We all dream of a person who could do our daily chores, cleaning our house after a house party, repairing a broken fridge or do some heavy lifting for us. Well, it is possible in this digital age. Nowadays the On-Demand Home services are available at the touch of a button. Home services applications like TaskRabbit are a boon to the people who want their household tasks completed alongside their busy schedules.

on-demand home service app

How TaskRabbit works?

It is an online marketplace that connects freelance service providers with local demand, allowing users to find help with everyday small tasks, including cleaning, moving, delivery and other work.

Modules in a Home service application

An application like TaskRabbit is divided into two major parts. One is for Users and one is for Service Providers.

  • Users are the one who generates the demand for service by posting a job on the app.
  • The service providers are the people who satisfy the demand. The service providers can be freelancers or businesses that are serving the demand for different services generated by the users on the app.

Features of an On-Demand Home Services app

Service app

Filtering of service providers:

Users should be able to find services without difficulty. Therefore, Providing filters will ease out the process of finding the right service provider based on the user’s choice

Push notification:

Real-time notifications play an important role. So, the users should be able to see whether the service provider has approved their request. Also, they are notified when the service provider is on his way and when the job is completed.

Multiple secure payment options:

Having a single payment option would certainly be a very bad idea as customers have different choices. So, the App should have multiple payment options like a credit card, debit card, cash payment, etc.

Service provider app

Hassle-free registration:

The app should have a hassle-free registration which doesn’t take a lot of time. Once approved, the service provider can start getting tasks

Accept/ Reject requests:

Once a service provider receives a task on the app He should be able to Accept or Reject the offer according to his will.

Chat with customers:

Communication is certainly very essential. Hence, the app must have a chat system in-built which allows service providers to connect with users which allows sharing of important details.


Advantages of using the On-Demand Home Services Mobile app.

  • Time-saving
  • outsource small jobs
  • Get a Service provider with a background check
  • Find local jobs
  • Work at your own convenient time
  • Real-time Messaging System
  • Pay instantly
  • Secured Payment

How to Develop an App like TaskRabbit:

  •  Requirement Gathering
  •  UI/UX Design
  • Prototyping
  • App Development
  • Testing.
  • Deployment.
  • Support

Cost to Develop an App like TaskRabbit

There are many things to be kept into consideration. The cost of developing an app like TaskRabbit depends on several factors like the operating system used, compatibility of the application, user interface, service fee, etc.

Furthermore, a rough estimate of the starting price would be around $4000 depending on the time frame and hourly rates.


If your entrepreneur’s mind has sparked up with an idea like this that can make consumer’s lives simpler, we have your back. Our exp at Idea Usher armed with the latest tools and technology can certainly help you develop the on-demand home service application of your dreams. We also have experience in developing other business models like Dating app, Food delivery app, Uber-like taxi service app, Flower delivery app, etc.

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