revolut business model
Revolut business model: Working of the most valuable private tech startup

Revolut business model is a fintech solution for new banking systems. Like Volt in Australia, Monzo in the UK and Germany, this banking solution is gaining a lot of attraction. Seeing the success of fintech solutions like Revolut, many business owners and entrepreneurs are planning to get platforms with a similar business model. Revolut does

typescript vs javascript
Typescript vs. Javascript – Which one to choose?

if you are wondering which scripting language should a developer choose typescript or javascript Both these languages have a plethora of features. Some attributes make Javascript more advantageous than Typescript and vice-versa. Typescript development and Javascript development aim at creating as well as maintaining websites. For the webpages to look eye-catching, scripting programming languages were

pet marketplace app
Here are all the details of a pet marketplace app

A pet marketplace app has become a go-to place for pet lovers looking to satisfy their pets’ needs. Businesses must design and develop this app with a specialized pet app development guide for high-profit potential. In this blog, let us dig into the insights related to pet care services, their market share, monetization models, working,

telemedicine app development
Telemedicine app development- Features, benefits, challenges, development process

The telemedicine app development has increased with the onset of the deadly pandemic and limited personal visits. People no longer want to visit a doctor’s clinic to wait in long queues. Instead, sitting in the comfort of their home, they want to gain insights into the health problems and their related treatments. Telemedicine technology is

sneaker app development
Dig in to know about the tips for sneaker app development in 2022

Since trendy and latest sneakers are the new rage among the youngsters, sneaker app development has become necessary. Incorporating proper functionalities and overcoming the challenges can help provide a seamless footwear app for the sneakerheads. With the help of some helpful and meaningful tips, developers can create a fantastic application and avoid unforeseen pitfalls.  The

apple music vs. spotify
Apple Music vs. Spotify – Comparative analysis of the top music streaming services

Apple Music vs. Spotify comparison – Do you know which one is better? Spotify has been offering music streaming services for decades, while Apple Music came to light somewhere six years ago. However, both these giants have positioned themselves equally in the market within this time. The Swedish-born Spotify is a freemium model, meaning free

child development apps
5 child development apps that make child’s growth tracking easier

Child development apps have contributed to ease the parenting journey. Having a child is the best blessing of the Almighty. But caring for and bringing up a child is not an easy task. Parents have to go through many sleepless nights, frequent diaper changes, dealing with feeding tantrums of a child, and whatnot.  So, if

top neobanking applications
Discover The New Banking Era With The Top 10 Neobanking Apps

Neobanks have ruled the world with their numerous advantages. Here are the top neobanking apps that have proved a hit in the US. These applications have given tough competition to the banking industry in the US. Knowing about the details of these payment applications – their pros and cons can help businesses in getting a

neobank the evolution of future banking
Know How to Build an App for a Neobank – The Evolution of Future Banking

The growing curiosity of the entrepreneur demands to know how to build an app for a Neobank. But before coming to the development of the application, it is essential to know about the concept in detail. The fintech community has a new word that is buzzing these days – NEOBANK. This word is gaining popularity

Best Crowdfunding Platforms – Choose The One That Fits Your Business

Have you ever wondered how small businesses gather the capital for starting their business? It is often with the help of the best crowdfunding platforms. Let us dig deeper to know more about it. Maximum businesses raise funds for their commencement. The proprietors go to the investors and detail them about the business ideas. The

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