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What is a Mobile Payments App?

A mobile payment application is a service that users can use to perform digital transactions. They can pay anyone having the same or a similar payment gateway configured.

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Idea Usher offers custom mobile payment app solutions that satisfy your business needs. We thrive to add value to your business through custom feature integrations, plug-ins, extensions, and efficient functionalities.

Contactless Mobile Payments

An exciting feature powered by near field communication (NFC) technology, we provide contactless payment solutions that allow users to make payments with just a wave gesture of mobile.

Mobile Wallet Apps

We offer comprehensive mobile wallets inclusive of a virtual wallet that facilitates users to make payments, store payment information, claim loyalty rewards, coupons and more.

E-Commerce Payments

Enable e-commerce customers to pay via their virtual wallet. Additionally, users can also pay through the e-commerce site’s checkout page where they can choose a wallet for payment and store payment details.

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Mobile Payment Software Features

User-panel features

User registration

The first-time users can sign up using the required details and the registered users can log in to the app using the required authorization credentials.

Account Integration

Add as many bank accounts for performing transactions through your payments app.

Add money to Wallet

Provide users with extended ease of paying by incorporating a digital wallet into your app.

Balance Enquiry

Enquire your balance in your app wallet as well as in your bank accounts.

Pay Bills

Pay your mobile, electricity, broadband, fuel connection, and numerous other bills through a single platform.

Money Transfer

Transfer your money to any of your beneficiaries anytime with just a few taps!

Transaction History

Check your account statement within the app in an organized and efficient way.

Funds Transfer

Send and receive money, perform secure, effortless transactions with your contacts. Additionally, you can pay to anyone having the payments app through their phone number.

Merchant-panel features

Merchant registration

Merchants can register themselves and get verified using their business license.

Unique QR Code

Every merchant has a unique QR code, through which users can scan and pay against goods or services.


Merchants can allow their users to pay in the form of an easy monthly installments plan.

Promotional Offers

Merchants can customize their offers/promo codes for users so that they can sell more, and their business grows

Pay Bills

Pay your mobile, electricity, broadband, fuel connection, and numerous other bills through a single platform.

Push Notifications

Merchants get instant notifications for each successful transaction.

Admin Panel

User Management

Clients can be managed in an efficient and effortless way.

Live Insights

Real time updation and representation of analytical data to improve operational efficiency and to initiate growth


Admin can plan offers and rewards for users on the app

Manage Merchants

Admin is allowed to handle all the merchants from a single platform

Revenue Management

All the revenue streams can be managed from a single platform with valuable insights

Cryptocurrency Wallet Add-on

Here’s a lucrative add-on you can include in your mobile payments app to gain high engagement and popularity. Offer your users an exciting cryptocurrency wallet incorporated with your payments app. Kickstart a secure, safe and comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange platform indulged within your mobile payments app. We deliver the best-in-segment crypto transaction functionalities that arrive with the following benefits:
Admin Panel

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More than 81% of Americans own smartphones and a digital wallet is far more convenient than a physical wallet for most of them. Mobile payments facilitate all the daily tasks that users demand of their smartphones, from predicting the weather to updating their social media accounts. Adding mobile payments app/digital wallet to a device makes transactions easier and more convenient than ever before.

Extra layers of security

Mobile payments remove the need for users to use payment methods like cash and debit/credit cards. Moreover, these payment methods are least likely to be lost or stolen. Digital wallets even offer additional layers of security including biometric authentication (such as fingerprint scans or facial recognition), helping businesses in ensuring safe and secure transactions.

Digitized financial transactions

Consumer payments are vitally important for household budgets. Digital wallets can be easily used as mobile apps that help people actually track what they’re paying, where, and how frequently. Additionally, e-invoices can be issued to help users maintain a record of their spending, reduce paper waste, and overall reduce business expenses.


It takes a lot of time counting cash or waiting for a swipe machine for card payments. With mobile payments, a user simply utilizes their mobile device and authenticates the transaction usually with just a password or a fingerprint, or facial recognition. This builds a quicker, user-friendly experience for users. Ultimately, it helps businesses raise the volume of transactions.

Types of Digital Wallets

The following are the three types of digital wallets:

Closed Wallet

Semi-closed Wallet

Open Wallet

App Flow

User Flow of a Mobile Payments App

Profile Registration (Signup)

The first-time users are prompted to register using the required details.

Bank Account Integration

Registered users can then integrate multiple bank accounts into their profiles and use them for transactions whenever required.

Bill Payments/P2P Transactions

A user can then use the platform for various bill payments as well as to send money to peers as per their requirements.

Real-time Notifications

Users get push notifications instantly after each successful transaction

Shopping Transactions

Users can use the integrated e-wallet to pay directly to vendors in a secure and safe manner.

Mobile Payments app user interface

Mobile Payments App Security

App Security

We offer unique security lock features, with Touch ID and face recognition, that can help the users to make their app secure. This way when their phone is stolen, the app’s security can’t be compromised right away.

Two-factor authentication

It will save users from fraud and major hacks. With just passwords, it is going to be easier for the hackers to hack into the system, but when the password tech is combined with another unique authentication process, it is a lot harder to break into the system.

Instant notifications

App users will be notified instantly whenever a transaction happens, or money is deducted from or added to their account.

Follow the regulations

We constantly keep a check on PCI DSS regulatory standards. These payment gateway data security standards have been laid by the big players like VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB internationals,etc.

Moreover, no one wants to risk their financial credentials through a payment app. Money is highly important for everyone in life. Hence, we always ensure that your mobile payment app is secure and safe.

Custom Mobile Payment Software Development Solutions with Idea Usher

Unmatchable Development Standards

Our expert developers have years of experience in mobile wallet and payments app development. We make sure the ideal product is delivered, so that your users have a quality experience along with smooth functionalities.

Enhanced Security

Additional security measures to make sure that your payments are safe and successfully transferred. Our tailored digital wallets offer additional layers of security including biometric authentication (such as fingerprint scans or facial recognition).

Frictionless payments

We make sure all your transactions are smooth and streamlined regardless of the user paying to vendors, transferring to peers, paying bills, or any other transactions.

High User Engagement

Our top-quality UI/UX design and development ensures that users stay in the app for long. Moreover, they have a lifelong experience of the smooth functioning and soothing design of the app.

Wait. We’ve Got More For You!

We’ll always be there for you – from start to finish, and beyond. By offering maintenance services and assistance in marketing activities, we ensure that your payments app is always leading the race!

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We’re here to resolve your business challenges within a snap of fingers. That’s because you, your business, and the timely completion of your project matter the most to us. Everything else would come second.

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So that you can have the perfect sip of success! We don’t just execute plans, we also come up with the best ideas that would drastically improve your profitability, brand recognition, and value.

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Idea Usher has worked with 1000+ clients, helping them achieve millions of dollars in revenue in a dependable, scalable way. With our time-tested tactics and experience, you can grow your business and online presence, too.

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How many agencies practice what they preach? Not everyone. But we know our stuff. Our professionals are up-to-date with the latest development tech stack, so that your first shot at success lands you straight to the stars!

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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