Best free wireframe tools

Free wireframe tools for design mockups

UI/UX designers adore free wireframe tools. For many mockup creators, it is not possible to pay for every tool. Hence, free wireframe tools come into play. We are hence mentioning online free wireframe tools in this article. You can get these wireframes tools for free online and use them. Project managers definitely pay heed to design principles as well.

Free wireframes tools help users create prototypes and wireframes. Every free UI wireframe tool is sufficient for users to create a stunning app or web layout. We’re also mentioning the features of these UI design software tools. We’re mentioning wireframes tool free for download, keep reading.

Why should you try free wireframe tools?

  • These free wireframes tools online are easy to download and absolutely free.
  • Creating beautiful apps and web mockups are effortless.
  • You get a trial of these wireframe tools before purchasing the premium features.
  • You can download slices or entire code in most cases.
  • Sharing design with clients is easy.
  • Team collaboration can be refined according to the work of team members.
  • Fidelity can be high or low depending on usage
  • These UI design tools can be integrated with external software like GSuite etc.

The best free wireframe tools for designers

Let’s see the details of all the free UI design tools and wireframe prototype tools.


MockingBot is a free wireframe tool download and web-app based UI design tool. Thousands of members globally like to use it for creating stunning wireframes and prototypes. Creating any design on MockingBot is like a child’s play. When you think about it, no designer that used it said that it’s tricky. It definitely translates well to the app. 

Pros of MockingBot

  • It’s a free wireframe tool for mobile apps.
  • It’s free to use with a vast template library.
  • Advanced animation support is extended to the app.
  • Creating high fidelity mockups for mobile is accessible here.
  • Design sharing with teams for feedback is quick.
  • Compatible with Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows.


Figma is one of the best free wireframes tools mac free for use. Also, it is trusted by thousands of designers across the world. In a nutshell, Figma is a collaborative tool that comes with multiple project assistance. In addition to it, individual users can use it for free without buying any plan per se.

Figma features

  • Many plugins add to its functionality.
  • Team collaboration support in real-time
  • Get advanced animation support for web and app mockup design
  • Users like the auto-layout as it decreases their manual work.
  • Compatible with Android, Mac, and Windows, Linux.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a globally trusted design tool. It is easy to use for those who are already familiar with the Adobe environment. Firstly, It comes with multiple icons and an element library. Widgets addition is also accessible on this platform. Lastly, as a designer, you can use it to get the entire design in slices or a complete set.

Features of Adobe Photoshop 

  • A global community of thousands of users
  • Free features
  • Extensive library of widgets, icons, and so on.
  • It’s one of the free wireframe tools for mobile apps.

Invision Studio

Invision Studio is a choice of Wireframe tools for web design. Moreover, it’s compatible with macOS and Windows. It is also one of the best and is in the list of wireframe tools 2020. Here making vector designs is a feature worthy of mention too. 

Features of Invision Studio

  • Free and straightforward prototyping tool online.
  • Vector designs are easy to make here.
  • Advanced animation support is available here.


Our list of free wireframes tools is incomplete without the mention of Sketch. Many reasons contribute to its recognition. Firstly, it’s a free wireframe tool. Second, you get plugins and other support. Lastly, as a UI/UX designer, you can export your design to feedback from clients.

Features of Sketch

  • It’s a free wireframe tool with code export support
  • A decent library of elements and icons.
  • Widgets are customizable according to the app or web layout preference.
  • You can preview the design for the device of your choice.
  • Additionally, you can also export presets.

A quick summary of our list of free wireframe tools

  1. MockingBot
  2. Figma
  3. Adobe Photoshop
  4. Invision Studio
  5. Sketch


Over to you

We have mentioned the best in industry and free wireframe tools. There are numerous reasons for which you need to use these wireframe tools. It could be making your app or learning a new skill. These will help you as a designer to create stunning UI/UX designs for free! In addition to it, these online UI tools have a plethora of features. From code sharing to huge widget libraries, they got you covered. 

  • Firstly, these free UI wireframe tools are easy to download. 
  • Secondly, they have the best features to make interactive UI designs.

These wireframe prototype tools are community-driven. It means that you can always seek help and grow your natural learning curve. For your app development or website development design, you can also reach us. 

At Idea Usher, our designers know all about the best techniques. From the granular details to high-level views, we know what works the best. Just say hi to us or shoot us an email to learn more.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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