Mobile apps have made things simpler for individuals. We now know it all inside the space of seconds wherein they are intrigued. Additionally, technology has also made it ready for sports businesses and ventures. The sports mobile app development is a blooming domain. Whether it is live streaming matches or fantasy sports betting, all are easier than ever. Users can now check for scores, highlights, and match information with just a few taps. Organizations like Idea Usher are achieving the necessities of business enthusiasts directly or by implication related to sports or its business.


What do Sports Mobile Apps offer?

how to develop sports app in 2021

Sports resemble religion in all nations. Individuals are so passionate about the games they love the most. Indeed, even they are insane for the public sports, groups, and specific players and follow everything they might do when playing. We always find such sport-loving individuals. They show enthusiasm in every sports update which comes, and these people are the priority target users.

  • Sports mobile apps are assuming a critical part of fulfilling fans’ desires and giving them simple admittance to each sports news at their fingertips. 
  • The smartphone era serves sports lovers with frequent news and updates. Being so close to the players and the sports is a delight for sports enthusiasts.


What makes Mobile Apps so popular in the Sports Industry?

We all know how drastically the number of sports fans worldwide is increasing day by day. It sounds obvious looking at the limelight and developing sports infrastructure and the rising of digital media. Additionally, spectators love going out there to stadiums and cheering for their favorite teams or players. 

But, the power of technology is taking limitless possession. It is making it possible for anyone in the world to spectate games irrespective of the event location. Now, we should view some statistics too. One of our relevant research shows that sports apps capture a mind-boggling growth of 74% yearly. Doesn’t that give you enough motivation for starting up a sports app? Let’s find out more supportive reasons, to help you start big.


1. Access Live Streaming Videos to Remain Updated 

This is one of the excellent reasons which makes devoted sports darlings download and install the sports apps. It offers them admittance to live real-time video streaming. Presently how about we take the example of the U.S, where we all view baseball as something much more than a game. Similarly, in India and neighboring Asian countries, Cricket is like a feeling.

Many individuals can’t access the TVs. Specifically, when they are away from home can get the refreshed score. Moreover, they can watch the match live on their smartphones.


2. Sports Apps Offer Access to Customized Content 

live sports news app

Individuals following different sports occasions consistently prefer to get informed about what’s going on the ground. Sports apps are one medium that offers users reliable information about the situation with the game. Not just they can know who’s triumphant in the match, yet in addition, get the insights identified with the game before the beginning of the actual all-around contest. 

For instance, ESPN offers live commentary, score alarms, and insightful correlation between two rival teams.


3. Acts as an Advertising Tool

This is probably the biggest revenue source for sports apps that provide live updates. Let’s suppose you own a sports app, which shows live score updates, commentary, and various analysis content. Now, If your app becomes famous, many relevant sports brands would love to advertise on your platform. The only way to increase your fame is to provide an exceptional user experience. It all comes down to the quality of your app experience. Once you optimize that, you will surely get numerous advertisements and hence, monetary benefits.


4. Connectivity With Their Favorite Team and Players 

The genuine fans supporting their team simply love to stretch out their help to their teams. There are many instances of apps showing behind the scenes of players and various content strategies like that. A sports app providing such features and functionalities will surely win hearts, and the traffic will increase. It again comes down to the wire of popularity. More positive traffic simply means more popularity. Higher fame results in attracting sports-related big brands, and your business ultimately generates more revenue.


Key Aspects to Consider Before Developing Sports Apps 

By now, you already know that sports apps create convergence in the market, and they are surely here to stay. Although, you still need to think about a couple of crucial viewpoints that play a pivotal role. Once you read further, it will make sure you do before developing and launching the sports application. 


1. The Popular Sports of the Country 

Let’s assume you have settled on making a sports app. Now, you need to think about the most mainstream sport played and continued in a specific country. For example, you will discover fanatic soccer fans in Europe and South American landmass. Baseball and Basketball are very famous in the US. 


Likewise, cricket apps are incredibly well known in Indian subcontinent districts, including its neighbors like Bangladesh and Pakistan. 

These are your expected crowds and clients who will download your app. 


2. Getting to know Specific Customer Needs 

You additionally need to note down the particular necessities of the end-user while making the app. It is possible to get this information with market research. Once done, you may go through the user reviews and inputs left for other apps.

