going digital helps you grow your business exponentially
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How do you attract more buyers online? The way businesses work is simple. Customers bring more sales. And more sales bring more revenue.

But hold on a minute, we’re amid a pandemic. People aren’t going to the shops.

What do you do as a company owner next? Keep reading. We’ll guide you step by step. We’ll lead you into the process of going digital. We made tiny sections so that it’s easy for you to follow. We will share business ideas- (which nobody will tell you about). You can work on them even during the pandemic.

 Grow your business even during a Pandemic

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Let’s look at the problem of Coronavirus. Travel bans and social distancing is a nightmare for firms. If people are separated & isolated, the markets are empty. Empty markets mean zero buyers. But necessity is the mother of innovation.

Smart firms chose to go online. Some firms already had a robust digital impact. But some groups know nothing about digital marketing. Despite your digital persona, we’ll help you take your company to the next level.

E.g., take a look at Edurev. They didn’t have a robust online presence initially. They hence took the help of a digital marketing pioneer. Fast forward their journey with them, their app downloads grew by ten times. They stand with 1million+ downloads toady. How did they do it? Who helped them? We’ll uncover these mysteries after we tell you about your future digital success.


There are many benefits of going digital:


1. You save on land infrastructure costs.

2. You have the flexibility to telework, ie, remote work.

3. Connect with millions of potential customers.

4. Expand your customer base.

5. Pay only for logistics & workforce.

We’re living in a fishbowl of the internet. It’s time to decorate this aquarium. Only then, we can expect more online sales. How do you do that? By getting started with digital marketing. Before we show you this golden egg goose, let’s learn why digital is the answer.


The Secret of going digital in business.

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Think of those hand-tied customers in this pandemic. Did they stop buying essentials & luxuries? The answer is no. They didn’t stop spending.

So what changed? They started online shopping.

They started using more digital services. Make your services open to them online. Only when they see it, they buy it.

Expect your trade to grow by 3x in the worst case. By going digital, you unlock the door to impact billions of people. It is the best case: your business can skyrocket & grow big globally. More clients want to use your service and app. You will be making bank on this success. All of this, just by going digital.

 You have to scan your customer base inside out. Get this straight: your customers are lazy & naive. You have to give them a golden platter. Spoil them for choices. Make it easy for them to use your service online. How exactly do you do that? Let’s dive into the details.

Here is a Method That is Helping firms skyrocket online presence

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So you read by now the power of going digital. You might want to grow your business model. Add the flavor of online presence in it, in case it’s missing. Your customers are now online more than ever. There are high chances of them engaging with your services online.


Start slow.

Build a website if you don’t have one. If you have a website, make it user friendly. Develop a mobile app. People love having the world in their pockets.


The next step.

Target your buyer base and engage with them. Make your business visible in the market.


We promised you business ideas that you can work on quickly. Secrets are now being revealed. You can work on these ideas as fast as now. These ideas have continuity post lockdown too. Online consumption has grown; hence, the firm’s wealth, too. Here’s how you can also do it.

 List of easy business ideas.

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Pickup & Delivery (Logistics) apps

Users are unable to hit the stores. They are, but free to cruise online retail stores. The online (and offline) retail stores, in return, require robust logistics to fulfil orders. Build a logistics and supply chain management solution to reach the consumer’s doorsteps.


Food delivery apps

Lockdown had food chain shut their dining spaces. You can still invite buyers to request food deliveries and takeouts. The food delivery business is on the rise. With the help of the best modes of zero-touch deliveries, they are creditable.


Grocery delivery apps

Grocery delivery is in high demand during the coronavirus pandemic. Going to the crowded market space in person is risky. It is where grocery delivery downloads apps got on the rise.


Medicine delivery or healthcare apps

Medicines are those essentials which the user can’t skip. Pharmaceutics sales & retailers play a vital role in reaching customers. Delivering medicine to doorsteps is a social welfare-oriented trade.

Online Doctor Consultations

Medical consultations from doctors & experts are applauded all year round. The inability to reach them for in-person advice is on a halt. Hence an online on-demand session has risen. Digitally linking patients with doctors has never been this easy.


Wellness and Fitness apps

As long as man exists on the earth, the idea of a healthy lifestyle will remain in demand. Both physical & mental health add to the overall being. Tap into this trial by producing online tutorials, etc.


 Idea Usher help you build apps you can be proud of

Over to you now. You and I have been having this discussion for quite some time. we’ve gone over the basics of going digital. We covered how to increase sales digitally. You also have excellent business ideas to work on quickly.

You have to start somewhere. It would be best if you took action. Remember, all winners are doers.

Now you’re looking for experts who can turn your ideas to reality. Businesses are about being first. Make something so good that you have a loyal customer base for life. Idea Usher helps you do precisely this.


We help companies exponentially expand their digital footprint. Remember our example of Edurev? We helped them boost their online presence. We backed their ever-expanding client conversions. Today they are market leaders in their expertise domain.

Idea Usher is a pioneering web-app development company, digital marketing agency, and mobile app development expertise with years of experience in building robust, scalable, and innovative technology solutions. We call ourselves the “tech innovators”.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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