Online Dating Application

An online platform to find the perfect date partner.

Online dating is no longer a surprise. There have been several couples whose story of a successful relationship started online. At Idea Usher, we have custom web and native app solutions which can fulfill every need for the users looking to find their partner online.


Feature Overview - Admin Panel

A powerful Admin Dashboard to control your entire business from validating and approving different user groups to adding different plugins and payment methods.

You can track the number of matches, likes, payments and monitor the overall performance.

You can receive real-time insights with accounting details and create a sales report which helps you to discover new opportunities to grow your business.

Ready to start your business? Ready to start your business?

Ready to start your business?

With Idea Usher, build an app that allows your user to find their perfect match online! We will build an app that is visually appealing, dynamic, and secure. Get ready to win your customers’ hearts and trust.

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