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How to Build a Perfect Virtual Dating App

Contents How to make a dating application?Make a Top Dating App that is for everyone💘The concept of dating app performanceCommencing your dating appIntegrating Cutting edge technologyHow to make a dating app advantageous?Outlining the app structure and blueprint of the dating appSelecting the correct and beneficial technology for your app: How to make a dating app?Integrating

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Easy steps and strategies to create an app like Tinder

Contents How to create an app for Dating app users?Lets now have a look at how to create a dating app:The concept of dating app development like tinder componentAcquiring the dating appUse blended algorithms to make your technology attractive.Location recognitionMathematical algorithms that initiate matchmaking by similaritiesActions based matchingImproved and forged on methods of matchingHow to

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Must have Features in a Unique Dating App

Best Dating App Features In earlier times, people or especially teens used to connect and link up with new people and find their matches through friends or friends of friends. But, with the arrival of technology where people spend quite a lot of time on their smartphones, the best way to find someone now is

How Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is leading the fight against coronavirus

Contents A whole new worldWays in which AI has been utilized1. To predict epidemics2. For drug discovery and development3. To minimize fatality and optimize disease managementConclusionA whole new world The global coronavirus outbreak has changed all our lives greatly. As of April 6th, COVID-19 has infected around 1.35 million people across the globe, claiming the

What type of mobile apps have become popular due to coronavirus?

Contents Home aloneSome apps that are popular right now and their reasons1. Grocery delivery apps2. Social media/communication apps3. Gaming apps4. Video-conferencing apps5. Video streaming apps6. Healthcare apps7. Fitness appsConclusionHome alone Even if you have not been following the news, chances are you have still heard or read about the novel coronavirus outbreak by now. The

This one currency note may be carrying lots of germs
Payments apps: Why coronavirus has made digital transactions necessary

Contents Money makes the world go roundWhy use payment apps now?1. Physical currency is dirty2.Easy bill and utility payment3. Transaction history and analysisConclusionMoney makes the world go round The global coronavirus pandemic has caused major disruption to normal lives across the globe. In a matter of a few months, it has spread from Wuhan, China

How can you utilize drones during coronavirus

Contents Taking flightWays in which drones can be utilized1. Hands free delivery2. Surveillance3. Public serviceConclusionTaking flight The global coronavirus outbreak has been a major cause of concern for people around the world since the past few weeks. More than 500,000 people in 199 countries have been infected so far. And to contain it from spreading

Chatbots: How you can use them in the fight against coronavirus?

The global coronavirus outbreak has disrupted the lives of millions across the world. With more than 500,000 people infected so far, governments are taking every possible precaution to stop it from spreading any further. Cities have been put under lockdown and people urged to stay indoors until researchers manage to develop a cure for it.

9 technology solutions that are helping the healthcare industry fight coronavirus

Contents Tech is here to help healthcare industryWhat are some tech solutions in use now in the healthcare industry?1. DocClocker2. TempTraq3. Patient Access4. COVID-19 Risk index5. Orion Health6. TytoHome7. Orbita Covid-19 Virtual Assistant8. Modmed Telehealth9. COVID-19 Telehealth Screening with Biomedical MonitoringConclusionTech is here to help healthcare industry The novel coronavirus COVID-19 is continuing to spread

A tired doctor after dealing with coronavirus patients
Healthcare apps: the technological solution for fighting COVID-19

Contents Humanity’s saviorsHow can healthcare apps be helpful now?1. Video consultation2. Real-time wait reports3. IoT integration4. Artificial intelligence5. ChatbotsConclusionHumanity’s saviors The recent coronavirus pandemic has brought almost all the major cities of the world into total disarray. Governments across the globe have put their countries under lockdown and asked people to practice social distancing. And

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