Edge computing cover image
What Is Edge Computing And Why It Is A New Need?

Do you feel the need for real-time responsiveness and lesser latency while transferring data over cloud? If yes, then Edge is your solution. It is the estimation that the edge computing market size can reach

MaaS business model
A complete guide to MaaS business model and how it...

Today, on-demand apps are increasingly gaining traction. These apps have made it easier and convenient to access everyday services like entertainment, shopping, travel, etc. Transportation is a new addition to this spectrum, with ‘Mobility as

How To Create A Job Search App Like Glassdoor
How To Create A Job Search App Like Glassdoor?

Glassdoor is a job search app that has made a deep impact globally. With over 10M+ downloads on the Google Play Store, it is one of the biggest job search portals in the world. It

vagrant vs docker
Vagrant vs Docker: Everything A Developer Should K...

The available tools for developing & managing applications continue to surge as we enter the third decade of this century. In 2022, the app development process comes with milestones & development methodologies that sync and

how to make a public blockchain platform
How To Make A Public Blockchain Platform In 2022 &...

Since Satoshi Nakamoto pointed out that traditional transaction systems are way behind and does not sync well with the information age in 2009, blockchain solutions started gaining momentum. They operate with a commonly shared consensus

best bitcoin payment gateway 2022
10 Best Bitcoin Payment Gateway of 2022

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular as of late, with Bitcoin being the king of the industry. Many companies like Tesla, for example, are accepting cryptocurrencies like Doge as a payment method for some

upload an app to google play stoire
How To Upload An App To Google Play Store? Dig In ...

When you have an app with you, what is the next step you’re looking for? It is definitely how to upload an app to Google Play Store. The blog highlights the same. No one can

node.js mobile app development
Node.js Mobile App Development: It’s More Th...

Node.js mobile app development uses JavaScript as the primary programming language. This decreases development time and thus saves companies a lot of money. Node.js also allows developers to share data easily between the server-side and

mobile apps development trends 2022
Mobile Apps Development Trends 2022- Key Takeaways

So let’s take a look at the top takeaways of mobile apps development trends 2022. Apps that were not as popular before the pandemic has made a huge impact on user behavior, like contactless payment,

develop a cloud kitchen app
Core Must Have Ideas in Cloud Kitchen App Developm...

Brick and mortar facilities with warm memories in restaurants are to become history. The pandemic has made cloud kitchens popular. It is ideal to invest in cloud kitchen app development before the market gets too

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