This will help you immensely in learning about what you should not do and what extra features should be added. Incorporating those specific highlights will give you an upper benefit over others, advancing the app. 


3. Different Competitors 

In the wake of picking the sport you need to make the app for, there presently lies an ideal opportunity to focus on looking for the apps that have become set up names among the clients. It will be feasible to check the rating of the apps other than its surveys and the number of all-out downloads. That very well can be shown through a model. 


Research directed in the US uncovered that the National Basketball Association (NBA) teams have 53.3% authority apps. National Hockey League and National Football League offer 30 authority apps each to their fans.


Types of Sports Mobile Apps

sports streaming app

There are many different types of Mobile apps offered in the sports domain. As the use-cases vary widely, we have live commentary apps, sports video streaming, player management, and much more. Let’s look at it in a much more detailed way.

We develop solid and reliable solutions for each fragment of the horde components sports environment. Regardless of which sport you are zeroing on, or who your end users are, we have your sports needs and assumptions canvassed in our versatile sports app development arrangements. 


1. Sports coaching and training apps 

Our team of sports app developers dominates, making intuitive apps that help sports admirers gain proficiency with another sport effortlessly and in the solace of their time. 


2. On-request sports coach app 

We enable sports students to rehearse their developments by taking assistance from coaches when they want to, without hanging tight for their next training meeting. 


3. Sports streaming app arrangements 

A vital piece of our sports app development arrangements is our forte in developing live sports. We plan event streaming apps to give high burden speed alongside the overall review experience. 


4. Fitness Tracking IoT Apps 

An excellent use-case of tech for players is personal fitness tracking. It is very useful functionality, and professional athletes can pay any amount for the app as per services offered. A mobile app linked with IoT wearable is a juicy and trending startup domain. If you are a sports startup aspirant, then this might well be the go-to door looking at the latest advancements!


5. Sports Events Ticket Booking apps 

Your sports app can incorporate planning and developing event booking functionality to deal with a large number of clients in a heavy, hack-verification environment. So as to allow your users to book match tickets in a hassle-free way.


6. Fantasy Sports App 

Fantasy sports are the way to go in 2021. We discuss much more in detail about fantasy sports app in the later part of our blog. Keep reading to dive into this exciting new world of trading.


Must-have Features of any Sports Application in 2021

1. Live Match updates

This functionality allows the users to access live score updates of various past and ongoing matches. If you wish to, you can also integrate live commentary, so the users can get to know the brief moment-by-moment context of the match, and they don’t miss watching a game live. 


2. Sports app development with Augmented reality 

Augmented Reality has changed the way we pursue the world. Users can now experience their favorite stadiums, fields, and other sporting event locations. With AR technology spreading and booming, more experiences are being converted to AR models.

As a result, users can enjoy the experience and believe us they would spend anything on that. Because the AR app purchases will obviously cost less than the match ticket and other expenses combined. Many brands have dedicated AR advertisements too, so if your app is known enough, gold is not far away.


3. Social media encapsulation

Social media is not the next big thing. It is already the biggest breakthrough the marketing industry could ever witness. Integrating social media with your app will allow users to flex their opinions about sports and share what they love. It will further exponentially boost your app downloads. There’s no better way you can market your app for free.


4. Push notifications 

According to research conducted in Europe, users are 86% more intrigued by push notifications than by in-app advertisements or anything else. Keep your clients drew in with our deliberately arranged push notification procedure. 


5. GPS 

This is a core feature of any sports event ticket booking app. GPS usefulness helps keep your clients informed of sports occasions happening close to them and assists them with finding sports coaches in their nearness. 


6. Live streaming 

Undoubtedly, the feature holding the highest demand in the world of sports is live streaming. In the past ten years, live streaming mobile apps and web apps have grown their business by about thirteen times. So don’t wait to add ongoing live streaming usefulness in your sports app. Let’s make it an all-inclusive resource for your clients so that they stay updated with the game’s progress and scores. 


7. Communication frameworks

This feature allows your sports fans to communicate and share their views among themselves to make your application more intuitive. This feature is a couple of steps ahead of writing comments on social media. It is simply real-time centralized communication, which users love. We can overlook it as just another highlight that can make your app attractive and can ultimately help in maximizing revenue.


