Have Idea App But No Programming Skills
Have Idea App But No Programming Skills – What You Can Do

Have Idea App But No Programming Skills – Let’s Discuss What You Can Do! Let’s look back at how the past 15 years have been for the mobile application market and startups. With the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile applications became the need of the hour. Remember how games like Temple Run and

Apps like Airbnb
Top 7 Apps like Airbnb To Book Holiday Homes!

Top 7 Apps like Airbnb To Book Holiday Homes! The pandemic has left everyone wanting to go on a good and long vacation. After the worldwide lockdown that lasted for months, we all want to break free and travel. Well, who would’ve thought that we would be homesick for hotels and holiday homes?  But here’s

How does Drizly work
How Does Drizly Work? Everything Explained. 

How does Drizly work? Let’s talk!  The online alcohol delivery sales surged in 2020 amidst the pandemic. As social distancing regulations and lockdown were imposed worldwide in full-swing, the alcohol e-commerce value grew by 42% in the United States in 2020. In fact, according to forecasts, the U.S is expected to surpass China to become

Dog Walking Apps
Top 7 Dog Walking Apps to Keep Your Furry Friend Fit! 

Are you unable to take your dog out for a walk due to your busy schedule? Or because you’re feeling too lazy lately? Well, in either case, here’s what can happen – your furry friend won’t get enough exercise and would get bored. And the thing about dogs is that their boredom makes them destructive.

App For Food Truck - Idea Usher
Find Food and Customers Easily Through These Food Truck Apps!

Are you looking for an app for food truck? Let’s talk! We all know how easy our lives have become since the inception of useful applications. Can you imagine a time without food delivery apps? Or a life without an on-demand cab application like Uber? Well, the answer’s no – at least from our end. 

How Does Turo Work? Everything Explained

How Does Turo Work? Let’s talk!  We all know how convenient our lives have become since the inception of ride-sharing applications. Today, we are so accustomed to using these platforms that even the thought of switching back to the traditional methods of cab-booking makes us ill at ease.  For such reasons, there is an ever-growing

Top 10 Food Delivery Apps To Definitely Go For!

Remember those times when you had to make phone calls and interact with a human to order food from your favorite restaurant? And those times too, when the restaurant heard your order wrong and sent you a “beet salad” instead of a “meat salad”? Well, we dread those times. Certainly, when you compare this process

Best Free Educational Apps For Students
5 Best Free Educational Apps For Students in 2021

Let’s talk about the Best Free Educational Apps for Students. We all know the impact COVID-19 had on students – they were left with less interactive study material and minimal hands-on learning. Although schools and universities worldwide made the best efforts to conduct lectures via video conferencing software like Zoom and Google Meet, it still

OfferUp vs Letgo – Let’s Compare in 2021

Today, everyone who wishes to shop economically opts for a local consumer-to-consumer e-commerce application. As a result, the OfferUp vs Letgo debate is a hot topic. Both these companies have a lot in common as they are both secondhand and C2C marketplaces. This article will discuss everything you need to know about OfferUp and Letgo

How Does Waze Work And Earn Money?
How Does Waze Work and Earn Money? 

How Does Waze Work and Earn Money? Let’s talk! The world is talking about Waze, and what’s more interesting is its commendable growth over the last few years. The company at the Waze On virtual event, which was held on 15th September 2020, mentioned that it has over 140 million monthly active users who have

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