how to create an app with flutter

Is app development a time-consuming and expensive process? No longer with Flutter. And, it is popular because everyone in the app development arena is getting started with Flutter. If you are looking for a fuel to boost your app development, learning about how to create an app with Flutter will help you in the long run.

With Flutter, developers can utilize a single codebase to create code for both Android & iOS platforms. Make changes, update while coding or designing, and see the changes instantly- all reasons why developers love it! Flutter also allows hot reloading. Testing time reduces as you may test the app on a single platform, and it is good to go on multiple platforms.

Flutter is beginner-friendly and comes with a robust community with numerous tutorials. Being a Google product, it’s a favorite app development platform for the programmers. 

What Is Flutter?

Flutter is the most famous free and open-source User Interface (UI) framework. It allows you to create cross-platform mobile applications as efficiently as the native ones. 

The two major parts of any Flutter project are a Software Development Kit and a UI library based on widgets. Let us have a look at them before getting started with Flutter. 

Software Development Kit (SDK)

It consists of a collection of tools that help you do the programming. They allow you to compile native machine codes for Android and iOS. 

UI Library Based On Widgets

These are some reusable UI elements. It includes buttons, sliders, etc. 

Dart is the programming language in which programmers develop Flutter apps. 

Benefits Of Dart Programming Language

  1. A great development team will not take much time to learn Dart even if they start from scratch. It is very similar to C and JavaScript in syntax. 
  2. Dart helps to write both server-side and client-side codes. 
  3. Powerful and fast performance of applications developed using Dart. 
  4. Dart supports various interfaces.
  5. Dart uses Ahead of Time (AOT) and Just in Time (JIT) simultaneously. JIT converts your code into native code dynamically. And, AOT similarly helps your device execute your code as a native code simultaneously.
  6. Dart pad makes it easy to install and execute code. Dartpad is the online code editor for the Dart programming language. 

Looking at the Flutter reviews, anyone will get positive feedback. Anyone can create simple Flutter apps in very little time. The user-friendly and hot reload features with a fantastic bunch of SDKs are what makes Flutter so popular with developers. 

Moreover, any app development team can start learning Flutter quickly. And, the lower cost and speedy development process make it popular with businesses. 

Create A Mobile App With Flutter– Easy Steps!

Flutter is a powerful and popular app development platform. Here is a step-by-step guide for the critical processes involved in Flutter app development

Step #1: Develop An App Concept

Now that you have a fresh app idea, do market research. Understand how your app can beat the competition. 


Step#2: Android Studio Installation

Android Studio gives you an excellent Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Flutter. There are features like Syntax highlighting and debugger, which are helpful during the development process. 

Step#3: Flutter & Dart Plugins Installation

You have to install them and start a new Flutter project and launch the Android Studio.

Step#4: Start Your Flutter Project

Click on the Flutter Application. A new screen will open where you will have to mention the Flutter SDK path and key details of your project. Choose a domain name for your package. 

Step#5: Run The Flutter Doctor Command

Open the terminal. Here, use the Flutter Doctor command. Make sure to use Flutter with a working IDE and use a connected device which may be physical or emulator.

Step #6: Testing The Build On An Android Platform

Connect the physical device via a USB cable. Enable USB debugging. 

However, build a virtual device if you are using an Android Emulator.

Select the desired device or emulator and press Shift + F10. Or, you can also use the run button. 

Step #7: Testing The App On An iOS platform

If you plan to use iOS Simulator, you have to use the dropdown device menu. But, testing can be complicated on a physical iOS device. Connect the device via a USB cable, unlock it, and open the iOS module in Xcode.

Step #8: Code The Flutter App

App developers generally edit lib/main. Dart. It is where the Dart code is.

Step #9: Using An External Package

Use an open-source package name to make your task simple. Usually, flutter app development companies will take care of this.

Once you start coding, Android studio will automatically give you suggestions for the libraries you should import. Once your app is running, use the hot reload feature to update the app with the changes required in the app.

