top downloaded apps
Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps

We’re in 2022, and we cannot imagine our lives without mobile apps. From shopping to entertainment, education to finance, our lives revolve around apps. An increase in smartphone users has made mobile apps a necessity. Businesses wish to develop apps to expand their market, and users are willing to use mobile apps that make their

Social Media Shopping App Development_ Statistics & Strategies
Social Shopping App Development: Statistics & Strategies

Social media shopping is no longer the future of eCommerce; it already *is* eCommerce! According to Statista, 42% of global internet users have purchased a product after seeing it on social media. That accounts for being almost half of the world’s online population. My It Things, Polyvore, Wanelo, Open Sky etc. are some of the

how to sell your app idea to make money
How to Sell Your App Idea to Make Money

In today’s intellectual phone-obsessed culture, it’s easy to see that mobile apps are everywhere. But how to sell your app idea to companies? Most people think of app creation as a side project or something that can only be done on the side to make some extra money. The truth is that app development is

How to start a cryptocurrency exchange app like coinbase
How To Start A Cryptocurrency Exchange App Like Coinbase?

Crypto-curious? You’ve come to the right place. Crypto exchange platforms are becoming a rage these days. The whole concept of digital currency has caught on like wildfire. People are using it for trading goods and services and are even investing in them. With digital currency exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, etc. gaining popularity, more and

vertical vs horizontal saas
Vertical Vs Horizontal SaaS – A Complete Guide

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a way of distributing software that can be incredibly beneficial to companies. Significantly, small businesses that want to avoid the costs of maintaining their infrastructure. However, not all SaaS models are created equal. Most SaaS models follow one of two main approaches: horizontal and vertical. This article will

Must-have features
Must-Have Features In AI Shopping Assistant App

Are you a fashion retailer who wonders how to increase sales? Get an AI-based shopping assistant app for your brand.  Alibaba, Tommy Hilfiger, Amazon, Macy’s, and several other big industry giants are making billions and billions of profit through one technology named Artificial Intelligence! Artificial intelligence (AI), a technology that was once the imaginary subject

web3.0 framework
Best Web 3.0 Frameworks For Blockchain Development

Imagine a world where people can trade goods, services, and information without centralized oversight. A world where social media is decentralized and content is not censored. A place without political boundaries or pointless limitations. This is Web 3.0, and the future of tech development is web 3.0 frameworks. The shift towards Web 3.0 represents a

thumb - How to Get Your App Ready for Christmas
How to Get Your App Ready for Christmas?

Apps have been a massive part of the way we all view Christmas. In fact, most of us have likely been shopping via an App. So whether you are looking to develop an app for Christmas this year or you already have apps on the market, we want to help. Mobile apps can do a

top 10 marketing tips for your app on christmas season
Top 10 Mobile App Christmas Marketing Tips

Stats reported from Flurry suggest that 48% of all apps that are downloaded are then deleted within the same month. Holiday season is a great time for app developers to re-engage with these deleted users, and that’s why we bring you some delightful Christmas marketing tips for your app. Mobile app marketers who understand how to

API development
API Development: A Comprehensive Guide

If you have recently gone through a technical website or follow technical blogs and newsletters, you must have heard the term API. Sounds important. However, what does API development mean, and should you care about it? Read on to know.  Contents What is an API?Four categories of APIWhy Do You Need API Integration? - Everyday

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