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cardano price prediction Cover
Cardano Price Prediction – Is Cardano A Good Investment

Cardano price prediction, Cardano might not be able to match Bitcoin’s stratospheric prices, which are presently hovering around $18,986.60 and may alter in the upcoming months or years. However, but this price still reflects an astounding growth rate. In fact, at one point, this development assisted ADA in regaining third-place standing among cryptocurrencies, giving Cardano

What is software release management?
What is software release management? Know the best practices.

Frequent downtime and typical bugs can negatively impact your business. Providing the best user experience with your software is essential to maintain your business growth in the long run. Thus, implementing software release management is a great way to tackle such challenges. The process includes different cycles and practices focusing on various software development factors. 

Best businesses in Canada
Best businesses to start in Canada in 2022

Are you looking for the best businesses to start in Canada? Are you an entrepreneur who wishes to cash in on opportunities the Canadian market offers? This article is sure to help you out. Starting a business is not an easy feat. It requires in-depth market research, relevant expertise, necessary funds, and a well-planned approach.

how to start an app business in Canada
10 Steps on How to Start an App Business in Canada

I have an app idea. Now, what to do? What’s the next step? You’ve heard it over and over again — mobile is where the growth is. But why should you dive in? Here are some stats that show how lucrative the mobile app market is.  There are 6.3 billion smartphone users worldwide, and they

Metaverse business ideas
Best metaverse business ideas for your next startup

Virtual land, online shops, play-to-earn games, and much more, metaverse offers a wide range of business opportunities.  Metaverse is known for offering its realistic virtual experience where users can interact with other players and do various virtual activities such as concerts, online shopping, meetings, classes, etc. Many want to make a profitable return on investment

vaultless tokenization
Vaultless tokenization vs. Vault tokenization: Which one is better?

Imagine what would happen if your valuable information, such as your credit card number or bank account number got into the wrong hands. What would happen if you faced a data breach? The thought of it is scary, right? Well, there are some techniques to help you avoid such circumstances. One of them is ‘tokenization.’

ai in esports working and benefits
AI in eSports: Working, Factors, and Benefits

Where does the future of esports lie?  Las Vegas, the casinos?  No, it lies in an amphitheater of thousands of online viewers, cheering on screens — a titan in digital entertainment. The eSports industry is growing at an enormous rate and will reach $2174.8 million by 2023. With the rise in popularity comes more opportunities

ethereum merge
What’s next for the crypto world after the Ethereum Merge?

15th September 2022: A date worth remembering. Why?  Because the crypto world witnessed a historic transition—the transition of Ethereum from the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm to the proof-of-stake (PoS) system. Known as the Ethereum Merge, the event changed how transactions are validated on the Ethereum network. But what exactly is Ethereum Merge? What impact has

What to choose between Cardano, Polkadot andSolana
A detailed comparison between Cardano vs Polkadot vs Solana

Are you stuck between choosing Cardano vs Polkadot vs Solana blockchain for your business?  According to the blockdata: “81 of the top 100 public companies are using blockchain technology.“ Due to blockchain’s multiple benefits, such as greater privacy and security, many businesses are shifting towards blockchain technology. However, each blockchain offers different benefits which may

blockchain as a service
Blockchain as a Service: Working, Need, Pros, and Cons

Have you ever heard of blockchain as a service? Better yet, do you know what it is and how it works? It’s not an everyday term. But, as the technology continues to grow, there is no doubt that more and more of us will be hearing about this relatively new platform for storing information and

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