Fantasy Sports App – The breakthrough in Sports Industry?

fantasy sports app development

In some cases, another turn can get some incredible outcomes. A consistently developing idea called fantasy sports is acquiring ubiquity throughout the previous few years. Till now, there are around 100 million fantasy sports players accessible, and the numbers will increment in the coming years. 

That is, as of now, featuring the sports market size alongside showing the capability of the market and how it is a test for the mobile app development organizations to think of a vigorous answer for the fantasy best sports app. 

Proceeding onward to the opposite side of a similar coin, fantasy sports web apps are also known for offering extreme client experience and urging them to join in return for bonuses and cash prizes. Cricket, football, and others are notable fantasy best sports apps.


What is a Fantasy Sports App? 

Fantasy sports apps are the apps offering clients the opportunity to play kinds of games utilizing the web. The workflow of these apps is very simple. Meanwhile, users first create a team before an actual sporting contest starts. A user has to invest a certain amount of capital if he wants to win rewards by optimizing his efforts. T

hen, the user makes a virtual team, and if the selected players perform very well in the actual match happening, the user wins rewards and cash prizes. It is a very trending business model for three years now. Moreover, it promises a high amount of business revenues and gains if implemented and marketed well.

The performance of the virtual players is then changed over into a few pointers that we additionally integrate. All of them are further indicated by the list picked by the fantasy team’s supervisor. 

All these gathered points are physically determined by a class official organizing and dealing with the general fantasy sports group. Mobile applications assume a significant part here in making the way toward gaming and gathering those points simple.


How Does Fantasy Sports Apps Works? 

The workflow of fantasy sports apps goes by interfacing sports devotees with their favorite players. Here the users are virtually associated and permitted to play virtually by getting their team as needs are. Additionally, the app gives them a choice to pick players of their choice. 

Moreover, the apps permit users to select any sports of their choice, be it hockey, football, cricket, kabaddi, or any other. 

Here is how one can begin utilizing the app or the component behind it –


1. Sport selection

Upon beginning the app, users should first select their choice of sports after the OTP check. The app presents numerous ongoing and impending matches. 


2. Team Creation

This is the progression where the users need to make a team of their choice. 


3. Team captaincy

Here, users need to select the leader of the team alongside the Vice-captain whenever required. 


4. Team division

A user is permitted to shape different teams according to the prerequisites and control of the game. Additionally, virtual players have a choice to join a team of their choice. 


5. Team management

Until and except if the game is going to end, a fantasy sports app user can change their team. Apart from that, gamers can likewise follow the players’ performance. 


6. Reward dissemination 

Once the game gets finished, the points assembled as rewards are then appropriated according to their performance. Any virtual user with the best points wins. He is the champ of the alliance or the sport.


What are the Features Of Fantasy Sports Apps?

So far, we went through the mechanisms and the working of the fantasy sports apps. As we move towards development, let’s focus on the highlights offered by fantasy sports apps.


Admin Panel 

Users or Participants

Sign InSign up or Sign In
Management of results and user pointsProfile Information and Settings
Handling transactions and paymentsDashboard 
Team managementContests
Manage games, contests, leagues, and playersLive Match updates
The functionality of notifications and requestsParticipation in contests


Steps to Sports Mobile App Development?


The steps to developing a sports app:

Step1: Clarify the type of sports app you want to build

  • eSports App (Video Streaming, news, and updates)
  • Team Management App
  • Sports Updates and News App
  • Sports Training App
  • Fantasy Sports App

Step 2: Perform clinical market research: Understand your target audience. Perform researches on what lacks and why people would download your app amidst so many options.

Step 3: Zero on UI/UX design of your app: people buy what they see, they pay for what feels good. This is more meaningful in the digital space. Keep a good check on the UI/UX design of your app, and no one can stop you from accomplishing your goals.

Step 4: Business Models to monetize your app: We discuss more on this in the latter part of the blog. Keep reading to know more about how to generate revenue and what are the ways through which existing players are capturing the market.

Step 5: Build an MVP Document your Minimum Viable Product description.

Step 6: Gather & analyze data

Step 7: Plan and execute updates and improvements


Want to build a comprehensive sports mobile app for your startup or sports business? You can contact an experienced sports mobile app development company like Idea Usher.


How to monetize your sports mobile app?

