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Before proceeding towards the last mile software solutions, it is essential to understand the last-mile delivery system. This is one of the most common questions arising in readers’ minds.

The supply of any product follows a chain and last-mile delivery is the last step of the supply chain. The product manufactured by any manufacturer is not meant to be kept in the warehouse. The ultimate goal is to deliver the product to the consumer. Thus, the last mile of delivering the product to the consumer at their doorstep must be done speedily and adequately.

Research and studies have shown that by 2040, 95% of businesses will go digital. For such a fast-paced scenario, speedy and timely delivery of the product to the consumer must be taken care of. If a business faces last mile routing issues, it can quickly spiral and negatively impact its growth.  

SolutionLast-Mile Delivery
IndustryE-commerce retailers
Last-mile delivery market in 2020USD 18.9 bn
Last-mile delivery market by 2027(expected)USD 62.7 bn
Top last-mile delivery softwares of 2022Onfleet, Onro, Track-pod, E-delivery, Smart Consign

Prevalent problems in last-mile delivery software

last mile delivery problems

Unless we deeply understand the issues, no solution to any problem is justified and understandable. Let us first understand its challenges.

1. Change in behavior of the consumer

The behavioral pattern of the consumer has a lot to do with the last-mile delivery problems. The consumer has become smart now, and most consumers want to do shopping online. For that, they have many options, and one of them is Amazon, which is the most googled shopping platform.

To make the competition even higher for other traders, Amazon has a same-day delivery service. Eventually, the wait of 5-7 days for deliveries will automatically be seen nowhere.

How will businesses respond to such a situation, where competing with Amazon becomes increasingly difficult? Isn’t this a matter of concern for you if you are a startup/entrepreneur with a brilliant idea?

2. Technological drawbacks

Although businesses have come a long way to make up for the digitization. Nevertheless they still lag somewhere, and that is technology. Most of the last mile routing software has outdated technology. Due to this, the consumer faces issues in tracking the exact location of their product. Last-mile tracking software must be up to date in case your business wants to survive the fierce competition.

3. Huge costs of this software

Most of the companies who are making the final mile routing software, charge high costs from the businesses. It becomes a hurdle for businesses to spend so much money. It has been estimated that 28% of the delivery cost comes from last-mile delivery alone, an obstacle for businesses.

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Ways to solve the last-mile delivery problems

last mile delivery solutions

There are specific last-mile delivery solutions provided by courier app development to businesses. These solutions can help them to sustain their business in the long run. Let us overview them.

1. Communication with the customers

Today flexibility in deliveries is the demand of every customer. Most of the people might not be at home during their delivery time. So flexibility in deliveries is the need of the hour. Communicating with the customer helps to solve the problem and ensures the availability of the customer at home during the delivery.

2. Technology upgradation

Outdated technologies do not stand anywhere in this modern world. So it is essential to upgrade the technology, which will automatically reduce the operating cost. Technology, when elevated, provides real-time tracking and hence solves multiple problems.

3. Optimization of delivery routes

Those delivery routes must be set by the companies which facilitates the fastest delivery to the customers. The best decision is to invest in software that helps cut down the unnecessary time to deliver the product.

Top 5 last-mile delivery softwares in 2022

last mile delivery softwares 2022

Here follows the list of the best last-mile software solutions that helps to make the delivery an easy-going task.

1. Onfleet

onfleet delivery software

Based in San Francisco, Onfleet is a software company that has set sights on providing bespoke solutions to the logistical problems in the final delivery. To ease difficulties, Onfleet has some practical solutions. 

Efficiency in dispatching

Onfleet optimizes its dispatching productivity. They cogitate different aspects like time, capacity, location, and traffic. It uses a web dashboard containing merged information on routing and shipping processes. 

They highly believe in managing the routes since it can cut down the delivery time in half. Therefore, the software plans on the most efficient pathways. This helps them to reduce drivers’ head-counts. The traffic information is given to the drivers through SMS. 

Reducing service cost

Onfleet reduces the service cost by performing auto-dispatching. The software achieves this by conveying the deliveries to the drivers automatically. This means that it keeps track of all its drivers and their working status. Based on that, it selects the drivers who are available and are in the close range for the delivery. At last, it will give the drivers the shortest route or the one with the least traffic. 

Ease in communication

The software works in a manner that keeps its customer informed in real-time. This helps them keep track of their package and ensures their availability at the time of receiving it. This also lets them get in touch with their drivers and give feedback. 

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2. Onro

For a better experience, Onfleet has launched their mobile applications, both for android and iOS devices. This user-friendly mobile app has an attractive interface. It makes getting in touch with the drivers easier. The app also shows real-time updates. 

Situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Onro is another software dealing with the solutions of last-mile delivery problems. The methods used by Onro to tackle it are:

Driver monitoring

Onro uses real-time GPS to maintain track of their drivers and their live location. This way, it becomes easier to tell them about the traffic situation and provide them with a better route. This information is also forwarded to the customers to check on their package. It reduces the customer service calls regarding their parcel location.

Driver assignment through auto-dispatching

Onro follows the auto-dispatching formula where the nearest available driver is given the delivery along with an ideal route. Auto-dispatching is an advantage because it minimizes the possibility of mistakes.

For example- it eliminates the chances of assigning multiple tasks to a single driver or a single task to numerous drivers.

 Smart analysis

Any last-mile delivery software needs to record and analyze all the necessary data. It includes the string of deliveries, resource management, working of agents, number of failed and successful resources, and many more. It ensures transparency and a practical approach towards the performance of deliveries.   

