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The truck routing business is more expensive than ever. Using a truck routing software can help you fix your driver’s rules and make sure that they are on the right path.

Around 2020 the average cost per mile for businesses, which increased up to 1.81 dollars.  

But at the same time, freight prices stayed the same or they were suddenly web dropping. However, many businesses suffered an extreme loss due to the pandemic that hit earth on the eve of 2019. This added to the cost pressure, forcing them to be smaller for trucks to either shut down their operations or merge with other companies.

Besides, truck routing software can help you to plan the truck route. You can maximize the efficiency of your tracking fleet to maintain viable profit margins. In this article, Idea Usher will cover what makes the truck route planning different and introduce you to various solutions regarding them.

How Truck Route Planning Is Different To Consumer Route Planning?

truck routing software

Planning for a road trip with your friends can be a long haul. It can take a lot of strategies and understanding of which way to go.

However, if you have a truck routing software, it becomes important as well as easier for you to manage the path. Planning becomes a proper process and helps you to step towards your goal. The goal might be the same, which is to get somewhere with multiple stops.

But at the same time, there are scales, priorities, and requirements that can be extremely different from each other. One has to consider the size of the vehicle and the surrounding landscape within the road’s width.

A truck routing software helps you to maintain and understand every single assessment before hitting the road. Besides, there are a lot of features that users can access to idealise using the same software.

Distance Traveled With Number of Stops

One thing that truck routing software helps you to understand is the distance travelled. Truck rules can go across different countries and sometimes across continents.

During a single shipment, a truck route can take them anywhere. So with the help of truck routing software, it becomes evident which truck will be heading to and where. However, there are a lot of drawbacks that can come with the usage of the same software. Users have to understand that this leads to a high number of planned stops.

It even includes overnight ones and mandatory driving breaks, which is way beyond the planning capacity of a Google Map. A routing software helps a truck driver to know which exact route to take for the trip to be covered. Google maps don’t necessarily have the answer to paths that cannot be covered.

Time Tracking And Vehicle Type

Another thing that might happen with the help of a truck routing software is to track time and understand the vehicle type.

Truckers need to track their time to understand their payment system and also to manage their workloads. It helps them to comply with the official regulations, which can come along with long haul trucking.

On the other hand, truckers are driving heavy vehicles which are not probably sedans. Besides, you don’t want to get stuck in a local traffic jam or, worse, be unable to pass low bridges or overpasses because of bad directions.

A truck routing software helps trackers to know their designated lane width along with essential factors.

Benefits Of Using a Truck Routing Software

truck routing software

Plans Your Route In 30 Seconds

One of the biggest benefits of using truck routing software is to plan your strategy or tab in just 30 seconds.

  • However, there are a lot of drawbacks that can come with planning. No matter what strategy you use, it will take much longer than 30 seconds to plan your rules if you use pen and paper.
  • But with the route optimization software, it becomes easier to do it in half a minute. All you have to do is to state your starting and endpoint. Besides, there is nothing else which you can do because the features of the truck routing software take care of the same.
  • The software does all the required complex calculations within a second. If then provides you with a hundred percent accurate result and also an optimized route. So you have a lot of flowers which you can save and rather invest in growing your business.
  • That means you no longer have to wait for your time by planning and organization. Your drivers can cover all the rules at the same time as well.

If the truck routing software suggests better routes, it becomes easier for you to get the work done. Besides, the productivity, as well as the timely delivery, is kept starkly on point.

It Helps You To Avoid Difficult Turns

Another one of the best benefits of using truck routing software is that the drivers can cover many routes per day.

  • On the basis of planning and organization, routing software can help you make a proper assessment of u-turns and left turns. When you are travelling in your car on the road, there are a lot of drawbacks which you can face if you don’t know the route properly.
  • The assessment of software is always here, and it helps you to understand a proper pass to cover less distance. As each turn comes with its own set of challenges, truck routing software is always there to help you. For example, 60% of the crashes happened due to the left on intersections.
  • Also, these turns lead to time wastage and oncoming traffic, which cannot be clear. On the other hand, a u-turn can also increase fuel costs, which becomes difficult to do in a crowded area downtown.
  • All you have to do is to understand where and when you can reach your destination with the help of truck routing software.

