10 best food delivery app London list

It’s now more convenient than ever to have meals delivered to your home at any time from any location. Thanks to the wonderful on-demand delivery apps that are now accessible. Simply download the best food delivery app London, decide, place an order, and pay with your smartphone or cash upon delivery.

These apps benefit not just the consumers but also the businesses. To increase sales, the latter can invest in the development of a food ordering app. These apps also help sellers with a variety of tasks, such as cost-cutting, developing an online presence, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

So, in the food industry, food ordering and delivery will be a huge disruptor. Indeed, it has already begun, with most businesses opting for meal delivery via mobile apps. But why is it so popular?

Food-delivery Platforms’ Economics

As we have stated, food delivery platforms, like ride-hailing, have cheap multihoming costs. Diners, delivery agents, and restaurants all have the option to participate on numerous platforms. 

The graph below shows the U.S. Customer Overlap Meal Delivery. (Source: SecondMeasure)

US Customer Overlap Meal Delivery

When assessing the health of a food delivery app in London, two main metrics should be considered:

  • Customer retention is essential.
  • Client expenditure at its peak, i.e., the most significant amount spent by a single customer during a given period.

The more muscular customer retention is, and the faster a cohort of customers to peak customer spend, the more likely unit economics will succeed.

In the United Kingdom, the marginal cost of food apps has a considerable impact on price. Services for food delivery increased commercial prospects to compensate for lower foot traffic.

Top Food Delivering Apps

There are so many food delivery apps in the UK that picking the best might be challenging. We’ve compiled a list of 10 food apps that are free to download. 

1. Deliveroo

Since its inception in 2013, this app has evolved from a simple concept to one of the UK’s best food delivery apps. It’s one of the most successful unicorn startups. Amazon is a believer in it as well. The idea used to design this app was to provide the best possible services, develop the fastest method of food delivery, and provide more employment for riders.

Despite the fact that Deliveroo may not be the only food delivery app in the UK that relies upon riders, it is by far the most tempting to potential workers. Deliveroo aims to extend the number of restaurants and foods you can order through the app. If you want to order meals in London, you should consider Deliveroo as one of your options. The corporation uses machine learning algorithms to discover the optimum routes for delivering orders, which helps cut delivery time.

2. Quiqup

Quiqup is a strong contender for the title of most excellent meal delivery service in London. The company has put a lot of money into technology development.

It sells food from not only restaurants but also a variety of retail things. You have the option of ordering on-demand and even same-day delivery, and you can be assured that a courier will arrive at your door at the time you choose. Quiqup, one of the UK’s most popular and well-respected food delivery apps in the UK, is expanding rapidly both domestically and globally.

3. Hungryhouse

This software gives you the option of searching for a favorite restaurant in your neighborhood and placing an online order. The network of over 10,000 collaborating eateries is unquestionably unique. For a modest price, restaurants will process the charges and have them delivered by their couriers.

Hungryhouse is also useful for people who may not want to order takeout. You can use it as a quick and easy way to find restaurants in all of the United Kingdom. You can browse the list of restaurants to see just what each has to offer in the way of takeaway and then go in to place your personal order. It had been so popular that it was given the consumer app of the week title in The Guardian at one point in time.

4. UberEats

Why not download the UberEats app if you want to purchase meals online in London? Uber has already established itself as a driving service for food delivery in London. It is regarded as one of the top 13 restaurant apps in London and the United Kingdom, and it excels at what it does. 

It has a good selection of restaurants and cafes, as well as an order scheduling feature. Furthermore, you can always trace your food delivery order in London thanks to the use of an innovative GPScreate

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5. Jinn

In the United Kingdom, Jinn is a well-known dining app. Furthermore, it goes well beyond simply delivering food from a restaurant. Self-employed couriers that work for the initiative can provide almost anything you want from local retailers to you.

Many hungry clients who do not want to prepare dinner themselves choose the app because of its simple design and low prices. The organization boasts that their couriers are among the fastest globally, giving you the possibility to have your food delivered in minutes.

6. Zomato

Users in London who wish to purchase meals online can do so with Zomato and choose from a wide variety of options. They like the app’s user design and the ability to read customer reviews before completing an order.

Furthermore, Zomato is one of London’s most popular food savings apps, with a particular Zomato Gold program that gives you access to the best prices and offers. It is an entirely customer-focused business with a strong possibility of becoming the top meal delivery app in London.

7. Food Hub 

Do you need to locate the nearest cafe? Make use of Food Hub. Do you want to place an online food order? Make use of Food Hub. The app charges no fees for placing orders or delivering them, which is highly enticing to customers

In addition, many consumers believe Food Hub to be the most refined food app in the UK because it covers such a diverse selection of cuisines. It may appear like there is no food that Food Hub will not be able to locate.

8. Just Eat

The Just Eat UK app is perhaps the most well-known and well-respected food delivery app not just in the United Kingdom but also well beyond its borders. The benefits of this software are enjoyed by people in the United States, Asia, and several Latin American and European cities

The most trusted meal delivery app, according to many of its users, is Just Eat. We feel that the functionality of this application can meet current expectations, even though tastes differ in different continents and countries. And that’s because of the smooth functioning of the app.

9. Domino’s Pizza 

In London, it’s challenging to meet someone who hasn’t heard of Domino Pizza. It has been trendy for many years. Pizza is a dish that everyone enjoys. However, this software allows you to do more than just order pizza. It enables you to personalize your pizza.

