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A pet marketplace app has become a go-to place for pet lovers looking to satisfy their pets’ needs. Businesses must design and develop this app with a specialized pet app development guide for high-profit potential.

In this blog, let us dig into the insights related to pet care services, their market share, monetization models, working, and step-by-step app development. You will also get to know the significant features to include and how the application works.

What is a pet marketplace application?

A pet care app is a one-stop platform for all pet needs. It allows pet owners to

  • Find branded products
  • Book pet care services
  • Receive suggestions
  • Place repeated orders
  • Explore new arrivals
  • Browse, and get personalized recommendations for pet needs

These apps aim at enhancing the user experience with a personal touch for users. They use the latest technologies to predict searches based on users’ preferences and interests.

Share of competitors in the pet sitters application market

Understanding the competitive landscape is crucial while developing the app. It indicates what the existing apps provide to the users, their strengths, and their weaknesses.

Major players who share nearly half of online pet product revenuePetSmart and PETCO 
Old traditional retailers trying to expand their networkWALMART and TARGET
2021 revenue$245 billion
2022 revenue$261 billion
2027 expected revenue$350 billion

Working model of pet marketplace mobile apps

Pet care apps serves various needs of pet owners and caregivers in a single place. Let us understand how the pet care app works.

  1. The pet parents need to install the app on their devices.
  2. Next, they must enter the login or signup details, including name, e-mail, and phone number. 
  3. Opt for a relevant subscription to use the pet apps and their services. Choosing a subscription plan will help to avail of unique features offered by the app.
  4. Include details about the pet in the application for personalized recommendations.
  5. Choose the product or pet care service they are interested in.
  6. After selecting and paying for the products or services, wait for the order to be delivered to the doorstep.

10 Significant features of a successful pet care app

features of pet marketplace app

There are many pet management applications available nowadays. But how can your app stand out from the crowd? These significant features will help to make your app more exciting for your customers. 

1. Gives sufficient information 

The businesses must ensure that the users find everything they wish to know within the application itself. Everything like breed, weight, height, news, favorable weather conditions for the pet, etc., must be a part of the app. Including this information will yield personalized and relevant results. 

Feeding requirements, common health concerns, and their lifespan should get included in this application. Users can find crucial information that pet owners need to know before obtaining a pet.

2. Health records of pets in one place 

Having a medical history is essential because it makes it easier to detect current health issues and take appropriate action. It is also easy to keep track of the most recent vaccination or appointment with the vet. A mobile app for pet healthcare maintains track of all previous vaccinations, diseases, prescriptions, and arrangements with the veterinarian

3. Book an appointment

Users can schedule an appointment for veterinary and grooming visits using the pet care app. Also, they are notified on their phones about upcoming veterinary vaccinations and grooming appointments

4. Vet finder

This feature is a lifesaver in a pet care application for pet owners looking for local veterinarians and animal hospitals. It saves pet owners time and effort by eliminating searching for a friendly veterinarian or animal hospital. Based on consumer feedback and veterinary specializations, the app must notify its users of verified veterinarians. 

5. eCommerce integration

There are several benefits to integrating your pet app with e-commerce. For example, making it more straightforward for pet owners to buy everything they need for their pets under one roof. It’s a one-stop-shop for all the pet’s needs.

6. Monitor pet’s development 

The health of pets is always a concern for pet owners. It is a good idea to include a pet development feature in the app. This will allow users to monitor their progress and note milestones. The feature lets pet owners get regular updates on their pet’s physical development and monthly updates showing how much the pet has grown and what it needs for optimal growth.

7. Wearable pet monitor and activity tracking devices 

Wearable technology may be an excellent option to reduce all the concerns when owners are not near. Keeping track of their pet is simple while attaching a wearable tracker to the collar. The device will quickly notify the pet’s parent if a pet escapes its safety net.

8. Counselling & training

Pet owners need to have a lot of patience during the whole grooming and training procedure. Lessons on how to teach pets might prove as a great advantage. Users may search for the challenges and get immediate solutions which might be anything related to their pets.

9. Hotel reservations for pets

Finding pet-friendly hotels and planning pet-friendly travel can be another unique feature of a pet care app. It helps users reserve the hotel with the best accommodation facilities for their pets.

