Blockchain security and Audits of Ethereum smart contracts

In the blockchain industry, security is crucial. Everyone, from small businesses to large corporations, can create and maintain their Ethereum blockchain apps with the help of our complete smart contract audit service.
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Advantages of the Idea Usher’s Ethereum Security Service and a Smart Contract Audit

With the combination of our industry-leading set of blockchain security analysis tools and a hands-on examination by our seasoned smart contract auditors, we strive to deliver Ethereum applications that are ready for release and constructed to protect users.

Prevent Costly Errors

Early code auditing in the development process guards against launch-day flaws that could be disastrous.

Automated Checks

Our APIs offer reasonable choices for smart contract security and the assurance that your code is fortified.

Expert Evaluation

Veteran security auditors manually inspect your code twice to weed out false positives.

Easily Integrable

Your development environment can be integrated with our technologies so you can undertake continuous security analysis.

Regular Verification

As you write code and make changes to it, keep an eye out for any security flaws.

Comprehensive Analytics Reports

Obtain a vulnerability report that includes an executive summary, information about the issue, and mitigation.

Our Services and Products

Smart Contract Audits

We provide thorough code reviews for teams getting ready to release their blockchain apps through smart contract audits.

Automated Security Analysis

Our MythX API performs Ethereum and Smart Contract Testing security vulnerability scans. To convert high-level specs into Solidity code, use the Scribble specification language.

Checking Properties Automatically

To test security features, find flaws before deployment, and prevent pricey smart contract rewrites, use fuzzing.

Modeling of Threats

We assist you in locating potential hacker access points, visualizing the attack surface of your project, and regularly updating your threat model to account for changing threats.

Planning for Incident Response

Set up infrastructure monitoring with the help of our specialists to provide your team the ability to recognise, report, prioritize, and address security problems promptly.

Testing of Smart Contracts

To convert high-level specs into Solidity code, use the Scribble specification language.

Business Security Consulting

We provide testing, auditing, and formal verification services to businesses at every stage of the blockchain development lifecycle.

Secure Your Development Cycle

Smart contracts are known for being highly complex programs holding and managing significant sums of assets. Before releasing their smart contracts, developers should use tools to examine them to detect exploitable weaknesses.
development cycle
development cycle

How Smart Contract Audits Are Conducted?


We assess the business logic of your smart contract and decide which security aspects to verify.


On your code, we run several parallel analysis methods before conducting a manual check to look for any irregularities.


The contract's threat profile which will be utilized to carry out the audit process, are then created.


We provide a thorough report that includes information on the vulnerabilities, suggestions for mitigating them, and choices for ongoing verification.

“A smart contract is a mechanism involving digital assets and two or more parties, where some or all of the parties put assets in, and assets are automatically redistributed among those parties according to a formula based on certain data that is not known at the time the contract is initiated.”

By Vitalik Buterin

co-founder, Ethereum

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