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The wake of the technological uprising left no industry untouched. Everything from the way we deliver groceries to education has changed drastically. Owing to the added convenience, this change has been embraced by consumers with open arms. 

Consequently, the beauty and salon industry is no different. With the introduction of on demand beautician software, the salon business is adopting new ways to operate and expand its business. 

Are you thinking of taking your salon business online? 

You are in the right place then! In this article, we will put forth the best tips and hacks to take your salon business online. Go from the crowd to the cloud. 

Let’s dive in!

Who Can an On-demand Salon Software Help?

Running a salon business is not child’s play anymore. With the new players entering the market every day, competition is extensive! 

Today, when there is a salon on every street corner, so, how do you stand out? What will give you an edge over competitors?

The answer is simple, your very own On-demand Beautician Software. 

It will come in handy, whether you are a small business or a huge salon aggregate with multiple branches. A salon and spa management software will boost your business like no other. 

On Demand Beautician Software

Moving further, here is a list of software you could launch:

  • A standalone on-demand parlor app for your business, 
  • A collaborative marketplace for a number of salons in the area, 
  • A spa appointment software with a robust online appointment scheduling tool, or
  • An amalgamation of Beauty and Wellness services brought forth by an app or website. 

With Idea Usher, build elegant and scalable software with a plethora of features. It will instantly bring your customers closer to you. Therefore, leading to higher customer engagement and a subsequent increase in profits.

Why Build an On-Demand Beautician Software

Gone are the days when the salon was a place only the rich visited. Now, the salon and spa market is reaching sky high. This is because, now, more and more people are availing these services at affordable prices

As per reports by BusinessWire, The Spa and Salon market will reach a valuation of $110.2 billion in the next five years. 

So, the best time to take your salon online is now!

Your online salon app, especially, comes in handy in times of pandemic. When social distancing is the only thing that will save our lives from the clutches of a deadly virus. 

Besides, customers can now avoid crowded places by booking their appointments online. Or, they could simply have a professional stylist come over to their home. 

Must-Have Feature of Your On Demand Beautician Software

An on demand beautician software is the key to success. Powerful admin and user panels will result in high efficiency and a wider reach.
Now, let’s discuss the essential features of robust and scalable beautician software. 

Customer Feature

The customer app, with a plethora of features, will enhance user experience and increase engagement by manifold. The following powerful features will give your business an edge over your competitors. 

Features of the app

1. Seamless Login 

The onboarding process must be hassle-free and quick. Thus, allow users to signup to your salon app with convenience. In addition, they must be able to use their social login credentials, like Facebook and Gmail.

2. User Dashboard

Allow users to navigate through your on demand beautician software with ease. An interactive user dashboard with splendid features will have your customers in awe

3. Booking an Appointment 

Customers hate waiting in long queues at your salon. Sooner or later, they might try a different salon with a minimal crowd.

All you need is a robust online appointment booking system. Thus, allowing your customers to book an appointment in advance and save their precious time.

4. Push Notifications

Keep your customers updated and engaged with your salon app. Provide them real-time updates about their appointments, offers, and discounts. Moreover, you can also promote your business, all through the push notification. 

To know how push notification makes your online business efficient, read this blog

5. Live Tracking

With a robust framework and live geolocation, your customers can track their beautician who is en-route. This will also help them be prepared when they finally arrive.   

6. Fashion Library 

With a Fashion Library keep your users updated about the latest trends and styles. For instance, provide them with beauty and wellness tips by certified beauticians. This, in turn, will enhance their in-app experience by manifold.

7. Personalized Suggestions

Along with the fashion library, give your customers personalized fashion tips to stay in trend. Based on their preferences and user history, the customers will get personalized suggestions. 

With these additional benefits, your customers will find their way back to your salon in no time.

Body massage

8. Multiple Payment Option

Nobody carries cash anymore. There are a million payment options that are quicker and way more secure than paying via cash. 

Allow users to make contactless payments via e-wallets like Paypal, debit/credit card, and many more.

9. Offers and Discounts 

Customers love exclusive offers and discount coupons. Bestow upon them just that and witness your customer engagement spike. 

10. Rating & Reviews 

Your customers must be able to share ratings and reviews on the app. The feedback process allows you to know what the customer loves about your service/app and what they don’t. In short, they allow you to get inside their head and deliver them the best services. 

Beautician/ Service Provider Features 

An app where beauticians can view real-time requests and arrive at the customers’ location with ease is a blessing.

Blessing for Beautician

1. Easy Onboarding

The first impression leaves a mark on your users’ minds. Provide your service providers with an easy and quick onboarding process. 

2. Real-time Notifications

The beauticians must get instant notification of the requests made by a customer. They can then easily accept or reject the request based on their availability.

3. Geolocation

It can be hard to find an address in the bustling city, but not with the geolocation feature. It allows the beauticians to view the shortest route and, thus, reach the customers in due time. 

4. Ease of Payment

Service providers must be able to receive payments via the method of their choice. They can choose from various options from e-wallets to good old fashioned cash.  

5. View Earnings

Service providers can maintain a record of every transaction on the app. Furthermore, they can view their monthly or quarterly earnings. 

Your app will offer them one place to handle all their finances with ease.

Admin Features 

A powerful dashboard makes the internal management and workflow of your business smooth and flawless. 

Admin features

1. Seamless Management

One place to run all your business activities. A robust admin panel allows you to manage all your users, staff, and much more seamlessly.

2. Performance Analytics 

Maintaining data was never easier. With a powerful admin panel, get smart insights and access to personalized analysis and accounting details. Equipped with these tools make better business decisions that upscale your business. 

3. Manage Appointments

The salon appointment scheduler enables you to maintain records of upcoming appointments and a schedule. This reduces the chances of error to the minimum. 

4. Transaction Records

The best thing about the admin panel is that you can maintain all your data in one place. The admin dashboard records every transaction. This data can later be used to create accounting reports.

5. Customer Support

An application allows you to address customers’ queries at ease. Customers can chat with you AI-powered chatbot to find a quick fix to their problems. 

Cost of Development 

For the little investment that goes into building an on demand beautician software, the benefits are many. In due time, your software will boost sales like no other and keep the profits flowing in.

Cost of developing app
The cost of developing an on-demand beautician software depends upon various factors. These factors include your choice of platform, features, and user design. 
Want to build a breathtaking user design with splendid features and a multitude of functions? Get ready to spend big bucks.
A software with a plethora of features and high-quality functions will be much more expensive than basic software. Basic software can help manage appointments with ease and will be a lot cheaper. 
The location where the software is built also plays a crucial role in determining the cost. An on-demand salon app development company such as Idea Usher will build you a robust app in a budget that fits you!
Furthermore, the team you hire also weighs in on the cost of the software. You need a team of expert tech developers, innovative designers, and incredible marketing wizards. Together they will develop an on demand beautician software that takes the market by a storm. 

Let’s Get Started 

We have laid before you the ultimate guide to taking your salon business online. These tips will unlock the door to earn millions of dollars.

Every detail from the cost to the essential features are mentioned in this article. All that is left for you is to get started!

Let's get started

Can’t find the right team? 

We got you covered!

Idea Usher at Your Service 

Our team has been in the business of delivering excellence for over a decade. Our clientele from the USA, Canada, and all across Europe rely on us. We are equipped to provide you with the best web development and app development solutions. 

We have a team of expert tech developers and experienced marketing wizards who will build you an on-demand beautician software that empowers your business. 

Contact us for a free consultation session with our experts today!

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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