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Covid-19 and Courier Delivery Services

Courier service app development

The pandemic caused disruptions across multiple business ventures. It had a rippling effect on incomes generated by individual professionals, firms, and businesses. One solution service that was, and is still in demand post the global crisis. It is of courier delivery. Want to hire the best mobile app development company for courier service app development like uber delivery, zomato delivery and amazon delivery app. Read the full Blog for more details.

Courier Services Bring the Outside World to the Customer.

People are unable to go to markets, pharmacies, restaurants. Companies are hence bringing the outside world to people’s doorsteps. It is made possible by courier services to credit.

People scattered across the globe, have an itch for “right here, right now”, or instant solutions. On-demand service providers make that possible. Behind the scenes are the skilled app developers who made a link between technology and reality possible.

Global Services in Your Pocket.

Courier delivery app clone

Online, the on-demand services have a vast marketplace. On-demand food delivery apps like zomato food delivery, swiggy food delivery app,e-commerce shopping apps like myntra ,flipkart , beauty salon application, have grown into an essential trend. The online courier system has boldly seen a rise to its credibility and need. Thanks to modern tech & mobile apps, it’s service is at reach from the phone in your pockets. In the whole, the courier delivery app development can benefit your courier business greatly. Thinking of any android app development ,ios app development web application development , Hybrid app development , Native app development or cross platform app development, think about Idea Usher!

What Is a Courier Delivery App Clone?

Delivery logistics

With courier delivery apps, the automating logistics & shipping is carried-out with an application. The app manages & records major updates with timestamps. Idea Usher can help you in making app like FedEx delivery & Uber Delivery app or fully customized cross platform app as per client’s requirement.

Who Benefits from the Courier Delivery App Clone?

Courier services back many service providers. They have a crucial role over services.

Firms and ventures in hospitality Industry , eCommerce Industry , and healthcare Industry are notable consumers of courier services. They are hence, capable of having a central control on their consignment’s route to-and-fro clients.

The customers too profit. Tracking orders in real-time & getting updates on their orders is easier than ever like paytm courier track.

Why Are Courier Delivery Apps Unique?

Unique features

Courier Service app development: There are a few, but notable aspects that make the said app’s experience a seamless one:

  • Mobile-first user experience.
  • Planned deliveries.
  • Lower prices than usual services.
  • Part-time employed support staff.
  • Easy payments
  • Rating systems

If the app focuses on food or grocery shopping; the following comes into play:

  • Product hunt
  • Shopping lists
  • Wish lists
  • Real-time texts or calls 

The Different Types of Courier Delivery App Clones

Differnt types of courier services

1. Postal and Courier Service App

FedEx is the best example of a postal courier app. They

rely heavily on mobile apps to keep their business rolling. Real-time tracking & management is possible for them, even for same-day deliveries. A distinct admin panel (which we will discuss further in detail) adds to the many advantages.

2. Real-time Tracking App

The real-time tracking app is useful for tracking.

Here, a simple one-view is at the display by gathering data from all distinct member carriers. The courier firm now needs a single app to track every consignment. Customers get notified about their orders simultaneously.

3. Branded Delivery

Here, firms use courier apps that include customer success & order tracking features. Branded deliveries are often made by retailers to the customer’s doorsteps. Here the customer’s ease of tracking dispatches, locations, and delivery status is a privilege. It acts in the brand’s favor, as they are selling the customer what other brands/ retailers are not- i.e., clarity.

4. Parcel Delivery

Companies are dynamic. They are always seeking ways to grow into new ventures. For, e.g., Uber offered a marketplace for parcel delivery. It is an added service that clients can profit from ultimately with the help of on demand parcel delivery app.

Integral Features of Courier Delivery App Clone

Integral Features courier service app development

After taking into consideration your business venture into mind, you will seem to get a courier service app built. We’ll walk you through a plan of primary features that make an on-demand delivery app a success. Courier service app development|

Apart from being functional, it must abide by your business terms & fulfillment policies.

 Let’s look into some of the details before reviewing the cost. These traits are standard for any business vertical’s courier service app.

Admin Chat

Admin Features

It is a vital trait. It lets buyers reach out to the company via agents. It secures customer success. An added edge of it is that its free feedback to increase the service quality.

Real-time interaction is possible between delivery

partners & the buyer. It adds to the customer’s ease and in turn, adds to your functional comfort. If the best features are included in your courier service app development then this helps your online business grow rapidly. 

