how does a grocery delivery app like Flink work
How Does a Grocery Delivery App like Flink Work?

How does Flink work? The on-demand grocery delivery business is getting a lot of attention from shoppers and investors alike. After all, who doesn’t love the idea of getting groceries delivered for a perfect dinner date to their door with a few taps on their smartphone? But how do you make money doing this? How

airbnb app
How to Build A Homestay Rental Booking App Like Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the best examples of “sharing economy” companies. It has changed the way people travel. The platform offers vacation home rental services by providing an opportunity for homeowners to rent out their homes to travelers. The only challenge with Airbnb is that it is not available in every city or any country.

How to Build an App like Bumble in 7 Easy Steps

Bumble is a location-based app that allows you to browse through its users’ profiles. What started as a dating app has now grown to become a full-scale networking platform with a community of 100 Million users and spreading across six continents.  Bumble portrays itself as “Bumble has now grown far beyond a dating app into

mobile app scalability
8 Efficient Tips for Mobile App Scalability

Scalability. Everybody says it’s crucial. But what does that mean, exactly? When will you know that my app is scalable? How do you know that it scales now? Is there even a way to test this? I suspect that they are the questions you have too. If your app is starting, then scalability may not

how to make a similar app like telegram
How to Make a Similar App Like Telegram?

With over a billion users, Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. All those users sign up because it offers more features than its competitors. In this article, we’ll find out what makes Telegram different and discover how you can create a texting app like it.  Aspects Details  Launch Date 

ethereum dapps
Top Five Ways to Scale Ethereum Dapps

Cryptocurrency is often synonymous with Bitcoin to a lot of people. But the recent few years have shown a growing interest in other cryptocurrency platforms too as more and more people join the crypto bandwagon. One of the biggest emerging platforms is Ethereum.  When Bitcoin’s prices rose in 2017, crypto-enthusiasts needed a platform where they

thumb - How to Get Your App Ready for Christmas
How to Get Your App Ready for Christmas?

Apps have been a massive part of the way we all view Christmas. In fact, most of us have likely been shopping via an App. So whether you are looking to develop an app for Christmas this year or you already have apps on the market, we want to help. Mobile apps can do a

language learning app
How to Create a Language Learning App

Learning a new language is both a trend and something of a necessity nowadays. The world is getting smaller. Learning (and eventually speaking) a foreign language helps to break down barriers and connects people on a deeper level of mutual understanding. Furthermore, achieving this mutual understanding will inevitably open a series of doors that will

Asset Tracking Software - Idea Usher
Mobile Asset Tracking Software: A Solution for Asset Management

Asset tracking has been a significant problem for many businesses around the world. Improper tracking has always resulted in inappropriate schedules, loss of assets, stock-out and excessive stock. A mobile asset tracking software comes in handy to manage assets and helps to achieve higher Return on Assets (ROA). Spreadsheets have always been a traditional asset

e-learning apps
E-Learning App Development: A Complete Guide

In today’s highly competitive world, it is essential to be updated with new skills and the latest technology. Thus, e-learning apps are becoming extremely popular among different age groups. An online learning app can provide anyone access to highly qualified trainers for just a few bucks. e-learning app development incorporates entertainment into learning, which draws

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