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Our phone encompasses every aspect of our life. Why not read, too? From e-books to Kindle, this trend of shifting to book apps is now here to stay. If you are an individual or a company looking for good app development opportunities, a book-reading app is a viable option.

What are the features that a great book-reading app must contain? This blog talks about the top book-reading apps and their features in detail.

Top Book Reading Apps to Look Out For

Let us look at the top 15 best book-reading apps that are currently ruling the market.

1. Amazon Kindle

Amazon kindle

If you are already an Amazon Prime subscriber, Amazon Kindle is one of the best book-reading apps for you. It is free to download, and for pre-kindle owners, it offers the option of syncing libraries so you can have all your collections in one place.

Another reason why it is a good book-reading app is that it comes with some robust features like X-Ray Vision and Whispersync. Readers can even give a command to Alexa to read out their books for a more theater-like experience!

2. Goodreads


If you are looking for a community with like-minded book lovers like you, Goodreads is the perfect book-reading app for you. It offers its users the ability to rate and leave a review for almost every book. So if you cannot think of which book to read next, take a look at the ratings. It will definitely help you decide.

This platform’s scan function allows users to physically scan the barcode of books they find in libraries or bookstores. How does it help? You will not have to judge the book by its cover. After scanning, Goodreads will add the book to your ‘to-read’ shelf. Before buying the book, you can look at what the other readers have to say about it and see if it is a good match for you. In terms of fiction, Goodreads is one of the excellent apps for book readers.

3. Audible


The Audible app is a great tool and one of the best book apps for audiobook fans. Both its IOS and Android version are seamlessly popular. It is an incredible hack if you are someone who prefers listening over reading. The narration is also not your ordinary kind. The audio is recorded either by the authors or top Hollywood celebrities

After a generic 30-day free trial, the users have to pay a minimal fee for every other download.

4. Epic!


Among the many different platforms out there, Epic is the only book-reading app solely dedicated to kids. For children 12 years or under, it is the best app to read downloaded books. Epic also offers a plethora of e-learning tools like quizzes, games, and learning videos

From ‘Goodnight Moon’ to National Geographic Kids’ latest issues, Epic is also an excellent Edtech tool for teachers or even parents to look into.

5. Comixology


Comixology is one of the best book-reading apps for comic book lovers. It provides its users with a one-stop destination to access all the famous comic book lines – Marvel, DC, Imagine, and other comic book publishers. They give you digital access to navigate through different libraries and find the comic of your dreams.

Comixology also comes with a Guided View option that gives smartphone and tablet users a more intuitive experience.

6. Blinkist


Blinklist is like the TedTalks of book reading. If you are looking for books in the genre of self-improvement, entrepreneurship, or self-help, Blinklist might be the app you are looking for.

You can find small 15-minute summaries of your favorite books in this app that you probably could never find enough time to read. These summaries will help you with useful analysis to understand the book thoroughly. They also offer you an audio option when you are in a hurry.

7. Libby


Are you unable to find any time to visit your public library? If your subscription is going to waste, then Libby will prove to be life-saving for you. Libby allows its users access to all the books and materials from their public library. All you have to do is simply enter your membership details.

If you have experience with the Overdrive app, we would recommend Libby as the best app for reading books. It is an upgraded version of the Overdrive app with similar core functionality and better UI.

An actual virtual library, Libby, also gives you access to audiobooks and allows you to browse through multiple libraries simultaneously. If you ever get confused, you can also check out the materials you have already issued.

8. Marvin 3

marvin 3

If you are looking for a book reading app that can read DRM-free EPUB books, CBX, and CBR comic books, Marvin’s third iteration is the e-book app for you.

This personalized e-reader comes with some outstanding customizations: 

  • Adjustable UI
  • Brightness adjustments
  • Highlighting tools
  • Feature of exporting to iCloud, Dropbox, and more.
  • Users can hook Bluetooth keyboards to their phones for better commands.

9. Scribd


Sharing similarities with Audible and Kindle, Scribd is also one the good book apps. What sets Scribd apart is its service model. You can find access to unlimited magazines, articles, audiobooks, books, academic journals, and so much more at a minimal subscription fee on this platform.

Scribd is one of the best book-reading apps if you are a reader who is always looking to try something new. You can start your 30-day free trial and see how it suits you before choosing it for the long haul with a paid subscription.

10. Wattpad


Not just for avid readers but also avid writers, Wattpad is the book app. Unlike the other book apps, Wattpad offers an extensive community approach to its users. People can showcase their creative sides by writing a genre of comics, novels, and other pieces and sharing it with the Wattpad community.

The readers are offered features such as in-line commenting and leaving reviews that can help the writers improve their skills. The broadcasting message tool allows the writers to connect with their readers and fans in one click and even host quizzes or other events.

11. Inkitt


Inkitt is the best app for reading downloaded books. It is also the e-book app if you face trouble identifying which genre suits you best. Inkitt will use its special search filters to recommend its users the books they feel do the best.

If you are a fresh author looking for self-promotion, Inkitt is the platform for you. Like Kindle and other media, Inkitt also offers many different features to make the user experience better.

12. Shelfie

shelfie book reading app

Shelfie is a very creative e-reader. How does it work? Look at its name! After downloading the app, the user takes a ‘shelfie’ (shelf+selfie) of their books. The app then categorizes your booklist after reading names from the picture you uploaded.

You can then access the ebook versions of those books. Shelfie also provides you with many recommendations based on the reading list that you can use to determine the next book you want to indulge in. The best part? It is all free!

13. FullReader

fullreader book reading app

The visual and other aspects of the app focus entirely on user comfort. Like other book-reading apps, FullReader provides readers with numerous recommendations to make their e-reading experience more comfortable.

All the menu items are curated so that even an inexperienced user can utilize full use of the app.

14. Litsy

litsy book reading app

Litsy is a comparatively new app. It is a fan club for book readers. Book fanatics worldwide create their own social media platform on Litsy and share their bookish thoughts.

One can do all of the following on this platform:

  • Leave a review
  • Write a comment
  • Post a quote
  • Add pictures
  • Create a ‘to-read’ list
  • Follow other people on the site.

What makes it different? Litsy is an entirely reader-based app. Each aspect of the app is solely focused on increasing the comfort of the user.

15. Serial Reader

serial reader book reading app

Serial Reader is a free e-reading platform. Like many news reading apps, Serial Reader selects books based on your interest and breaks them into 20-minute summaries. Every day, one will receive a brand new book summary from reading.

If you are someone who is not an avid reader but is trying to become one, Serial reader is one of the best book reading apps for you. Readers can also open other threads along with the ones suggested to them daily by the app.

Wrapping up

If you find any of these apps excellent and plan on building its clone (or something better), Idea Usher can help. Contact our tech experts and get a quote now! You can check out our portfolio or even glimpse through our blog section for design ideas and inspiration!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few interesting FAQs about the best book-reading apps.

Q. What is the best e-book app for free?

You can read free books on Amazon Kindle, Libby, Google Play Books, and more.

Q. What is the best app for reading books on Android?

The most popular book reading app on Android includes Aldiko Book Reader, Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books, etc.

Q. Which app is the best for reading PDF books?

Apps like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Librera, etc., can be used to read PDF books.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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