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What is the IoT app development?

The ‘P’ in development stands for Progress. That’s what you’re looking for and hence landed here with luck. You don’t need to know coding to understand IoT. We’ll make it a cakewalk for you. Let us show you how.

IoT(Internet of things) is a futuristic concept connecting daily objects with the internet.

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Let's uncover some mysteries one after another.

“Why would somebody want that? What’s the profit?”

80% of people will stop reading by now, and give up on the idea of IoT. They are thereby decreasing their chances of customer acquisition. But the remaining 20% like you will uncover the secret to building the best IoT apps ever. We’re sharing the secrets in the end, keep reading.

By unconventional definition, IoT isn’t an expensive product that you purchase. But it is a world you cocoon inside for comfort. Multiple devices such as phones and workstations today can connect to the internet. This number surprisingly skyrockets daily, beating its record of connected devices.

“What are these objects other than the regular smartphone connected to an exponentially rising ecosystem? And why should you care?”

These connected devices can be anything like refrigerators, cars, headphones, lamps, wearable devices, house-holding items (Home automation devices), and whatnot! (Probably the list ends at you- a human being!).

“So IoT app development makes life easy we mentioned. How?”

The answer is simple- more communication. More relationships established means more communication channels. There are three generic channels: between people-people, people-things (objects) & things (objects)-things (objects).

Now You Can Control Your World with your fingers.

Still, reading? Yes, we mean it!
You can control the world with your fingers. Devices connected to the internet are a powerhouse
you can leverage more than you think of right now. Connectivity can be across WiFi, Bluetooth,
iBeacon, Zigbee Wireless, NFC.

85% of transactions are on mobile devices when connected to the internet. Also, the remote operation has grown by 44%. And you can leverage that to your benefit! Meaning, these devices are a gold mine of data channels and communications.

Firstly, mobile devices, once authorized, can be accessed from anywhere!
Secondly, control from anywhere using a web browser or mobile phone is possible.

Aren't software and hardware a blessing in disguise?

Idea Usher helps you build IoT applications that you’re proud of! Get a robust and robust infrastructure developed like no other!

Why IoT application development?

AI and IoT are a trend you need to get on board with ASAP. These technologies are dominating the market landscape. With the help of IoT, you can do things your competitor isn’t doing. Enabled devices can create rich and captivating experiences for the customers.

When customer success rises, they return for more and engage with your product and services. Means your invested money in IoT, will make money for you as you sleep.

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Here is a Method That involves using IoT to build out of the world experiences.

Smart Home
Smart Energy Monitoring
Smart Asset Monitoring
Smart Fleet Monitoring


Smart Homes

A smart home system based on the internet of things is a premium living experience.

Measure indoor conditions.

Measure factors like the temperature, humidity, with sensors.

Control appliances.

Authorisation and safety.


Smart Energy Monitoring

We can build smart energy solutions to monitor your geographical assets globally beyond your home. Human errors in billing and monitoring are things of the past when you choose us to develop your IoT application.

Metering systems.

Eliminate error margins, and hence slim it down.

Preset conditions based maintenance.

Increase energy generation, transmission, and distribution.

Efficient energy distribution.

Predict the peak/downtimes for future planning.


Smart Asset Monitoring

Traffic monitoring and intelligent analysis help you plan the future to play in your favor.

Track assets

Increase asset visibility with indoor/outdoor real-time tracking.

Predictive maintenance

Analyze KPIs for smooth production.

Make your assets smart

RFID sensors and tags can help you monitor and analyze assets.


Smart Fleet Monitoring

With our smart fleet management solution, be in the know of your fleet’s geographic locations in real-time.

Real-time fleet visibility

Track fleet and analyze speed/idling with real-time feedback.

Track the entire fleet

Track your entire fleet with geofencing and real-time cargo monitoring.

Accurate ETA predictions

Accurate predictions with streamlined routes and detailed location data.

Technologies used by Idea Usher in the IoT application development process.

We have introduced you to the world of opportunities for more sales and growth.

We make this happen with several channels. Our high caliber developers make IoT apps for both Android and iOS platforms. We also use channels like

WiFi, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth 2.0, iBeacon, Zigbee, and NFC.

WiFi / WiFi Direct
Bluetooth / Bluetooth Smart
Beacons / iBeacons


WiFi / WiFi Direct


WiFi is a wireless networking technology. It is a single link channel connecting a sender and a receiver using radio frequency technology. Also, WiFi provides high-speed wireless internet. You can use WiFi on your mobile, tablet, computer, refrigerator, and more

  1. Infrastructure already exists.
  2. Secure and transparent links.
  3. Low cost.
  4. Low power consumption.
  5. Easy to implement.
  6. High throughput.

WiFi direct

WiFi direct(WiFi P2P) makes use of wireless access points to link devices. Internet browsing, file transfer, and more are possible with WiFi direct.


Bluetooth / Bluetooth Smart


Bluetooth is a wireless technology for file transfer and more.

Bluetooth Low Energy/Bluetooth Smart

Bluetooth smart uses 2.4GHz radio frequencies. Their difference with regular Bluetooth is that here radio is optimizable up to 200 feet range. It is useful with home automation

Bluetooth Smart features:

  1. Low power consumption
  2. Negligible setup cost
  3. Extended range
  4. Multi-vendor interoperability



Zigbee is a high-level communication protocol. Here, personal area networks (PAND) are the key elements. Low-power digital radios make this happen. Zigbee is inexpensive and often found in traffic signals and switchboards.

A 10 to 100 meters data transmission is possible with Zigbee.



For good reason, near field communication is sweeping the marketing industry. Brands who have NFC apps have experienced success and are moving in a positive direction to maintain client engagement. These NFC advertising strategies aim to increase interactivity through proximity. They serve the objective of attracting new clients in addition to fostering brand loyalty among current ones.


Beacons / iBeacons

iBeacon is an Apple Inc technology standard. Here mobile apps(both iOS & Android) listen & react to signals from the physical world. It is possible with “Beacons.” Beacons are wireless devices responsible for the transmission of radio signals. This transmission is surprisingly interruption-free and noise-free. This technology makes mobile devices capable of leveraging Beacons.

A little known fact is that Beacons are capable of sharing minute details that are sharper or not provided by GPS altogether! Retail, marketing, and connected homes can make use of iBeacons technology.

The Secret of Making the best IoT application.

Good fences make good neighbors, and the best developers make the best apps.

Idea Usher IoT App Developers help you unlock a seamless customer experience via building high-performance apps like no other. Here’s how:

  1. Attract more customers and clients
  2. Skyrocketing customer success.
  3. Boost product efficiency.
  4. Your devices train themselves to enhance performance.
  5. Direct customer reach using technology.
  6. Make life a cakewalk for your customers.
  7. And of course, get ahead of your competitors.
Go smart! Go digital!

Idea Usher is a digital marketing organization focusing on developing scaling strategies that help tech brands capture the market and achieve customer success.

We’re best known as “TECH Innovators” We bring the change in the conventional propensity by building exclusive services that empower your business. Our experts provide unparalleled service across Web development domains, Mobile Applications development for both Android and IOS, Project management, Game development, and trending technologies like IoT and Blockchain.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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