10. Emergency services 

The pet care app’s emergency function comes in handy when one of the pets gets involved in an accident. For example, if the pet gets injured, the app connects the user with a nearby veterinarian, animal hospital, or animal rescue service.

With the help of the emergency features, dealing with a tense situation can become a little easier.

How to develop a pet marketplace app? – Step by step guide

develop a pet marketplace app

There are different apps with specific features, from medical documentation and pet history to monitoring features. Here is a step-by-step guide on creating a pet care app.

1. Product idea and market research

The development of a pet care app begins with having an idea of what to create. The app aims to serve the various needs of pet owners. Therefore, businesses need to be clear about the concept before the development begins.

Businesses can create pet care, pet training, an app for a specific animal like a dog or cat, etc. The idea can be anything; the developer will help bring it into reality. 

2. Target audience

With an idea comes to the responsibility of serving a particular audience. For instance, if you create a dog training app, all dog owners or caregivers will be your target audience. It is crucial to outline them beforehand. 

The app will contain specific features based on the target audiences’ needs, pain points, and necessities. The app should be what they desire for a positive response.

3. Main metrics to track progress

Businesses must keep track of the essential metrics while developing a pet care app. These metrics determine the efficiency and effectiveness with which the work happens. 

These metrics include measuring the lead time- time taken to start a particular activity, software performance aspects like scalability, usability, speed, responsiveness, and stability. Tracking the Key Performance Indicators help enhance productivity and work quality.

4. Competitive analysis

While you don’t have to check out every app, you should keep an eye out for popular pet apps. Looking at customer comments from various top apps may also provide vital information about their strengths and drawbacks. 

Competitive analysis plays a significant role in understanding the market landscape. Businesses can know the potential of the market they want to target. Moreover, they can develop a unique selling proposition after considering all the competitor’s positions. 

5. Build an MVP

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) involves creating an app with core features and adding more based on the feedback. It is an excellent way to reduce development costs while creating immediate value. 

An MVP allows businesses to check the idea’s viability and attract investors. Firms can test whether the ideas stand any ground for the ultimate users. It can help make changes without incurring heavy expenses.

An MVP enhances the user experience by thriving on the users’ feedback. It considers metrics for app usability. The bugs, glitches, and pain points can get addressed efficiently and quickly.

MVP lets you assess whether your idea holds the potential to grow. If the demand doesn’t meet the expectations, it is better to transform or discard the idea. It saves considerable money in developing a full-fledged app. 

6. Devise a unique selling point and branding strategy

Businesses cannot launch a pet application without defining its needs and benefits for the target audience. The app must satisfy a user need that even users didn’t know they had. It will capture their interest automatically and convert potential leads into sales.

Similarly, businesses should create a branding strategy to set themselves apart from rivals and add value to operations. With a robust brand identity, firms can attract high-end users. The branding strategy involves designing a catchy name, logo, color, fonts, etc., that users must associate with the app—the more influential the branding, the better the app’s performance.

7. Approach a development company to build your app and backend infrastructure

Gather a team of proficient and experienced developers to get started. The team would include a project manager, backend developer, quality analyst, UX designer, backend developers, business analyst, etc. 

Businesses need to choose the platforms for their app launch. The technology utilized must be suitable for accelerating market penetration and generating revenue. Users can build an app specifically for Android, iOS, or a hybrid cross-platform.

Begin with the front and backend development. Consider the UI and UX design and ensure visually attractive fonts, creative elements placement, seamless navigation, etc. Similarly, the backend infrastructure must be secure and support robust databases and processing without compromising speed and security.

8. Tech Stack

The right technology stack ensures seamless app running and integrations and supports unique features. The tech stack for a pet app can be as follows: 

  • App development: Swift (iOS), Android Studio (Android), React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin (Cross-platform)
  • Data analytic tools: Python, Java, Scala, Amazon (EC2, S3, VPC EMR)
  • Utilities: DevOps, Elastic Search, Chef, AWS CloudFormation
  • Databases: Aerospike, Mongo DB, MySQL

9. Testing and launching the app

Once the app gets developed, test its performance, speed, and efficiency. These tests can be manual or automated. Check your apps’ bug reports and glitches from testers for smooth functioning. 

