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Blockchain is transforming businesses in a way no technology ever did before. We have been delivering promising blockchain services which further helps our clients to streamline internal communication, data storage, and transactions all using the same ledger.


At a time when the business world is driven by technology and is advancing so rapidly, it becomes imperative to keep up with its pace and transform digitally.  While undergoing a digital transformation, businesses often forget the significance of digitizing their internal processes along with the external. It is often more critical, and Blockchain does that in the most efficient way possible. 

“Blockchain” might have become a popular topic among business owners. However, the knowledge of its real value still eludes the most. In simple words, blockchain technology is a data-based ledger with the ability to store tons of data and verify its integrity. It makes every business transaction secure and stable. 

Data is the lifeblood of business, and blockchain technology is your life savior. It provides businesses with a decentralized platform that allows you to trace and track the data with ease.  Irrespective of your business domain, Blockchain Technology will be an incredibly powerful and impactful tool in integrating business operations and creating a transparent environment that instills growth.


Customer Engagement

With the help of blockchain, a business can become more efficient and adopt modernized practices thereby enhancing customer engagement.

Seamless Transactions

Are you tired of mainstream tiresome procedures involving lots of paperwork?

Blockchain being a distributed ledger, all the participants share the same documentation. Consent of every member is required in case of any update. To change even a single recorded transaction adjustment in all the records is required. Moreover, a member with sanctioned access can use it. These things make blockchain technology consistent and transparent.

Track the Path

Tracing an item back to its origin is a real struggle. With the help of blockchain services exchanges of goods are easily recorded thereby creating an audit string. This type of factual data related to the exchange promotes originality.


It’s time to kick those damned middlemen to the restrain and eventually eliminate excessive cost factors. All you have to do is trust the data on the blockchain. When everyone has access to the same information without the involvement of middlemen automatically it promotes trustworthiness among members.

Hack Proof

Here are some reasons that prove why blockchain technology is safe and secure to use-

  • Before recording each transaction it requires consent
  • After gaining consent it is encrypted and linked to the previous transactions
Thus making it more secure relatively. Undoubtedly, Blockchain technology is transforming the way information is shared.



No central authority is required to operate bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Hence the risk of fluctuations in the currency can be overlooked. Additionally, it also eliminates processing and transaction fees.

Supply Chain

Blockchain technology can be used by the suppliers to record the origins of the materials purchased by them. Thus it becomes quite convenient for them to verify the authenticity of the respective products.


Patient’s medical records can be stored in the blockchain. Once they get approved it can be encoded and stored into the blockchain. It inculcates the feeling of confidence and trust as the record of patients can’t be altered thereby ensuring privacy.


Are you done with the time-consuming procedures of the banks?

Try integrating blockchain into banks. By doing this you will see the change in no time. It merely takes 10 minutes for a transaction to get processed irrespective of the day. This technology also brings an opportunity to exchange funds between institutions.

Keep up with the dynamic trends and rebuild your blockchain business

Our experienced team, at Idea Usher, will provide you with the best digital services that will empower your business.  Let’s make it happen!


Idea Usher offers a wide array of blockchain services. We thoroughly engage with our clients, understand their requirements, and deliver them end to end solutions.

Private Blockchain

Access to a private blockchain is comparatively more secure. Rights to view or make some changes are predetermined. Idea Usher evaluates your needs and offers a full scale personalized solution to scale up your business.

Crypto Wallet Development

Being trusted by numerous corporations and embraced as a payment tool, cryptocurrency wallets are way safer.

It is proved to be beneficial for every type of transaction and virtual storage purposes. It allows customers to do transactions and track personal account balances. With hands-on experience in wallet development services, we can quickly deliver custom solutions and satisfy even the most complex cryptocurrency requirements.

Blockchain in E-commerce

Blockchain is all set to transform the way the E-commerce sector operates. Pandemic has positively messed up businesses in many ways. We offer e-commerce solutions to revive your business and offer great potential. Avail our e-commerce business solutions to make an impact in the digital landscape.

Blockchain IOT Development

Idea Usher is incorporating blockchain applications with the Internet of Things to automate business processes. We identify your problem and then serve personalized solutions to solve the issue. Our expertise lies in creating flawless blockchain networks with perfect IoT solutions to make your business smarter.

Revamp Your Business

Idea Usher has deep-rooted experience in delivering highly personalized web and app solutions. Irrespective of the size and nature of your business we deliver comprehensive solutions and execute them.

We hold remarkable experience in the dynamic world of technologies, blockchain development, and IoT. Idea Usher delivers advanced solutions and takes your business to the next level thereby accelerating business growth. Our enthusiastic team of technocrats will provide you with a wide range of blockchain services and make them streamlined accordingly. Make the smart move! Get in touch with us to start building your business with blockchain and get free quotes.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you are working with the right developer, there are pretty much no risks involved.
The time involved mainly depends on the project ideation and skills of the developer. An average blockchain project takes somewhere between 2-3 weeks.
If your core idea revolves around decentralized apps, then blockchain is the right path for you.

Some of the best use case examples for blockchain are:

  • FutureFi (Finance, cryptocurrency)
  • BURSTIQ (Healthcare)
  • FILAMENT (Internet Of Things)
  • Ligero (Data, Fintech)
Blockchain is essentially the underlying tech that supports cryptocurrencies.
The answer depends on the type of blockchain, network availability, and other factors. The more popular blockchains are already crowded with requests.
Blockchain assures secure storage and sharing of data. AI can analyze and generate insights from that data to generate good value.
A distributed ledger is a database that is stored in multiple sites, institutions, or geographies, and is accessible by multiple people. It allows transactions to have public “witnesses”. Changes or additions made to the ledger are reflected and copied to all.
In distributed ledgers, the entries take place without any third-party involvement. After those records are written into the distributed ledgers, they cannot be altered. Hence, until the ledgers are distributed, it is not possible to tamper with those records.
Hyper ledger is an open-source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration including finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing, and Technology.
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