It is unimaginable that there used to exist a time when app development was the game for high-budget tech companies only.

Thanks to the rapid advancements, anybody can develop an app now. All you need is an out-of-the-box idea…and a software development app!

App development tool has opened the market and provided access to many people. From food delivery to manufacturing, any business type can have a customized app now.

But the one question that comes to mind is What is the best app development software for 2021? With millions of options available, which one should you choose?

Don’t worry. We have already completed the research work for you! After having an extensive google search session, we have analyzed and curated a list of the top 8 best app development software for 2021. Keep reading!


#1 Buildfire

Buildfire is one of the best app development software out there. It’s no coding required feature also makes it a great app development software for beginners.

Buildfire is trusted by more than 10,000 apps, including PayPal, Cisco, Travelers, and Pandora.

What is so great about it? This software offers users the ease of an intuitive user interface. You don’t need to be a tech genie to use this tool. 

Another plus point is that Buildfire is a virtually limitless app development software. Meaning, there is nothing here that you can’t do, that too, with very few clicks. For example, for adding a feature to your app, all you have to do is download an extension from the Buildfire marketplace!

#2 Appian

In our what is the best app development software for 2021 series, next in line we have Appian. 

Appian is a great app development software for enterprise low-code development. It is highly known for creating apps that are used for business process management (BPM).

One may require some technical know-how to utilize all the app features, but its other pros make up for this one con.

Once you have built an app using the software, It can be used natively on all platforms (hence, it is excellent for android app development and ios app development). Additionally, if you want to make any changes in your app’s features, Appian automatically updates it on all platforms.

#3 Appy Pie

Appy Pie also belongs to the no-code app development platform category. It is a great option to consider for both iPhone and Android.

Appy Pie can be a great app development software tool for beginners as it comes with ready to use templates. All you have to do is choose the category of app that you are willing to build and add your content. That’s it! Enjoy your new app! 

Not just mobile apps, one can also use Appy Pie to develop websites, chatbots, graphics, and task automation.

If you are a DIY kind of person, the answer to your ‘what is the best app development software for 2021?’ is definitely Appy Pie.


Don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten about the progressive web apps (PWA). is an excellent choice for mobile app development, web app development, and PWA development.

More than 10000 apps have been created using this app development tool. As it is also a low-code tool, some technical knowledge is required to use it.

A major plus with this app development tool is that it has its own team as well. The developers, designers, and even customers can collaborate with you and make your app development process more manageable.

#5 BiznessApps

If you are a small business owner, the answer to your ‘what is the best app development software for 2020?’ is BiznessApps. 

Somewhat like Appy Pie, BiznessApps also offers its customers a drag-and-drop facility. This enables the users to create an application without actually applying and codes or any other technical skills (another great option for app development software for beginners).

If you belong to any of the following industries, this app development tool is for you –

  • Beauty Industry
  • Restaurant
  • Real Estate
  • Schools
  • Health
  • Community Organization
  • Music industry

#6 Swing2App

For businesses looking to design, launch, and manage their apps on ios and android devices, the answer to your what is the best app development software for 2021? is Swing2App. 

Another no-code app development platform, Swing2App, offers the user authorizing tools such as already curates themes, colors, templates, and UI options. Any beginner can easily use this mobile app development tool. 

Something different about this software is that it allows the users to change their apps’ content in real-time. Its well-managed admin portal enables the host to access multiple features all at once effortlessly.

#7 Alpha Anywhere

The Alpha Anywhere app development software sets itself apart in the ‘what is the best app development software for 2021?’ race as it offers the users both components: non-code and low-code.

Business users can use the Alpha TransForm no-code products and build the app of their dreams. In comparison, IT developers can use the Alpha Anywhere low-code environment to create even more complex apps from scratch and integrate data.

Low-code development also allows the addition of security and authentication features for the protection of corporations’ data.

 #8 Scriptcase

What is the best app development software for 2021? If you want to develop a PHP application, it is Scriptcase.

Scriptcase works a little differently as it is web-oriented and requires you to install its internet server.

The benefit of that is that it gives you a much better graphical user interface. Using your web browser, PHP developers can automatically generate codes and create complete applications.

It is a low-code, rapid web development tool which reduces the development time by up to 80%.


From the apps mentioned above development software, the only way you can get an accurate answer to your ‘what is the best app development software for 2021?’ is by comparing them using the following pointers:


  • Your technical abilities
  • What you want to develop
  • What method of publishing and distribution are you willing to adopt
  • Last but not least, your budget.


You can also opt for our app development services and get the app of your dreams made easily. Our tech developers can provide you with a quick feature overview for better clarity. You can also check our portfolios and see the magic for yourself. 


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