Best Package Delivery Apps

Package delivery apps are a success in 2020

Package delivery apps act like genies emerging from rubbing a magic lamp. Except that the genie is the parcel you were waiting for by the window. And the magic lamp is of the package delivery apps. The advent of tech has facilitated countless customer success stories.

You can leverage tech and make apps that attract customers like a magnet!

In addition to this list of best delivery apps, we have a gift for you. We’ll also share expert tips on how you can make a successful delivery app. We’re going to see which package delivery apps stole the spotlight in 2020. All of this, without you investing much of your hard-earned money. Let’s dive in! 

Why are package delivery apps successful even amidst a pandemic?

Success of Delivery Apps
Gartner studies suggest the COVID pandemic stirred a storm in all parcel tracking systems. Food & courier delivery services saw success, unlike any other niche. It observed a jump in successful business even amidst a pandemic. Many business ideas gained traction. Thanks to package delivery apps,
We’re going to talk about all the makings of successful package delivery apps. But before we jump to that, we know of some prerequisites like:

  • Why do customers love courier apps?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of courier services?
  • How does courier delivery & tracking app work?

Why do customers love courier apps?

customer love instant deliveries
Hooking the consumer with your business is a no-brainer. Companies try many gimmicks to make it happen. Right from freebies to loyalty points, they leave no stone unturned. When it comes to courier services, tech has a role to play.

Remember your last Amazon order? 

You were able to track your delivery and had control of the situation. Well, sort of. Companies like Amazon like to show a little behind the scenes. The reason is to give the consumer a “little extra.” This extra in the courier industry is received well. Merely transparency and a parcel tracking system makes the consumer feel empowered.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of courier services?

On a psychological level, booking orders for delivery has a two-way reward system. This is unlike regular physical shopping.

  • The consumer gets the first reward stimulation when they place an order.
  • The second reward stimulation is when the package arrives.

Customers like to feel rewarded!

In offline shopping, the reward thought-process is of a single instance. But with online shopping, the customer is more likely to shop again. These are one of the many advantages of courier services. Others are:

  • Parcel tracking system
  • Tracked delivery service with rescheduling options
  • Free package tracking
  • Global tracking number search
  • Customer support
  • Instant deliveries

Disadvantages of availing these services are under the radar of capitalism, some say. Some also show concern about the environmental impact of these services. It includes the hard to recycle packaging material—again, the CO2 emissions with the transit process. Keep reading until the end. We’re going to reveal our gift to you soon!

How does courier delivery & tracking app work?

how does courier delivery and tracking app works
The makings of a courier delivery app are pretty simple. These are the basics.

  • Develop an app
  • Make the in-app navigation easy
  • Include two panels- the logistics side and consumer side
  • The consumer can track and trace the parcel
  • The logistics team can update whereabouts and more.

Now let’s see how these apps work.

A brief outline of the working of package delivery apps:

  • The logistics dispatch the booked order
  • The customer gets a notification and a unique tracking number
  • The customer uses a tracking number to track parcel(s)
  • The estimated delivery date and time are notified to the customer.
  • The customer can schedule the delivery.
  • Customers can raise tickets for help and support.

The best delivery apps in the USA, Europe, and the world

market giants of courier service
These apps are delivering thousands of orders with each passing second as we speak. The average single order value is approximately USD 30. In a densely populated city like Los Angeles, multiply this number by 30K for the average daily orders in 30 neighborhoods. When you do the math, the results sum to millions in quarterly forecasts alone. Consider all quarters.

Companies are piling up billions of dollars yearly in financial revenues!

And remember, this is just for the city of LA. Think about the rest of the cities in the USA and the world. And that’s just for courier delivery services! Here’s one way to grow your business empire! (psst. Check out our other successful business ideas that you can quickly use here).

Here’s a list of the 10 best package delivery apps in 2020

#10 Sagawa

Sagawa Co. Ltd. has a firm foot over the Japanese market. From drop shipping, corporate tie-ups, the company is popular. The customer trust accounts for its popularity in Asia and beyond. Some of the world’s best package tracking website(s) also consider Sagawa.

#9 Great British Parcel

The Great British Parcel is popular to market its delivery services to the customers. One of the many reasons for their success is easy. It lies with customer loyalty and membership programs. The parcel tracking number(s) with their systems is highly robust.

#8 UPS

UPS is known by many across countries. Famous for their late-delivery memes, they barely made it to our list. But they do know what works for the average drop shipping or casual parcel deliveries. UPS uses a tracking number innovatively. They show animations on the map too.

#7 Delhivery

The Delhivery shipping business for courier is a success in the South-Asian markets. With the growing demands in business logistics, the industry is booming in India, especially. From regular shipping to corporate orders, the service is on a roll.

#6 Favour Delivery

Favor Delivery is very similar to the Postmates app. The runners are part-time or full-time hustlers on the app. They would deliver to the clients, i.e., customer’s food or miscellaneous items.

#5 Shipt

Essentially Shipt is a grocery delivery app service. A successful grocery delivery app has a customer loyalty scheme. Shipt nailed this feature effortlessly. There has been a surge in grocery delivery apps for businesses. It adds to its success.

#4 Door Dash

DoorDash is a food delivery service app. It quenches the thirst of customers who just want a drink. Moreover, food ordering is possible here, with discounts and more. All parcel tracking features are available on this app. Additionally, the app has features like written reviews, ‘most liked’ tag, top 10 lists, and Most Loved All Stars carousel and banner.

#3 Postmates

Postmates is a super-app, as some say in the United States. As a super-app, people can select deliveries of all sorts here. From restaurant meals, alcohol delivery, to groceries, it has customers hooked. You name it; they’ve got it. The delivery package tracker on their service has also received pop-culture attention.

#2 Uber Eats

Uber Eats is one of the undertakings of the hit cab-sharing app service provider, Uber. This ride-sharing service giant does more than just that. It allows people to sign up to make food deliveries in their spare time. In regions like Canada and America, the platform is receiving good recognition. After all, extra income doesn’t hurt anybody, right!
your courier app deserves number 1 spot

#1 Your package delivery apps

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