advantages and disadvantages of centralized nft platforms
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Centralized Exchange NFT Platforms

In the tech-verse, open markets have a tendency to centralize. When Web 2.0 emerged, we observed that Microsoft, Google, and Amazon swiftly assumed market domination. It is the same story with the NFT market till now. For instance, huge volumes of NFTs are currently passing via OpenSea, which is a private company. Add to that,

how to create an app with flutter
How To Create An App With Flutter?

Is app development a time-consuming and expensive process? No longer with Flutter. And, it is popular because everyone in the app development arena is getting started with Flutter. If you are looking for a fuel to boost your app development, learning about how to create an app with Flutter will help you in the long

how to create a payroll app like gusto
How To Make A Payroll App Like Gusto?

When the entire world is striving to digitize services, why should the human resource department lag? Gusto is a popular application that offers full-service payroll, HR, and other benefits. It’s an HR platform serving thousands of small businesses. While it has allowed businesses to empower their people to drive organizational success, the employees find it

top shoppable video apps
The 9 Top Shoppable Video Apps Of 2022

In a shoppable video, the customers can see a variety of products, and when they select a certain product they can just click on the video. Links are embedded into the video which takes the customer directly to the buy now page of the select product. This delights customers with an immersive shopping experience and

vagrant vs docker
Vagrant vs Docker: Everything A Developer Should Know!

The available tools for developing & managing applications continue to surge as we enter the third decade of this century. In 2022, the app development process comes with milestones & development methodologies that sync and boost efficiency. These approaches are aimed at efficacious, seamless, and error-free app development while making the best use of investments

how to make a public blockchain platform
How To Make A Public Blockchain Platform In 2022 & Beyond?

Since Satoshi Nakamoto pointed out that traditional transaction systems are way behind and does not sync well with the information age in 2009, blockchain solutions started gaining momentum. They operate with a commonly shared consensus among network users. What makes the public network better? Well, transparency! If you were searching for “how to make a

future of video streaming applications
The Future Of Video Streaming Applications In One Take!

Not too many years ago, watching TV or movies outside of the cinema was a boring affair. It was all about flipping channels on the cable box, until luckily catching something of our choice playing somewhere! Now, traditional media companies are rapidly becoming archaic and outdated, being replaced by video on demand (VoD). The future

how to make an app like Ticketmaster
How To Make An App Like Ticketmaster? Here’s The Ultimate Guide!

As technology is expanding capabilities across every sector and making our lives more effortless than ever before, there is still more room for growth. The stress of physically booking tickets is real. However, each such problem provides an opportunity to investors to make money by alleviating the pain. The minds behind Ticketmaster stepped up and

how to make an app like citi bike
How To Make An App Like Citi Bike? Here’s An Expert View!

The name Citi Bike is quite the rage across the metropolis of New York while making inroads in other regions. It is the first and largest bike-sharing service in North America. On-demand bike sharing is a relatively new idea, but it’s proving to be very popular with city dwellers, who can use an app to

best programming languages for blockchain app development
The Best 13 Programming Languages For Blockchain App Development (2022)

Blockchain offers an alternative safe, secure, and excellent approach to standardize how people transfer and receive money. The advancement of this technology has resulted in benefits in various industries. In this article, you will learn the basics and the best programming languages for Blockchain app development. You are not alone if you have heard of

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