaxy smartwatches, etc.
Wearable apps are similar to Android SDK, just much better in design and functionality. So, yes they can be operated on any Android device also.
Various industry verticals are making use of this portable and advanced device for their internal works as well as business purposes. On the other hand, common people are also actively buying such devices for health, fitness, and other uses.
Not with Idea Usher. We provide you with value for money. Our team has years of experience that shows in all our works. So, once a project is taken, we make sure to complete it as envisioned and in time.
We offer post-development marketing services as well. And we have a full-fledged marketing team for it, so no need to worry!
Some of the leading wearable device companies in the world are Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, and Fitbit. But with the sudden popularity and demand of wearable devices, the companies are also fast adding to this list.
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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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