5 Best iOS Crash Reporting Tools in 2021

5 Best iOS Crash Reporting Tools in 2021

Building a mobile application takes a lot of effort and resources. You may feel accomplished upon having launched your iOS application on the App Store; however, that isn’t the end of the story. 

Your applications require regular updates and maintenance to provide an exceptional user experience. Moreover, if you feel that your application will not encounter bugs and inconsistencies, you couldn’t be more wrong

So, let me tell you something – just like everyone else’s, your application isn’t perfect either. It will crash, sooner or later, especially given the susceptibility and history of iOS crashes.

Therefore, instead of being in denial or hoping that your application doesn’t crash, work on monitoring the app and discovering the reason behind it.

Once you’ve done that, you can put in efforts to fix it and offer your users a bug-free application. All you need to do is integrate iOS crash reporting tools into your app. 

However, with so many programs and tools available in the market, it can get challenging to choose the right one. But don’t worry, we did the research part for you!

This blog post will talk about the 5 Best iOS Crash Reporting Tools in 2021 that will offer you quality alerts and detailed iOS crash logs. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Instabug – One of the Best iOS Crash Reporting Tools in 2021

Best iOS Crash Reporting Tools in 2021

Instabug offers a complete solution for your iOS application. It is one of the better-known iOS crash reporting tools that help resolves issues and bugs quickly. It lets you know the exact cause behind the crash and automatically captures details such as session details, repro steps, network requests, and so on. 

Moreover, it allows you to monitor problems and communicate with the affected users to update or ask for details about the issues. Instabug has integrations with GitHub, Jira, Slack, Asana, Zendesk, and many more debugging tools.

Their key capabilities include: 

  • Bug Reporting

If the app users and testers wish to report a bug, they can shake their devices and send feedback. Moreover, they can attach voice-notes, annotated screenshots, and screen-recording to describe the issues better. If the users do not wish to shake their phones, they can also change it to some other gesture or link the feature to a button. 

  • Crash Reporting

You can know what’s wrong with your application and the exact cause that is causing the crash. It offers you real-time comprehensive alerts to streamline the crash-fixing process. You can also communicate with the users who faced the errors.

  • App Performance Monitoring

You can utilize this feature to narrow down your investigations and understand your performance patterns better. It allows you to maintain a balance between performance improvements and new features. 

  • User Surveys

Instabug provides in-app surveys that help you receive contextual feedback from the users. This further gives you valuable insights about your application at the right time, in the right place, and from the right users. 

You can also check out their pricing plans and understand the features they offer.  


iOS crash logs tool

Whether you want to build new features, fix bugs, or make data-driven decisions, Bugsnag is your best bet amongst the other iOS crash reporting tools. It offers a full-stack stability monitoring solution used by the engineering teams of the world’s best companies such as Mercedes, Airbnb, Shopify, Mailchimp, and other industry giants. 

It extensively works on your application’s stability against set targets and takes active measures when the stability drops. Moreover, it shows the crashing line of code and the user’s actions that led to the crash to debug errors that matter. 

Their key capabilities include: 

  • Stability and Error Monitoring

Bugsnag offers rich diagnostics and gives you the complete picture for stability and error monitoring. It provides all the relevant data in a single-view dashboard and helps you decide whether an error should be ignored or immediately fixed. Moreover, it also shows the number of times an error occurred, and the users who faced the issue. 

  • App Performance and Stability Scores

This feature helps you maintain a balance between new features and bugs with a definitive metric and stability scores. This means that you can decide whether you want to spend more time debugging an issue or get started in developing and adding new features.

It also helps you know session stability (number of app sessions that are crash-free) and user stability (number of users who do not experience a crash). This feature makes it the top pick of users who were looking to use iOS crash reporting tools.

  • Real-time Observability 

There’s a possibility of a bug or crash arising during the normal course or releasing new updates. In such cases, Bugsnag investigates specific incidents, pinpoints the significant issues, and helps understand error trends in real-time on the timeline. 

  • Integrations

Apart from customizing error alerts, you can also streamline the debugging process by using integrated tools. You can efficiently manage the workflow with team chats (Slack, Twilio, Pushed, Gitter, and more), incident management (OpsGenie, PagerDuty, VictorOps), and issue tracker (Asana, Bitbucket, GitHub Issues, Jira, and more.)