Besides, there are a lot of advantages which you can access while using the software. This is where you can select your preferences and automatically plan your route without the turns which are specified.

Keeps Your Drivers Safe From Weather Conditions

One of the most advanced features of driving on the road is not to understand the weather conditions. Could you have ever imagined that avoiding specific weather conditions would be possible for you?

  • If yes, then you are in the right place. A truck routing software not only helps you to avoid weather conditions but also lets you know when you should be on the road.
  • According to the report, 22% of the annual vehicle crashes are related to weather conditions. When there is harsh weather such as heavy snowfall or thunderstorms which are going to appear, a lot of people don’t understand the same by just looking at the newspaper reports.
  • Also, auto accidents increases by 203% in the rain as per and other surveys. This shows how risky it can be to drive during adverse weather conditions. However, a truck routing software helps you understand the weather and keeps a proper report of the same.
  • With the help of a manual approach, it is impossible to avoid such risks. You cannot compromise on the delivery even though the weather is not a friendly matter to you. When you plan a new route, the software looks around the geographic region and also the date of the route planning.
  • Depending on the severity of the weather condition on the route, the software helps you to understand whether you should take your truck or not.

Moreover, it is not just about bad weather. Search software can ensure driver safety during sunrise and even sunset.

Ensure The Right Drop Off location

Last but not least, a truck routing software can ensure you and help you find the right drop off location. Dropping a package to a small business or even an office can be extremely easy.

  • But if you are not given the proper address, then the package can be delivered somewhere else. But doing the same at a large institution such as hospitals could be a daunting task.
  • However, with the help of truck routing software, this becomes ultra-easy for drivers to manage. For example, the hospital could have several entrances.
  • It becomes hard for a driver to identify the one which intended for the delivery. Also, Google maps only show one entrance, and it’s not necessarily the right one for the package delivery option.
  • This is when routing software comes with all the benefits and resources that you need. If your drivers don’t know exactly where to drop off the package, they will circle. It comes at the proper time, the stage for the driver and even for you.
  • You just need to make the right entrance in the software when you visit a location for the first time. The next time a route is planned for the same location, the software will ensure that the time is not wasted.

Moreover, routing software can also save the locations or destinations which you have visited. You can set the specific drop off dates and points in your routing software.

In this way, your customers don’t even need to wait for you, and you can serve them better.

A Truck Routing Software Lets You Optimize Your Route By Editing

truck routing software

Attribute routing software lets you optimize your roots by editing them afterwards.

Even if you plan on the route, you cannot always anticipate what will happen when you hit the truck on the road. For example, a vehicle may break down suddenly on the road, which is far from a client location.

However, there are a lot of optimizations that you can do on your software once you hit the road. Both such instances could mess up your entire plan. So your drivers could fall behind this schedule and might miss the delivery turnaround time.

Moreover, you will only learn about such events only when your customer complains about the same. Also, it is not just the drivers that could mess up your plan routes. Your customers could also make an unanticipated demand.

So they could ask for the delivery to be made before this scheduled and due to an emergency. Weekly vehicle or truck routing software can help you tackle such problems easily.

All you have to do is switch on the GPS tracking, and your work shall be done. You can then assign the driver and re-optimize the roots to deliver the package.

Here are a few things you can go on with. 

  • It helps you to monitor all the drivers who are on the road.
  • A truck routing software even helps you to inform about your customers’ estimated time of delivery.
  • With the issue of routing software, you can improve your driver’s productivity. It helps the drivers to be right on time and at the delivery point.
  • It enables you to keep a check on the fuel expenses. Right these days, the full prices have been heavily inspired by a lot of factors. Understanding the full prices and keeping a proper check on the same will be an excellent investment for the business.
  • On the other hand, truck routing software can increase driver safety as well. All these are the proper management and assessment that can save you on insurance premium.

Choosing The Right Software Development Team

At Idea Usher, we present you to our team of experts who have been handling the same time of work for over a time now.

Our expertise can help your business flourish and help you achieve your dreams in a jiff. A truck routing software is a much-needed assessment in today’s businesses.

If you are starting to choose the same venture, here is the right time for you. We let and analyze the situation before choosing the right type of team management that can help you. Contact us right now and choose our service to help us help you.


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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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