Is there any way to make it better? The app’s user-friendly layout makes it intuitively clear, and you can create your dream pizza in just a few minutes, which you’ll be able to enjoy within an hour. 

This meal-delivery London app also allows you to pay in various methods, including by PayPal, credit card, or cash when a courier arrives with your order. These small details make the app one of the most besotted food delivery apps of current times.

10. Talabat

Talabat was among the first restaurant applications in the United Kingdom. It has a large number of fast-food coffee shops and restaurants as partners. This free London delivery app is ideal; your order will be delivered right on time.

Even though new competitors enter the market every year, Talabat is still alive and well, capturing the hearts of new users. The fast expansion of this restaurant into an app delivery app has made it stay in the game. This indicates how restaurants and all food chains are turning to app development with the fast-changing needs of consumers.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Food Delivery Applications

Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of online food delivery services. These will surely help us when we create our food delivery app! Let’s begin:


  • Convenience 

Customers may purchase their favorite comfort food and have it delivered to their front door while binge-watching the latest Netflix show from the comfort of their couches.

Isn’t it fantastic? That’s because it is, and the ease of use appeals to a wide range of customers, not just millennials. Parents who don’t have time to cook can order food online and feed their entire family without turning on the oven. The most appealing feature of internet food delivery services is their ease.

  • Find out about new restaurants and customers 

Every day, more restaurants join the online meal delivery community, giving clients a more extensive range of foods to pick from when placing an order. Customers can now explore different restaurants rather than being limited to those close to their homes or those that cater just to locals. 

Connecting restaurants with new clients are one of the industry’s most beneficial aspects, but it also allows customers to try something new.

  • More nutritious delivery options 

More options are available when ordering online. Customers may now purchase a wide range of scrumptious culinary options, including healthy alternatives, from their favorite local companies. How about grilled chicken with steamed vegetables instead of chicken wings? It is conceivable.

Instead of a burger and fries, how about a salad? Make it happen. Customers can stick to healthy eating programs even when they don’t want to cook or eat out because of online food delivery services.

  • You’ll be able to avoid weather delays

The impact of bad weather on a restaurant’s result can be devastating. Customers who stay indoors to escape the elements and eateries remain quieter due to the lack of patrons.

With the emergence of internet food delivery services, restaurants and customers can interact even when the weather isn’t cooperating.


  • Isolated Disconnect

Restaurant dining is an exciting and delectable event that should be shared with family and friends. When customers use an online food delivery service, they forego the restaurant environment and eating interaction.

Eating alone with only your favorite streaming shows to accompany you creates an isolationist attitude, gradually separating you from the outer world.

  • It’s more expensive 

Members are increasingly charged fees in addition to the cost of the food when ordering through an online delivery service.

A reservation fee, fees for crowded areas, and even a gratuity for the delivery driver are examples of these expenses. 

However, if you offer them a few bucks to save, the customers will queue to get food from your app!

  • Killing the Mood

Have you ever been to a restaurant that was completely deserted? When you’re dining alone or with a small group of people, it’s a peculiar experience. The atmosphere is a big part of the appeal of many eateries. Customers can grill a steak or bake a pizza at home, but they prefer the atmosphere provided by some eateries. 

Every online food delivery order means one less consumer dining in the restaurant physically. While online purchasing can yield similar or larger sales, giving them a restaurant vibe is also essential. Think of ways to get those vibes delivered at home as well!

  • Long Waiting Times 

It takes a long time to order food from an internet restaurant delivery service. Customers looking for fast food should generally go to the restaurant personally rather than rely on delivery services. 

Traffic, weather, how crowded a restaurant is, and the sophistication of a customer’s order are all factors that contribute to longer wait times for online meal delivery. 

Is it reasonable to expect a customer to wait an extra half hour to deliver their food? If customers can’t wait, they should pick up their order immediately. So, what should you do? Take examples of food delivery apps with fast delivery times, and this con isn’t even an issue anymore!

Every problem has a solution. Now we know the cons, create and create, we can find solutions for each of them. And that could also help us move ahead of our competitors, right?

Let’s build the best food delivery app London together!

Scale your business with Idea Ushers food delivery app development services.  We include automatic order management, delivery dispatch, real-time order tracking, targeted marketing campaigns, and much more.

Our extensive knowledge and years of experience have aided us in creating innovative dashboards for aggregators and startups to assist their clients in selecting from a variety of restaurants. Interactive software or restaurant owners with unique designs, logos, and graphics allow them to establish a strong brand and stay ahead of the competition.

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Online food delivery services are generally advantageous to both clients and establishments. Consumers can broaden their gastronomic horizons from the comfort of their couches by exploring new restaurants (or ordering comfort food) and assisting restaurants in attracting new customers. At Idea Usher, we understand both sides of the argument. Allow us to help your company in choosing the most efficient online meal delivery marketing strategy.

For more information, contact us.

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Q. What are the stages involved in placing an online food order?

Follow these steps to see how your website or mobile app can help people order food online.

1. The user visits your website/app.

2.  Decide on your favorite food.

3.  Add things to your shopping cart.

4. Pay for your order and place it online.

5.  Prepare the food and deliver it.

Q. For my restaurant, what kind of order form should I use?

A multiple-product order form with various options is generally the best option if you provide several different products with multiple customization possibilities.

Q. How to be sure about going about making product alternatives?

Create sub-products if you want to provide customers the option of removing or adding elements to specific menu items. Customers with dietary restrictions or food allergies will appreciate how easy it is to customize their food orders with this feature.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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