3. Track-Pod

Track-POD is headquartered in the USA and the UK. It has found some solutions to oversee and block the ultimate delivery hitches. Some of them are-

Route planning

Track-POD ensures the best route for your delivery just like other delivery related apps. This software has multiple features. For example, it shows the best drop-offs and pickup routes, which are synchronized with the drivers’ mobile application considering their breaks and shifts, and so on. The software also gives thoughts on the order priority and customers’ fancied time slots. 

Effective management system 

The Transport Management System or TMS helps keep the maximum intel of the orders. The performance is updated regularly, and transparency is ensured. TMS is unified with the Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP), suitable for rationalized maneuvers. TMS reduces transportation costs; however, this doesn’t affect customer service. 

Safety check

The software does paperless, digital inspection with low maintenance and repair costs. This inspection data is updated on the web platform. The top condition of the delivery vehicles is to make sure that the packages are delivered on time without any delay. The cloud-based tracking app gives an upper hand in maintaining compliance and checking all the defects. 

Instant dispatch management

Track-POD handles the automated manual tasks for the delivery operations company in many ways. It helps in programmed scheduling, coupled with quick dispatching and tracking formulas. This makes it easier to assess the location of the drivers. With the analysis of the performance data, the efficiency can be increased in real-time.

4. E-Delivery

e-delivery software

The last mile delivery troubles can be sidelined effectively with the help of another resourceful app, the E- delivery. Based in India, it offers mobility solutions in UAE, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA, and even Mexico. It tackles such problems with result-oriented methods such as:

Contact free delivery

E-delivery is a socially responsible delivery app. It understands the importance of avoiding multiple contacts. The concept of doorstep delivery in businesses empowers the proprietors to launch their operations efficiently online. It reduces the need to monitor from time to time. 

A post-pandemic world demands such a logistics service. E-delivery takes care of this problem and does not compromise the service. This app offers custom choices for going contactless, and the user can select the option as per the need. The app interface notifies the delivery executive to follow the instructions with ease.

Useful store-app panel system

With the effective store-app panel system that E-delivery offers, the users can easily update their goods and services provided in the menu. This feature focuses on the stores and helps in managing the inventory. When they can handle the stock in an organized manner, that calls for better customer delivery. Moreover, the stores can initiate orders on behalf of the customers with this app panel feature.

Better payment structure

One of the common issues that arise from an online service is the poor compatibility of the payment gateway. With the help of an E-delivery payment gateway, such an issue can be easily rectified. Most of the customers prefer online payment, which is considered while integrating Stripe as the default option in the solution.

5. Smart Consign

smart consign delivery software

Solving the last-mile delivery crises can give a troublesome experience without a solution like the Smart Consign. It is yet another delivery app that concentrates on a multicarrier management system. It originates from the UK and specializes in all parcel delivery processes. Smart Consign uses various methods to give last-mile software solutions to its customers.

Efficient shipping management service

Shipping forms an essential part of all the major delivery systems globally. It acts as a bridge between the seller and the consumer, and therefore efficient shipping management is critical for all last-mile delivery services. 

Smart Consign offers a specialized shipping management system. That helps the user to control the entire workflow smartly. It combines e-commerce and delivery systems with numerous carriers with its software interface.

This software solution comes in a ready-to-plug form which the user can connect with the existing accounts directly. That can significantly reduce the burden and invite more tenders without hassle.

Domestic and international options

Integrating with all the major cities and the countries serving as the hub for logistical services is ideal for expanding the services of any e-commerce business. It is a feature that makes this app a perfect choice for a more comprehensive engagement of delivery services.

By connecting with international carriers and delivery destinations, Smart Consign can provide a global influence in the delivery solutions. When a parcel delivery management software incorporates a global reach as Smart Consign does, it can pave the way for new possibilities in last-mile delivery service.

Unified tracking

A tracking system that unifies all the shipping and delivery events is fundamental for all last-mile delivery apps. Smart Consign offers the feature of a unified tracking system (UTS). It allows the customers to view the delivery chain conveniently and estimate the arrival faster.

Faster applicability

The Smart Consign app brags more than ten times faster than its competitors. The updated and quick response of the app makes it user-friendly and reliable.

The market scenario of the last mile delivery : 2020-2027

market scenario 2020-2027

The businesses opting for, or who have already opted for last-mile software solutions are sure to grow. According to research, it is estimated that the last-mile delivery market is expected to grow at a staggering  18.9% annually in this decade. In 2020, the value of the final mile delivery market was USD 18.7 bn. And by 2027, it is expected to be somewhere around USD 62.7 bn.

So, if you are looking forward to taking a pie of the lucrative growth, the time might be just ripe! Developing an app for final delivery is where you can start with and if you have that perfect idea that betters the existing solutions, you are in the right direction.

Closing thoughts

After reading the above blog, it is clear that the businesses that wish to expand and grow in the foreseeable future, will focus on the latest solutions. The companies that are not ready to take this step now might suffer considerable drawbacks soon. 

If cost is worrying you, don’t worry about it. Just contact our experts and have an even better understanding of where you stand. With us, you can expect the best services at just the right price!


1. What are the areas of improvement in the last mile delivery?

Although the delivery has catered the industry with its growing benefits and better results. It still has a few areas of improvement, like transparency, delivery costs, routing elements, and smarter technology. Once these areas are looked upon for improvement, it can be a huge success.

2. How does the final mile delivery work?

Since delivery is the last part of the supply chain hence its journey starts from a warehouse and ends at the customer’s doorstep. This is the most crucial and yet the most important part of the supply chain.

3. Is last mile delivery profitable?

According to research, the results could decline in the initial 2-3 years. But once the company gets hold of its efficiency, this delivery can give shocking results.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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