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How to build IT modernization strategy?
Here are the proven ways to build your IT modernization strategy

Challenges such as non-engaging UI, inefficient code, improper product scaling, etc., can limit the growth of your business. In such cases, an IT modernization strategy becomes essential to eliminate such challenges.  However, many companies lack the knowledge to modernize their business, impacting their business negatively.   If you are also going through such a challenging phase,

50 recession-proof business ideas
50 Recession-proof business ideas in 2022

The world is changing, and it’s getting harder to predict where businesses will be in the next five years. We’re not sure what the future holds regarding recession, but we know that technology is here to stay. Knowing about recession-proof business ideas can help entrepreneurs get ahead in the league. While countless industries will always

node.js mobile app development
Node.js Mobile App Development: It’s More Than What You Expect.

Node.js mobile app development uses JavaScript as the primary programming language. This decreases development time and thus saves companies a lot of money. Node.js also allows developers to share data easily between the server-side and client-side. It is one of the most popular platforms for building fast and scalable mobile, and web applications. Node is

develop a cloud kitchen app
Core Must Have Ideas in Cloud Kitchen App Development

Brick and mortar facilities with warm memories in restaurants are to become history. The pandemic has made cloud kitchens popular. It is ideal to invest in cloud kitchen app development before the market gets too competitive.  Contents Cloud kitchen app development: A step by step guideCloud Kitchen technologies- A sneak peek! What should a cloud kitchen

top b2b mobile apps
Top B2B Mobile Apps to Boost Business in 2022

Entrepreneurs and startups are increasingly relying on the top B2B mobile apps. B2B mobile apps make work management and tracking easy and allow a platform where many people and departments can collaborate. These are the most popular B2B apps. Contents App #1: AsanaApp #2: Google Analytics AppApp #3: HootSuite App #4: LinkedIn Pulse App #5: WebExApp #6:

how to get an app idea developed
How to get an app idea developed? | Top 14 tips

You woke up this morning with a brilliant app idea. If you are an entrepreneur, then you are on the right track. With more people using smartphones and spending a lot of time using mobile apps, app development has become a lucrative business. So, how to get an app idea developed? If you are thinking,”

uses of blockchain across industries
15 Use Cases of Blockchain Across Industries

Blockchain technology’s most popular gift to the world is Bitcoin, at least that’s what the people are saying but is this technology limited to only crypto currencies? Indeed not; we listed some use cases of blockchain 15 in total across industries for you to prove that the new sun is rising, and you should get

Coupon app development process
Know the cost of coupon app development & more | 2021 Guide

Is Coupon App Development Appropriate for Your Small Business? Yes, it sure is. It is a budget-friendly app idea and is a rising trend among people worldwide. You probably wouldn’t believe us, but you surely have to believe the Google data! Before we get into how much it would cost to create your coupon app,

Drone courier delivery business
How to start a drone courier delivery business?

In the last few years, the popularity of drone deliveries has been steadily increasing. In fact, Amazon (Prime Air drone delivery)  has been hard at work perfecting their drone delivery system and it’s only a matter of time until drone delivery becomes a reality. If you’ve been looking for a way to get into the

Why Cryptopunks NFT are taking the world by storm | Detailed Guide 2021

Anyone who bought NFTs in the past three years is more than just happy in 2021; the NFT market is single-handedly making people not only rich but giving them a new experience towards owning a piece of art. What are cryptopunks? And where did they come from? Cryptopunks are the equivalent of cave paintings to

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