Packaging Options 

Courier delivery app clone

Think of all the times you got a broken glass or broken items in your package. It is precisely something we don’t want. Smart solutions involve many packaging choices that are fit for the shipped item. 

It saves the user from a bad experience with your service. They are safe from potential damages of the parcel contents. A way to integrate this unique feature could be with an extra and chargeable service

for app users. The cost can be a variable, depending on the type of the item in transit. Courier service app development- Idea Usher.

Real-time Tracking

Real time tracking feature

Real-time tracking of parcels in a critical feature of any courier delivery app. It either breaks or makes your business rapport. It’s such a handy feature. It can be liked with the admin, user, and driver planners of apps. This is one of the most important features that Idea Usher can easily integrate into your courier delivery app clone. Let’s look into all three one by one.

In the user app, there is a privilege to track the parcel in real-time. It adds to customer success by reassuring them of the location of their package.

Also, the admin can search for the nearest delivery partner for immediate use.

Lastly, for the delivery valet, finding the fastest and the suitable route to the customer is an easy thing.

All three stakeholders get some advantage of real-time tracking.

Premium Delivery Option

Premium delivery options

The way to attract more customers also to get them to

rely more on your service is via premium delivery options. Think of this as an extra service you give to the customer. E.g., Amazon Prime users can get deliveries as fast as in a single day. The impact of this fast service is

substantial. Users are always willing to pay a few extra bucks to get the special treatment. Courier service app development – Idea Usher.

Push Notification

push notification feature courier service app development

Get your point across quickly. This way, you save time for both your firm &  the buyer. The easy way to implement this for courier service apps is by using push notifications. 

The customers get real-time delivery updates & state of the consignments. It can notify customers about changes in route, time or date of arrival.

Credentials of the valet service can also benefit the customer, like the name of the courier partner.

Another lucrative opportunity to use push notifications is to make the customer aware of ongoing and upcoming sales and special services.

Payment Gateway

Courier delivery app clone

eCommerce or other online delivery apps integrate payment gateways in the app. It again helps the customer’s in many ways. You can include features like top-up wallets, pay later, credit plans. You can also grant them the privilege to make cash on delivery payments.

Payment gateway integration also sends you & the customer a digital receipt. Multiple payment options is a very important feature being integrated into on-demand delivery app these days. Idea Usher also integrates smart algorithms and multiple payment option features into your courier delivery app clone in the process of courier service app development.

Review and Ratings

Rating and Reviews

The best marketing is via word of mouth. It’s a free resource integrated into your courier delivery app clone in the form of rating and reviews. Customers can give feedback and talk about their experience with the services and the items delivered.

It builds your credibility in the online marketplace. The customers are doing your free promotion.

. Contact us now for rapid application development and to know more about courier delivery app development.

Help and Support

courier service app development

It is also a key feature of the courier delivery app clone. It includes the frequently asked questions(FAQs) too. The customer will be able to make informed decisions on your app. Know more Courier service app development.

You can connect help agents & customers easily with this feature. Lastly, it helps in building a customer for life, i.e., a loyal customer base. 


App Development Cost of Courier Delivery  App Clone

Approximate Cost of Courier Delivery App Clone

After going over the business features, and functionalities, the cost is the last factor for your delivery app. The complexity of the app and the platform it runs on has an impact on the final price of the courier delivery app clone.

The following are some deciding factors:

  • The mobile platform: iOS, Android, or both
  • App marketing
  • Functional features 
  • Is it a supporting or a base service?
  • The hourly cost of app developers

All these factors are interlinked. It would be best if you considered your budget to conclude cost.

Tip: Start slow. Build an app with basic functionalities and work your way upwards.

You can add additional features like premium features over time. 

The estimated cost for an on-demand courier service app development is around $6000 to $15000.


Getting an app built is quite a task. It’s an overwhelming process for many.

We are here for assistance if you need experienced and pioneers who build on-demand courier apps. You can hire developers from India. They have a diverse flexible and scalable engagement model.

Now, where can you look for this somebody who will be your helping hand? Look no further.

Idea Usher is a pioneering app development company with years of experience in building robust, scalable, and innovative technology solutions. We call ourselves the “tech innovators”.

Our tech-enthusiastic programmers, designers, and testers have experience of developing all types of mobile apps, native apps, and hybrid apps be it fitness, food delivery, or video streaming. And we understand your needs and deliver solutions that help you take your business to the next level.

Our business practices are about mutual trust, confidence, and of course, development. We have helped many businesses reach their vision, and now we’re ready to use our skills for you.Hire the best app development company for your next big project today!

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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