Facebook launched React Native in 2015, and it has taken the mobile development world by storm in no time. The developers’ world isn’t the same anymore. We cannot even list out all reasons that support the immense popularity of React. Although, community support covered by it is the most attractive highlight and helps deal with all React Native Challenges.

React Native Development

Now, as there are two sides to every coin, the same exists in React Native app development. Even after tremendous community support and resources, developers tend to perform some significant mistakes in React app development (After all, that’s what programming is more about; debugging). 


So to avoid potential nightmares, you must prevent rather than cure! (sorry, debug) . Hereby, Idea Usher experts bring you an insight into the most common app development mistakes that developers should avoid to deal with React Native Challenges.


Priority: React Native is fun

react native pitfalls

React Native instills the React paradigm to mobile app development. The goal while using React isn’t to write the code at once and run it on any platform. Moreover, the core aim is to learn once (the React way) and code anywhere. A critical distinction to make.


There is not a single framework that comes close to the ease offered by React Native. If a developer denies this fact, then maybe he is not playing enough with React. Here’s what React Native offers, which is often more than enough to excite developers:

  • Cross-platform
  • Ideal for prototyping
  • Easy plugin access
  • Speedy development
  • Reusability
  • Ample amount of community support 

Top Blunders to Avoid When Developing React Native Apps

While learning React is super-exciting and brings all the adventures with it as promised, numerous react pitfalls remain less noticed. 


#1 Inaccurate Estimation

Layout: The core layout of the application to be developed is dissimilar in android and iOS. 


Forms: You should perform the current estimation of the validation layout. Suppose you create an app utilizing React Native framework. You will be asked to code more lines compared to the hybrid app.


Web Apps: The developer should check multiple test cases at the backend. The application’s logic should be transparent in the app with the database structure, how entities are interconnected, and many more aspects.


#2 Misuse of Redux

If the application is enormous, then it is effortless to debug and manage the states with Redux. However, you should try detaining the use of Redux Time-consuming. 


#3 Incorrect Redux storage

This comes with undermining one of the React Native known issues; Redux Storage. Being a developer, a few things you should concentrate on are data handling and panning of an app. Redux helps in data management and debugging of applications when it is planned ideally. It is a comprehensive tool designed for managing and accessing app data.


#4 Mutate state inside render function

Data consists of all the information on the component/container which will be rendered on the state. It gathers the data from the store and presents it on the screen. React consists of a very useful set state() function which obtains the new object state and thoroughly compares it to the previous state.  Once done, add the new state to the previous state and send the data around. This cycle exists for a lifetime. 


Suppose you mutate the state directly, then as a result, the life cycle turns messy, and it can potentially corrupt all the previous states. Overall, it can ruin your entire hard work done for the component.


The device might function abnormally, or it may even crash sometimes. When this happens, you’ll probably lose track of all your states and might find yourself developing custom code rather than React. So, these misfortunes will probably occur if you mutate the state directly. Therefore, to avoid this mismatch, you should create a child component for content that’s inside the function and pass it down as a prop.


#5 Left “console.log”

The console log statements are effortless and assist with debugging the app. On the other hand, this might be a significant problem if you allow log statements to run within the app. If you continuously render logics, the unsynchronized ones can ultimately lead to congestion in the JavaScript thread. Overall, this will eventually lead to the device becoming slow.


#6 Stateless components

It is very silly to not focus on this, but the stateless components mean that they do not extend any class because it picks up the argument as display and props in DOM. It assists with characteristics like:

  • Easy testing ability, 
  • Fast implementation, and 
  • no use of local variables. 


Now, with the changing trends, it has become essential to use pure components for the developers.


#7 Not optimizing Native images

Honestly, this is just not a react native difficulty but an issue often created by developers. Optimizing image size is a core principle of good-quality software development. As a developer, you should not ignore optimizing the pictures within the apps built using React Native. Optimizing helps resize the pictures locally and then upload them to cloud storage (sort of an S3 server), generating the CDN link that will be returned using API. The image loading process often becomes faster using this process.


Why do developers like us love React Native?

react native challenges

With React, We Build Native 

Even though the developers work on JavaScript, they usually don’t utilize web view for rendering React Native components. Another major reason why a developer should choose React Native is that it renders real native elements. Therefore,  giving developers the flexibility to use platform-specific components such as activity indicators, which assists the platform with a recognizable, native-like* feel. 


Simple Installation process 

The installation method must always be effortless (should not involve complicated procedures). React Native can easily be installed from the Node Package Manager. Now, the npm is something really usual for developers with a JavaScript background to lead on. Additionally, even if you do not understand Javascript, React Native will always prevent you from the trouble of downloading a binary file and incorporating it.


Enhanced Productivity

The key to developing the app faster lies in the developers’ efficiency levels. Moreover, the reliability of JavaScript already makes the process easier. It also arrives with an enthralling live reload feature, and of course, the freedom to use any IDE or text editor of their choice is too good to solve react native bugs efficiently.


Best Community Support

React Native has won a lot of popularity ever since its launch in 2015. Developers and businesses worldwide have chosen to go with React Native due to the gigantic benefits it offers. A developer can find answers to all react native issues/ react native challenges online. (Being a pro-googler is a must anyway)

This high demand has resulted in establishing a super-strong widespread community working on dealing with React Native pros and cons day by day.


Entirely Cross-platform 

react native cross-platform

When we refer to React Native as a cross-platform app development framework, we don’t just brag about using React Native for mobile app development. We also use it to develop stuff like react native smart tv applications, smartwatches, Windows devices, and even VR headsets.


Wrapping Up

react native mistakes

Undoubtedly, React Native has an exceptionally blooming future ahead. Although, a large number of React Native challenges exist, which can potentially annoy developers. Moreover, as per the developer’s perspective, a few mistakes can heavily affect the quality of the project.


The React Native developers need to keep in mind that they avoid common mistakes by overcoming React Native challenges at any cost. It is also essential to apply the concepts to development and regularly learn to be ready for industrial-level work.


This will save a lot of effort, capital, and time while working for React Native app development. If you have a great app idea in mind, get in touch with us at [email protected]. We possess enormous experience in mobile app development, and thrive on learning and growing with the developer’s community.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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