how to create a PWA using React?
How to create Progressive Web App with React?

Performance is the vital ingredient of success and profitability for every online venture. Industries evolve and upgrade with the goal of success and higher ROI. One such evolution is the PWA (progressive web app)development which has become the new standard for improving their performance.  As a result these apps are already making waves across industries

How ecommerce can improve your business
Know the ways by which your eCommerce app can boost your business.

It’s becoming hard for retailers to compete in the offline market as many successful retail businesses are already there. Many retailers have put their shops online to attract more customers by launching their eCommerce applications.  However, electronic commerce provides many ways to make money online for its owners. It can be dropshipping, introducing buyers to

How blockchain helps healthcare?
Know the ways by which blockchain can improve healthcare

Blockchain is gaining popularity in healthcare as it improves the service in many ways. But how does blockchain help healthcare? Understanding blockchain can help to give a better idea of how it works. Also, knowing blockchain allows you to generate better ideas and find drawbacks in healthcare that can be solved by blockchain. So it

Masterclass app
Learn how to create an Educational App like Masterclass in 7 easy steps

What has been one of the most significant improvements in the educational sector? It’s Digital Education. Over the past few years, almost every industry has integrated itself with technology, be it finance, shopping, or transportation. And education is no exception. The rise in the popularity of apps like Masterclass, Duolingo, and Google Classroom is evidence

Take inspiration from these best healthcare apps for starting your profitable business.

Many patients prefer using online healthcare services after digitalization. Healthcare apps give an easy way of accessing healthcare services like buying medicines, taking doctors’ appointments, etc.     Many types of apps are available in healthcare services, making better profits. This situation creates a better opportunity for entrepreneurs to publish their best healthcare apps.  Launching your app

revolut business model
Revolut business model: Working of the most valuable private tech startup

Revolut business model is a fintech solution for new banking systems. Like Volt in Australia, Monzo in the UK and Germany, this banking solution is gaining a lot of attraction. Seeing the success of fintech solutions like Revolut, many business owners and entrepreneurs are planning to get platforms with a similar business model. Revolut does

blockchain identity management
Your Guide to Blockchain Identity Management

Industry 4.0 has brought about many changes in the world as organizations are focusing on creating intelligent systems using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Besides, organizations have also started emphasizing ‘Blockchain Identity Management’ and have started thinking about its various aspects. “How does blockchain identity management work?” “What are its benefits?” “Where can it be

typescript vs javascript
Typescript vs. Javascript – Which one to choose?

if you are wondering which scripting language should a developer choose typescript or javascript Both these languages have a plethora of features. Some attributes make Javascript more advantageous than Typescript and vice-versa. Typescript development and Javascript development aim at creating as well as maintaining websites. For the webpages to look eye-catching, scripting programming languages were

Short news app development
How to develop a short news app like InShorts?

The world is constantly changing, and we are all interested in being informed about the latest news. We no longer rely on traditional media sources like newspapers or TV. But gain our information from various news apps developed by intelligently curating stories on topics users are interested in. One such example of short news app

Best fantasy football apps
7 Best Fantasy Football Apps in 2022

The world has become obsessed with fantasy football! Football fans everywhere are clamoring to play, and it’s no wonder why: it combines the thrill of competition with the heady rush of trying to predict what will happen next. Gone are the days of using paper rosters to keep track of games and sports scores. Fantasy

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