Captivating Scavenger Hunt App Development

Launch a fun-filled and engaging Scavenger Hunt App developed as per your creative objectives, allowing you to attract, occupy and elevate participance – gracefully.

What is it all about?

You face up challenges, solve them using big brains and earn rewards.
Yes, it is as simple as that! The tasks & objectives in the app are developed to test your thinking capability to the limits. Once a player overcomes all the challenges and solves the mysteries of the game, he wins most points which can be turned into rewards!

User flow of Scavenger Hunt Application

We develop robust Scavenger Hunt applications that are hassle-free to configure and easy to use.

Create your
Treasure Hunt

Start creating your own Treasure Hunt within seconds

Add missions as per your desires

Customize the tasks & objectives entirely as per your requirements

Invite your friends
to play

Get your friends to your personalized Treasure Hunt & let the fun begin

It’s Play

Players are now required to overcome the missions in order to win!

Track Live

Check on player performance analytics and game engagement at any moment

Our Treasure Hunt App allows you to be Creative.
In a lot of Ways

Develop challenges that test your users’ cognitive limits. We take care of the variety, you just leverage them to create engagement.


Static images enhance creativity levels and create engagements that are remembered for a long time


Video challenges bring up exciting tasks for the audience and generate enthralling experiences

QR Code

The players are required to form strategies in order to find and scan certain QR codes.


Q&A challenges are awesome for quizzes, trivia as well as one-to-many questions


Location specific tasks asking users to reach a certain area and check-in on the app to complete the challenges.


Multiple Choice Questions always add up to the fun and create more robust engagement through trivia, mcq games and more interactive tasks.

App Features

One Stop Solution for an enthralling Treasure Hunt experience


Organized sequence of tasks, in the form of checklists


Real-time updating leaderboard representing live player standings and points

User Dashboard

Participants can see their completed tasks, points and the tasks left in the form of progress report on the dashboard

Universal Wall

Users can watch what other participants are doing by watching their photos

App Highlights

What makes our Treasure Hunt App Development Stand Out?

Push Notifications

Update participants in the real-time through push notifications

QR Code Scanning

Makes the tasks interesting and interactive

Game Scheduling & Automation

Automate the game plan with pre scheduling feature

Measure what you deliver

The engagement served by your app solution needs to be monitored and steps need to be taken regularly to enhance user experience with the app.

Why Choose Idea Usher?

The most intriguing UI Design

We design applications that are soothing to the user’s eyes and serves with the best possible user experience. Our UI designs deliver unmatchable results and fascinating feedbacks.

Robust App Development

Our expert developers have set high development standards. They make sure top-class industry standards are met in requirement analysis, wireframing, developing, testing and deploying robust applications like a Treasure Hunt App.

Experienced Team

We have an experienced team of project managers, app developers, designers and marketers who have combined industrial experience of over 50 years and can figure out solutions in a smooth way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Your Answers Here!

Scavenger hunt apps are mobile software applications that facilitate digital adventurous games and treasure hunts.

Users create a list of interesting challenges, and choose their settings and then set off to play solo or with other team members.

Virtual treasures are basically remote games where players scrabble to find objects or fulfill tasks before the time runs out.

The primary goal of these online treasure games is to have fun and encourage engagement for participants. These online games are often named as virtual treasure hunts or digital scavenger hunts.

Idea Usher has built over 1000+ successful projects. As each customer is different, we strive to offer solutions that are as unique as them and their ideas.
You’ll have the flexibility of choosing between native and hybrid apps and your app’s operating system, such as Android and iOS, or both.
Absolutely! Your uniqueness matters to us. We will add unique and exciting features that would make your scavenger hunt app stand out.
Taking into consideration the core features of a scavenger hunt app, it can approximately take anywhere between 800 to 1,200 hours.
The cost of development depends on many factors such as features, tech stack used, platforms involved and cost per hour.

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