internshala case study
Internshala Case Study: Why It is Our One-stop Platform for Internships?

Internshala is India’s most considerable homegrown content, career, and skill development platform for students. Started in 2010 as a WordPress blog, Internshala connects with over 3 million Indian students every year. So how does it reach this milestone. Let us find out through this Internshala case study blog. Internshala is a marketplace for the students

Amazon fresh case study
Amazon Fresh: Effortless use of AI| Case Study 2021

Jeff Bezos took off into space recently. And on his return, thanked all the employees and customers of Amazon. And why will he not? Amazon is not far behind when it comes to flying high with technology as its armor! Contents How Amazon started the new contactless technology?Amazon Go ProcessWhy did it turn out to

olympics whatsapp bot
Follow Olympics with New Olympics WhatsApp Bot

One of the world’s mega events, the Olympics, has just started a few days back in Tokyo. However, since it’s being held in Japan, the timing of the events for the rest of the regions across the world is not very ideal. Thus, making it difficult for a lot of people to follow the Olympics

How to make a stock trading app? (Cost, features, and steps)

Do you want to make a stock trading app?  Well, you are on the right track if you want these two things at least: get hundreds of billions of dollars and also change the way people make investments. Investment trading impacts people’s lives in more ways than one. How to make a stock trading app

What is MVP?
What is MVP minimum viable product: development stages, benefits, examples

“What is MVP minimum viable product?” “Should I choose MVP or MDP?” If you’re looking for answers to these questions, you’re on the right page. Idea Usher app development experts are here to guide you. What is MVP minimum viable product, you ask? Actually, MVP is a specific type of product development process. In this

what is the spotify greenroom app
What is Spotify Greenroom App?

Greenroom app is a live audio based platform that allows users to host live audio sessions and podcasts on topics including sports, music, and culture. Spotify has recently launched the Greenroom app in more than 135 countries on android and iOS platforms. And it is said to be its take on the infamous Clubhouse app.

on-demand home services app development
What is an on demand home services app ?

The cost of developing an on-demand home services app depends on its features and the number of professional working hours.  I have here listed all the necessary features and the working hours for you, 

How to make a Weed Delivery App: A Comprehensive Guide

Marijuana which is also commonly known as weed or cannabis has been used in numerous cultures across the world for centuries. Primarily, it was used for recreational, medicinal, or spiritual means. However, the use of cannabis has increased dramatically in recent years. Marijuana has now become immensely popular as many medical benefits of the herb

Banking app cost
What is the cost of developing a banking app?

Thinking of creating a banking app but have confusions on how to create a mobile banking app and what is the cost of developing a banking app? Then, this blog is just for you ! Well, the cost of developing a banking app depends on its features:

windows 365 and cloud pc
Windows 365 Cloud PC

Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s latest virtualization service- Windows 365 Cloud PC. With the advent of technology and the software industry, digitalization has become a global phenomenon. There is hardly any sector or industry that does not rely on digitalization to work.  Computer science technology and software maker Microsoft recognizes this new trend

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