After the app is ready with no bugs, glitches, or issues, it is time to launch it on the necessary platforms (Android, iOS). While launching, the app must comply with the platform norms and guidelines. Similarly, the app description and screenshots must be clear to upload on the platform for users’ education.

Top trending pet care apps

top pet care apps

Pet care applications are rapidly growing nowadays. Let us look at the top trending pet apps available on the Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS).

1. PetDesk

FounderTaylor Cavanah
USPEffortless pet health management
Downloads1 M +
Ratings4.8 / 4.8

This mobile app addresses how essential the pets are to the family and what attention and care they deserve. The app also connects users with their pets’ veterinarian and groomer. Pet owners can make appointments with them, get reminders about the schedule, and have their medical history on their phones. 

2. Puppr

FoundersAlice Mongkongllite and Michael Gao
USPSimplifying the pet training process
Ratings4.6/ 4.8

Puppr is a popular dog-training app with lessons. This makes it one of the top dog trick instructor’s apps. It educates dogs with the help of more than 50 tricks. The app has easy-to-learn lessons ranging from obedience to advanced. A built-in clicker in the app works as positive reinforcement while training. Users can avail of additional assistance with live chat features. 

3. Chewy

FoundersRyan Cohen and Michael Day
USPA single place for pet shopping and care
Ratings4.9 / 4.9

It is an online pet retailer app that makes pet shopping much more convenient. It provides products from popular brands for different pets (dogs, fish, horses, cats, birds, reptiles, etc.). Users can view the daily deals, manage auto-ship, track recent purchases and favorites, schedule orders, and access the experts for assistance.

4. Tractive

FoundersMichael Hurnaus, Michael Lettner, Michael Tschernuth
USPReal-time pet tracking
Ratings4.7/ 4.6

Tractive is a GPS tracking app for pets. This app helps find the pet’s exact location and get live location updates every 2 -3 seconds. Users can mark safe zones in the app and alert if the pet runs out. It also tracks pets’ activity and fitness levels.

Monetization opportunities of pet care apps

monetization opportunities

Every app focuses on the idea of generating revenue through different sources. Pet apps can generate high revenues and run smoothly with an understandable and practical revenue model. Some of the revenue models for the pet care app include:

1. Merchandise

Under this revenue model, the business developing the pet marketplace app can design and sell company-themed merchandise. It can include dog collars, shirts, and other pet-related products on which the company’s brand gets tagged. 

2. Advertisements

The advertisement revenue model targets two birds with one stone. The app charges businesses who want to place ads in the app, thus making revenue from them. Also, the app users can purchase a premium version for ad-free experience in the app.

3. Integrating eCommerce

A pet care app can sell diverse pet products like harnesses, supplies, food, etc. Integrating with e-commerce giants like Amazon can increase the sales.

4. Commission

Under this revenue model, the application brings pet sellers and owners together and charges both of them a percentage to use the app and its features.

Create your pet care app with Idea Usher

Today, practically everyone has a smartphone with several apps that makes life easy. From grocery and clothing to electronics shopping and every single thing, we have several apps available. The pet supervision app makes your pet care much easier and more convenient for booking medical appointments, training pets, monitoring, etc.

Idea Usher employs highly qualified professionals and specialists who provide advanced solutions and bring innovation and improvement to your idea. Give wings to your ideas by trusting their app development expertise. Make your pet app a reality by contacting the experts.

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In a pet care app, users can buy branded items for their pets, schedule pet care services, get advice on caring for their pets and make purchases for pets. It helps them choose the best services for their pets while sitting in the comfort of their home or working from an office. To assist businesses in reaching their goals the specialists manage their projects from start to finish.


1. Which products and animal type hold the largest revenue share in pet marketplace app?

The canine market segment holds the leading market share based on animal type. On the other hand, pet grooming and food products have the highest sales. 

2. How much time does it take to develop a pet care app?

The time taken to develop a pet app usually takes between 3 to 6 months or more, depending on the technical complexity of the app.

3. Which new pet market app types show an upward trend?

  • Vet Pain Management Market is rising due to upward adoption trends and better pet care awareness
  • Pet Obesity Management Market to curb pet obesity and associated pet diseases
  • Vet Medicine market to limit the chronic and zootonic diseases among livestock and pet animals
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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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