How To Create A Job Search App Like Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a job search app that has made a deep impact globally. With over 10M+ downloads on the Google Play Store, it is one of the biggest job search portals in the world. It is available as an app on both iOS and Android and as a website. This makes it a holistic platform for job search and application. 

It must be noted that job search is not only done by candidates who are looking for a job, but also by HRMs of various companies looking for the perfect fit for a vacancy. This means that both the companies and the candidates are united in their effort to find each other on the platform. 

As per the Gallup statement, 51% of the working people were seeking a new occupation or viewing for the openings. The same search exposed that 58% of the job chasers look for the works on online sites.

Founded ByRobert Hohman
Founded In2007
IndustryJob Search and Recruitment 
Annual Revenue$158.3M
Top CompetitorsIndeed, LinkedIn 

What Are The Best Job Hunting Apps? – Top Competitors of Glassdoor

There are various job search platforms currently available in the market and Glassdoor is just one of them. The top competitors to Glassdoor are Indeed and LinkedIn. 

However, the model with which LinkedIn works is quite different from how Glassdoor functions. LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals which is also used to search for jobs. Whereas, when it comes to Indeed and Glassdoor, both are direct competitors with not much difference.  

Top Features for Job Search Apps Like Glassdoor

Glassdoor Core Features

The core features of Glassdoor are quite unique. We have listed some of them down below, and have discussed how they contribute to the overall glory of the app in the market. 

1. Private Profiles: 

Users need to create a profile with all the necessary data and set a private pin for their profile. 

2. CV upload: 

Job searchers should be able to upload CVs and optimize their profiles for the job roles that they are looking for. 

3. Salary Comparison: 

This feature enables users to compare the salary of the job role and the average job role salary offered in a particular country.

4. Employer Research: 

Users can also view the companies’ profiles and go through reviews, posts, and other profile activities. This will help the candidate decide whether they want to apply to that particular company or not. 

5. Employee Research: 

The HRMs of various corporations can scan through the employee’s Glassdoor profile to view their experience and other relevant data. With this information, they can determine whether the candidate suitable for the job. 

6. Vacancy Posts: 

This is perhaps the biggest feature in Glassdoor. It allows the company to post a job opening for a particular role. Interested candidates can apply via the same post. These vacancies show up when candidates search for the job role using filters that match the requirements of the posting. 

7. Promotional Badges: 

You can show off badges that show that your firm supports a cause like a workplace transparency. This helps candidates better understand what the company culture is all about and encourages them to apply.  

8. Community Submitted Photos: 

Your employees can upload photos of the workplace, culture, events, etc on Glassdoor. This portrays a better image of the company in front of interested candidates. 

Companies can choose which review to highlight on their profile page. 

10. Custom Content: 

Companies can add custom content like “Why Work With Us”, Cover Photo & Video, Company Shared Photos, etc. 

11. Affiliate Profiles: 

You can even add your affiliate partners, and show off your work family on Glassdoor. 

How to Develop an App like Glassdoor

There are various points that need to be satisfied to create an app/ website like Glassdoor. We have mentioned all of the pointers down below and have explained in detail how you can go about creating your own job finder app.

1. Compatibility Planning

Compatibility Planning

You have to first decide for which OS you want your app to support. iOS development and Android development are done on different platforms. Swift is used for iOS exclusive development, whereas React is used for Android, and iOS both. 

The website will be built with the help of Node.js. You will need appropriate hosting plans, and even PaaS providers to execute this project perfectly. 

2. Getting the right people

Before you start the development of your app and website, you must get the right people for the job. There are 3 ways of doing this:

  1. Hire A Local Firm
  2. Outsource It To A Firm Outside Your Country
  3. Hire Freelancers

The problem with hiring a firm from your area would be that they might charge a higher rate. However, outsourcing it to a firm in a developing country like India will drastically reduce costs. 

Hiring freelances is also an option but it often gets hard to manage so many people at once, so outsourcing is the ideal option for you. 

Idea Usher has a team of front-end, back-end, mobile app developers, and marketers who can help you out with this project. Click on the banner below to get in touch with us. 

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3. PaaS providers

PaaS means Platform as a Service. These providers give you access to cloud storage and networking facilities. A PaaS provider also handles the operating systems, and the runtime environment so that you can provide undivided attention towards the development. 

PaaS providers also make it pretty easy to integrate APIs and SDKs into the system seamlessly. 

4. Node.js and Web app development

Node.Js is the to-go development language used by advanced web app developers across the world. It is open-source and doesn’t require any additional payment. Also, open-source libraries and an array of documentation are available online for it. 

There are various reasons for the success of Node.js and those also justify why you should use Node.js in your project, some of the reasons are: 

  1. It is optimized for fast coding,
  2. Node.js can be used to satisfy high-performance requirements,
  3. Database frameworks like MongoDB, etc. use JS extensively, and
  4. JS has a smoother learning curve

All these factors contribute to making Node.js the best for web app development globally. 