The main aim of any business is to generate revenue. It is the only way a venture can grow and create more valuable services. The core idea in order to sustain in this ever-aggressive competitive market is to represent one’s originality. We witness many startups getting tons of funding and still failing. While on the other hand, there are ventures who thrive their ways to the top without much help. Technological aspects matter, your UI/UX matters because that’s what users see.

Meanwhile, what makes the body stand is a skeleton, so is the business model for a startup. Here are a few monetary plans that can potentially create a successful sports app business:

  • In-app advertisements: Sports Brands would love to advertise on platforms with high positive traffic. Many big sports apps are generating the maximum part of their revenues through advertisements only.
  • Subscriptions: For live streaming apps and premium quality e-magazines, this is a good revenue source. You can provide yearly and monthly plans for your users.
  • In-app purchases: This involves certain features of the apps which are locked for premium users. For example, cricbuzz is a worldwide famous app for Cricket. Cricbuzz offers premium match discussion videos only to its paying users. This model is a very fresh one.
  • Fantasy Sports: this is a rewarding business model, creating a win-win situation for businesses. The users with a high understanding of the game can earn quite well with a bit of luck. 


How can Idea Usher help?

Without a doubt, sports mobile apps are a rapidly booming industry with golden open opportunities. As the demand for fantasy sports apps keeps on rising, it looks certain that this industry will go significantly higher. Anyhow, one should consider each component of developing such an app and satisfactorily address the requirements of all gatherings included. 


Assuming you’re uncertain about achieving the last mentioned, it is ideal to talk about the matter with specialists, like Idea Usher. We offer mobile app development arrangements that are explicit to your business. Contact us for amazing and reliable experiences.


Why Choose Idea Usher for app development?

1. Enhanced Productivity

Our Fantasy games applications generate a tremendous number of fans. Hence, your app can generate profit for the users and for you too.

2. Tailored Content

Our applications ensure the delivery of executive and intelligent quality content on game status.


3. Support and Maintenance

Our expert support professionals deliver the best in segment support services. They are available 24×7.


4. Strategy

Our main strength is that we adopt the right approach while developing. Starting from the initial stages – up to the project deployment, we never miss the flow.


5. Developing Brand Awareness

We have a  dedicated creative team with enough amount of exposure and experience to enable your brand to lead from the front.


6. High-quality Services

Our specialists have skillsets in a wide range of technologies, and our services are quality-driven


Summing Up

The developing interest and abilities of mobile gadgets produce the need for mobile applications as an urgent undertaking to be cultivated for the two clients and organizations. To summarize, it tends to express that triumphant hearts in the app development industry require the obligation to players and fans and give them the climate to exploit inventive developments. This can happen with the development of vigorous yet simple to explore sports mobile app development. 


As directed by research by Orbis Research, the global market capture for fantasy sports will reach about US$ 33199.64 million from that of US$ 13906.77 million in the upcoming two years. Idea Usher is an excellent company in fantasy sports apps development serving worldwide. Contact us for a quote now at [email protected].



Q. How much time does it take to develop a sports mobile application?

A. The time required to develop a versatile sports mobile app development totally depends on your functional requirements. If we consider just the app’s core features, it should take anywhere around three to five weeks to develop a comprehensive sports app solution.

Q. What is the cost of developing a sports app in 2021?

A. Again, this is a flexible aspect. We thrive on delivering the best possible solutions within our client’s budget. It totally depends on what you expect from us, the features you wish to incorporate, and the additional quality aspects of the designed software solution. Focusing on the core features of a sports mobile app, it will cost somewhere between $30,000 – $50,000 for developing a robust app solution.

Q. Is it necessary to Hire Professionals for App Development?

A. Yes, totally.  If you want to start a business by launching a sports application, this is a must. Hiring professionals like Idea Usher could release the stress and ensure a quality experience for your potential users. Thus, you should always opt for professionals when it comes to starting up in 2021.

Q. What is the future scope of Sports Apps?

A. As the sports industry is developing at the fastest pace ever, this is obvious that sports apps will too. Fans and players these days are interconnected with social media. That further creates an everlasting bond between the two. The spectators never want to miss any of the matches involving teams and players they love watching on the field. Therefore, developing technology will secure the future, and industry will be more blooming than it is currently.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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