You can also check out their pricing plans and understand the features they offer.  

Do you want more assistance on app development and iOS crash reporting tools? Feel free to contact us and get started with a word-class iOS application today! 

Firebase Crashlytics 

iOS Crash Logs Tool

Firebase Crashlytics is one of the most powerful iOS crash reporting tools that give you actionable and clear insights into the application’s errors. It prioritizes, tracks, and fixes the issues that could ravage your iOS app and highlights the circumstances leading to those crashes. 

If multiple users witness a particular crash, it provides instant alerts regarding which line of code is causing it. Moreover, the implementation process is relatively simple. Start by connecting your app to Firebase in the Firebase Console. Further, add the Crashlytics SDK, and begin checking reports in the Firebase Console. 

Knowing that Firebase is a Google program makes it a great choice amongst the other iOS crash reporting tools.

Their key capabilities include:

  • Crash Reports

It presents all the crashes in a manageable list and their issues, contextual information, prevalence, and severity. Thus, it reduces the troubleshooting time and tells you to prioritize the most impactful problems.

  • Performance Monitoring 

It highlights the common stability problems and provides solutions to resolve them. It allows you to use traces to monitor your app’s performance and summarize the same. 

  • Crash Analytics

It gives you a comprehensive analysis of the events leading up to a crash and provides audience insights. Moreover, it provides instant alerts for new, recurring, and growing inconsistencies that require immediate action. 

You can also check out their pricing plans and understand the features they offer.  


Best iOS Crash Reporting Tools in 2021

Flurry launched in 2008 and provided the world’s first iOS and Android analytics solution. Apart from being one of the best iOS crash reporting tools, it also offers various features such as Funnel Analysis, Audience Analysis, User Segmentation, User Journeys, and Custom Events. 

Their light-weight SDK makes it easy to create integrations and helps you minimize the impact of errors. It ensures that you receive complete details about the issues, the devices and OS impacted, and the crash or bugs’ last occurrence. Moreover, the best part about this tool is that it is entirely free to use. 

Their key capabilities include:

  • Monitor Crashes

It offers a clean and manageable App Survey Dashboard that compiles all your iOs applications and allows the users to scan the crashes. You can click on the applications by choosing the Single App Overview option and get detailed information about the errors. 

  • Identify The Cause

The platform offers iOS crash logs that let you know what action or series of activities led to the error. You can further investigate and narrow down the cause by filtering the crash data by device model, operating system, app version, and much more. 

  • Prevents SDK Bloat

If you’re looking for a lightweight solution, then Flurry is an excellent option as its crash analytics is merged with the Analytics SDK. This means that you will not be required to install two separate SDKs, and you can get all the analytics regarding your app’s usage and app crashes in one place. 

Bugsee – Data-driven iOS Crash Reporting Tools in 2021

Best iOS Crash Reporting Tools in 2021

Bugsee is one of the best iOS crash reporting tools as it lets you know the exact reason that led to unexpected behavior. It is like an ultimate ‘time machine’ as it shows a video of the user’s last actions (including touch movements) before the crash. 

Their key capabilities include:

  • Crash Analytics and Callstack

This feature provides reports and statistics broken down by OS version, device type, and time. Moreover, it shows the exact line number, method, and file name of the crash and subsequently allows you to look at the states of other threads running at the time of the crash. 

  • Network Traffic and Console Logs 

This feature allows you to check all the HTTP and HTTPS responses/requests made from and to your application. Additionally, you can replay all the application console logs synced with video and network traffic. 

  • Traces and Events 

This feature allows you to see all the system traces, including connectivity, orientation, and much more. You can also add custom data to the timeline. 

  • Integrations 

You can connect Bugsee with Trello, Slack, Jira, and many other debugging tools to simplify and automate the process.

You can also check out their pricing plans and understand the features they offer. 


These were our top picks for the iOS crash reporting tools.

You need to understand that your final decision is based on your goals and your application’s architecture. Moreover, the features and integrations are an essential consideration while opting for a tool.

As you can see, all the iOS crash reporting tools mentioned above have distinctive features apart from the primary offerings. Therefore, look for the functions that matter to you the most.

Do you want more assistance on app development and iOS crash reporting tools? Feel free to contact us and get started with a word-class iOS application today!

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