How to create a payment app
How to create a payment app: P2P features, working, and development steps

Learn how to create a payment app, features, cost, and development process of a mobile payments app

How to Build an NFT Marketplace: A Comprehensive and Step-by Step-Guide

NFT has been trending over the internet, especially Twitter for a while now, and being a blockchain specialist, we got our curiosity on this whole new usage capability of crypto blockchains.  So, we decided to share with you our crux of learning about NFTs, NFT art marketplaces and How to create your own marketplace.  

Top Mistakes React Developers Should Avoid in 2021

Facebook launched React Native in 2015, and it has taken the mobile development world by storm in no time. The developers’ world isn’t the same anymore. We cannot even list out all reasons that support the immense popularity of React. Although, community support covered by it is the most attractive highlight and helps deal with

NFT art
Cat Meme NFT Art: Why Is It Important And How Can You Make One

If you are looking into investing in NFT Art, this is the right blog for you

Top 5 Facebook Alternatives Offering Data Protection

Looking for a new app like Facebook? We got your back! We all know how Facebook has been in the news for violating the privacy policies of its users. In 2019, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said that Facebook would have to pay a record $5 billion fine to settle the privacy and data

Android 11 Features That Will Impact Your Mobile Application 

With the official release of the 2020 Android OS, many people are still under the impression that Android 11.0 is very similar to the previous 10.0 version. However, that is not the case – several changes and improvements have taken place with the latest update. If you wish to know what’s the hype about and

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