How To Make Wearable Apps
Wearable App & Its implementation : Step-By-Step Guide

Wearable Apps and their implementation? Let’s Talk! Holding your phone or putting it in your pocket while running isn’t very convenient. Swimming with it is nearly impossible. Though smartphones are also capable of counting your steps and tracking your location, they lack many other useful capabilities like heart rate monitoring and exercise detection. Wearables like

How To Create A Fitness App
How To Create A Fitness App – Examples, Features, & Cost

In today’s world, maintaining your fitness is not just about losing weight by eating less, or going for a leisure walk, or just eating healthy food a few times a week. It surprisingly goes much beyond.  In its truest sense, fitness is all about maintaining your physical and mental wellness, getting the right nutrition, and

Couple Communication App
12 Best Couple Communication App To Improve Your Relationship

Finding the right partner is hard, but what’s harder is finding the right way to keep your relationship going. Let’s face it, things aren’t as easy as they were around 15 years ago. With the busy schedules and workload, it often gets extremely challenging to have a stable love life and make time for your

On demand app development cost
On Demand App Development Cost In 2021 

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the on demand app development cost in 2021. Contents What Are On Demand Apps?On Demand App Development CostFAQs - On Demand Apps Choose Idea Usher What Are On Demand Apps? As the name implies, on demand apps are those apps that provide you with services as and when you demand

How Talabat Makes Money
How Talabat Makes Money – Business and Revenue Models Simplified! 

Want to know how Talabat makes money? Go on, have a good read! This blog post will discuss everything you need to know about Talabat – its business model, revenue strategy, app features, and much more!    Contents What is Talabat?How Talabat Makes Money - Business Model Simplified How Talabat Makes Money - Revenue Model ExplainedTalabat

Airbnb App Features
Airbnb App Features To Consider In Your Housing Rental App

Let’s talk about the Airbnb app features! Remember when hunting for the perfect accommodation was a huge hassle? You had to ensure that it is near to the city, fits perfectly under your budget, and has spot-on amenities.  However, with the inception of Airbnb, this tedious search process is long gone.  We’re all familiar with

App For Online Bus Booking - Top 8 Picks
Check Out Our Top 7 Picks For Online Bus Booking!

App For Online Bus Booking – Idea Usher’s Top 7 Picks Due to the hustle and bustle of cities, it often gets challenging to commute conveniently. When you top that with your super-busy schedule and meeting deadlines, traveling back and forth gets worse. In such a scenario, you might want to consider opting for public

Have Idea App But No Programming Skills
Have An App Idea But No Programming Skills – What You Can Do?

Have an App Idea But No Programming Skills – Let’s Discuss What You Can Do! Let’s look back at how the past 15 years have been for the mobile application market and startups. With the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile applications became the need of the hour. Remember how games like Temple Run

Apps like Airbnb
Top 7 Apps like Airbnb To Book Holiday Homes!

Travelling on a budget? Or are you looking for the perfect rental for you that makes your vacation extra comfy? If you are an avid, or an excited traveler, you must have stayed or at least heard about Airbnb. How about checking other apps like Airbnb?  For the ones who don’t know yet, Airbnb is

How does Drizly work
How Does Drizly Work? Everything Explained

How does Drizly work? Let’s talk!  The online alcohol delivery sales surged in 2020 amidst the pandemic. As social distancing regulations and lockdown were imposed worldwide in full-swing, the alcohol e-commerce value grew by 42% in the United States in 2020. In fact, according to forecasts, the U.S is expected to surpass China to become

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