5. Swift for iOS development. 

Just like Node.js is the to-go choice for web app developers, Swift is the to-go framework for iOS exclusive developers globally. There are many benefits of using Swift such as: 

  1. High-performance optimization
  2. Various operations are automated and presets are available, thus reducing both the developers’ effort and time. 
  3. Higher readability and thus, easier to maintain syntax. 
  4. Apple and IBM offer great support for Swift. 

It is by far the best when it comes to iOS or macOS development. However, it is important to note that if you want to develop the app for both iOS and Android then React Native is a better option for you. 

6. Using React Native for Multi-Platform Development

React Native For Multi-Platform Development

React Native is also a JavaScript framework that is used to build user interfaces for android apps. React primitives render to native platform UI, meaning your app uses the same native platform APIs other apps do.

There are various advantages of using React Native: 

  1. 95% of the code written on React is cross-platform, meaning that it can be used for both iOS and Android development thus saving time and money. 
  2. Since, it uses JS, it is optimized for higher performance in mobile devices.
  3. Since the code is easily readable, it makes it easier for multiple developers to work on the same code in shifts. This accelerates speed and reduces cost. 
  4. In React Nave, a feature called “hot reloading” allows you to view the changes made immediately. 
  5. If you want to move the code from React Native to some other framework in the future, then developers can easily export the code to Android Studio. They do not need to start from scratch and rewrite the lines of code line by line. 

These reasons are compelling enough for a person to chose React Native over any other framework. 

7. Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateway integration is another big feature that makes Glassdoor stand out. You need to integrate a payment gateway into your application and web app to make it more convenient for users to process the payment to your company. 

A Brief About How Glassdoor Makes Money:

Glassdoor makes money by selling posting jobs, branding employers, and advertising job ads. This model inevitably requires the customer to pay a certain amount of money that Glassdoor charges through its payment gateway. 

Glassdoor accepts multiple payment modes, including, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and more.

Some of the most popular payment gateways currently are:

1. Skrill,

2. Stripe,

3. 2Checkout,

4. PayPal, and

5. Square

There are other newer gateways available as well like Razorpay, and Amazon Pay. You can look into each one of them and see which one checks all the boxes for you. 

8. UI/ UX design

UI UX design

Design is perhaps one of the most important steps in the development of a brand. It projects the identity of the brand even without the presence of a logo. This makes the brand instantly recognizable which plays a big role in marketing. 

You need to make sure that the UI/ UX designers you hire are the very best in the business. Hiring freelancers is risky in this case because there is no guarantee that they can deliver on your expectations. However, design and development firms like Idea Usher can solve this problem. 

9. APIs and SDKs

How does an API work

An application programming interface (API) is a connection between computers or between computer programs. It is a type of software interface, that offers a service to other pieces of software. A document or standard that describes how to build or use such a connection or interface is called an API specification

There are various APIs that can be used to make the job search app better such as the Google Maps API. It is one of the most popular and widely used APIs worldwide. According to Google “(the API) Creates real-world and real-time experiences for your customers with dynamic maps, routes & places APIs from Google Maps Platform’s location solutions.”

The Android SDK is a software development kit that includes a comprehensive set of development tools. These include a debugger, libraries, a handset emulator based on QEMU, documentation, sample code, and tutorials.

10. Beta testing

Before releasing the app it must be properly tested by a professional team of software testers. There are 2 types of testing:

  1. Internal testing, and 
  2. External testing. 

Internal testing is where the applications are given to your own employees for use, for a few days. Generally, a few bugs and glitches are reported with real-world use which can be fixed by the development team. 

After the successful completion of internal testing, you must take a sample of voluntary users and ask them to use the app for a few weeks.  Again, bugs will be reported and fixed by the development team. 

The professional team of testers will conduct other tests as well, which are very important such as: 

  1. Usability Testing.
  2. Performance Testing.
  3. Security Testing.
  4. Interruption Testing.
  5. Manual Testing.
  6. Compatibility Testing.

These tests make the application ready for the final launch in the market. 

11. Final Release

The final release of the app must be done in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The platform’s launch must be marketed properly to get the word out there. 

Social media marketing will play a key role in the success of this project, especially on platforms like LinkedIn. 


Your question of how to create a job search app is now answered. You must conduct proper market research before launching the app. Also, try to conduct proper reliable surveys that give you an idea of what additional features can be added to your app. 

The project will definitely impact your wallet if you don’t select the right people for the job. Idea Usher has a team of the very best designers, developers, testers, and marketers, that can help you out with this project within a reasonable budget. 

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1. Are Glassdoor reviews verified? 

Glassdoor tries to verify all the user data on its platform, but they have said on their website that “we’re unable to fully confirm our users’ identities, the truthfulness of their contributions, or their employment status.” 

2. Do Glassdoor salaries include super? 

Salary packages typically include your base salary as well as additional benefits, incentives, or rewards, such as superannuation, annual and sick leave, car allowance, and bonuses.

3. What is TEC salary?

TEC means Total Employment Cost, this is the total cost of keeping an employee in the company. It includes all cash and non-cash benefits that the employee is subject to. It varies substantially from the in-hand salary. 

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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