Step #10: User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

  • Flutter Enables A Lot Of UI/UX Options

Generally, the native apps are famous for the best UIs, but Flutter allows no less. With Flutter, you can get native apps like performance.

  • There Are No Platform Limitations

You can use Flutter for building one source code. Native apps like the performance of Flutter allow you to build intuitive UIs for various platforms like smartphones, tablets, and PCs. 

Step #11: Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Flutter is open-source, which means it is an MVP-friendly environment. Flutter is fast and efficient. 

Step #12: Deployment & Launching

Now that you have decided to use Flutter as a platform, develop the app. You have an app idea, and you are ready with the app’s final version. 

Keeping your app’s font, style, and color palette uniform throughout the pages is a good idea. 

Testing apps becomes incredibly easy with Flutter as you test the app on one platform. And, it is good to go on all other platforms. 

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Advantages Of Flutter App Development

Flutter is not any cross-platform development tool. It is much more than that. It has many competitors, but Flutter has marked a revolution in the  history of app development. Let us look at the significant benefits of using Flutter.

flutter app benefits

#1: Low Development Cost

There is no need to hire two different teams to create the same Android and iOS platforms features. You could generate the code for all platforms like Android, iOS, web applications, etc. 

#2: Lower Testing Time

You could test the app on a single device, and no need to try it on multiple devices. It significantly reduces the app testing and development time and speeds up the app launch. 

#3: Ease Of Development

Programming time is reduced as you can write the same code for various platforms. Again, you can scale and update the app anytime.

Flutter will support Mac, Windows, Linux, and web apps in the future. They are already in beta — embedded devices, wearables, carplay, and server-side apps. So, there are a lot of things to do with a single SDK.

#4: Effective & Efficient

Not only Flutter apps launch instantaneously but also it is easy to make updates in the app. Any change during the designing or the coding process shows up instantly. Updating a Flutter app is much simpler than any other app. 

Want a more in-depth look at comparisons of Flutter and its competitors?

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Future Of Flutter Applications

If you are looking to create an app with Flutter, you should be aware of its prospects. Flutter is the most sought-after SDK. A solid and dynamic team constantly improves Flutter and makes it more user-friendly than ever before. It is the trendsetter of app development. Flutter is here to stay. Let us see why. 

future of flutter app development

1. Flutter For Web Apps & Desktop

Flutter has moved on from beta channel to stable channel. Flutter codes are incredibly reusable. For web performance optimization, Google has added a new CanvasKit. 

It will help build richer APIs. The 2D and 3D layouts, graphics, designs, and animations will be more interactive. 

2. Flutter’s Null Safety

Developers often make a coding error called null dereferencing error. Flutter does not allow developers to make these errors, which boosts productivity. 

3. Flutter Monetization Features

Google Ads SDK and monetization plugin works for Flutter apps. E-commerce apps are quickly built using Flutter. 

Finding The Best Developers For Your App

As Flutter is increasing in popularity, let’s not forget that hiring the best app developers is also important. They will help to make your Flutter app dream come true. If you are looking to create an app with Flutter, feel free to contact our experts today.

Idea Usher houses the best Flutter developers who are well-versed with Flutter projects. They are looking to work with the best app ideas that can transform sectors. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

flutter faqs

1. Why Choose Flutter Over Others?

Flutter is a cross-platform tool to develop apps. But it provides a fantastic UI like the native apps and is scalable. Hot reload and quick testing are like cherries on top. With a robust support framework that develops Flutter every day, Flutter is the future of app development.

2. How Does Flutter Reduce The Cost Of App Development?

For one thing, you write one source code and deploy it over multiple platforms. So, you need to hire only one developer team to write the code. Then the UI adapts to tablets, phones, and desktops, so designers don’t have a lot to worry about. The programmers make changes that show up instantly on the screen. It boosts productivity and brings down costs. 

how does flutter reduce app development cost

3. Is Flutter The Future Of Mobile App Development?

Yes, Flutter is the future of mobile app development. With its dynamic SDK and interactive UI, app development has reached new heights with Flutter. Flutter is here to stay. 

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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