How to Build a Business App like Indeed Job Search?

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Before jumping straight into the methodology, let’s first dig in further to know more about “Indeed Job Search”. 

The Internet is that powerful tool that has dramatically mobilized the world. Henceforth, the world has undergone many substantial changes. The way today people perceive their jobs, connect to new people, and access information has completely revolutionized. 

Consequently, the way people search for jobs today has also changed. Those days are gone when you have to run from one company to another to search for a new job. With the advent of the internet world, everything, including Job search, has found new ways to reach people. And one such way to find a new job is Job Search Apps.

What is Indeed Job Search and How Does it Work?

how to build a business app like indeed
how to build a business app like indeed

Indeed Job Search is also one of those mobile applications. It is one of the most comprehensive and advanced job search engines in the market. You can search and apply for jobs using this application. Furthermore, it helps you in the entire process of finding a new job. 

Indeed claims to offer free access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites. It provides an opportunity to job seekers to find a better job. And also to the recruiters to enroll the best talent in their company.

If we talk about numbers, Indeed claims to offer jobs in 60 countries and in 28 different languages. It has a job database of about 16 million jobs. Indeed App boasts of connecting with over 25 crore visitors every month. These numbers are enough to create the world’s greatest job database ever.

In other words, Indeed Job Search is a metasearch engine related to employment. 

It provided free access to millions of people who are looking for new jobs.

From thousands of job websites and vacancies, job seekers have the opportunity to choose what they think is the right job for them.

Indeed job search is not just limited to searching and applying. It helps you throughout the process of your job application. It will guide you through the very end until you have secured the job. 

These revolutionary apps have completely transformed the way today we communicate with others and build new connections. The process of finding a new job in your preferred expertise has simplified. Additionally, the process of recruiting the best candidate for a job has also become extremely convenient and hassle-free. 

Guide to Build a Business App Like Indeed 

The substantial growth in online job portals and applications has encouraged many mobile app development companies to develop their own job search apps. Entrepreneurs looking for new goals also continue collaborating with these developers to create robust online job portals.

This fact is an added advantage to not only job seekers but to recruiters and the developers too. 

There is a hype that these online job portals have created in the market. This reason has led to the creation of many online job portals. In this next segment of our blog, we will discuss How to Build a Business App like Indeed Job Search?

There is a list of features that a Job Search application must-have. Henceforth, it’s necessary to integrate these features into your app when you’re working on developing one. The features included are not just for the job seekers but recruiters and admin panels also.

The sole purpose of these integrated features is to make the business app navigation very smooth and user-friendly. It should cater to the needs of everyone and not just the job seekers. Consequently, the regular updates would significantly improve the overall experience app. 

Here are some attributes that will make your business app smart, convenient, and easy to use. Moreover, you can use these features as a guideline to understand how to create a job search engine. 

Features for Users Panel

The first step towards knowing how to build a business app like Indeed is to know the features to be provided to the users. The aspects detailed below will enrich the user interface of your application.

1. Option for CV Creation

The most salient yet most crucial feature of a job search app is the CV creation option. This option will enable the job seeker to enlist their achievements and past experiences. This feature will allow the users to showcase their best version. Consequently, helping them to create an impression on the recruiters. 

This option must include the features like creating a direct CV on the portal, import from other sources options, etc.

2. Instinctive Job Search

Job Search Option is the core feature of any online job portal. Job searching is the second step after you create a very impactful CV. It enables the users to search for jobs according to their expertise.

Business Apps should integrate the Job Search Option with other advanced features. These features include adding filters based on keywords, job roles, salary, location, and other things.

3. Job Alert Notifications

No online job portal is complete without this feature. However, there are many aspects to this feature. One applicant might want to keep an eye on a particular organization for job vacancies, or a candidate wants to know about job vacancies depending upon their job expertise. 

Whatever may be the case, the job alert option must integrate, keeping in mind all the users’ needs. 

An added feature of push notifications will further enhance the app’s performance.

4. Application Flow

We are talking about the advent of the internet age and technology. Hence, nobody would want to be involved in the hassle and fuss of completing ten steps just to apply for one application. 

To ensure that the application process is effortless and easy, the application flow must be a one-step process. It will significantly influence the better app experience

5. Bookmark Feature

Sometimes something might not be of significant need today but might be useful in the future. In that case, a bookmark feature is a must when you want something to save for the future. 

Apart from these features, the app should have regular updates. These updates will keep the app in sync with the latest technology. This will further enhance the app’s performance and user experience. 

Consequently, generating more customer inflow for the app.

Features for Recruiters Panel

Recruiters panel is an essential aspect of your business app. The overall app experience will only improve if the other app panels are as advanced as the user’s panel.

Some of the essential features to consider while processing how to create a job search engine are as follows. 

1. Job Posting Management

The most fundamental feature for any recruiter panel is posting for recruitment. This feature will enable them to post for new vacancies in their company. 

Providing recruiters with a dashboard that is easy to use would significantly enhance their experience. Developers should load the dashboard with all the features and tools.

2. Job Editing

There are times when you want to edit the post after you have posted it. This feature will come handily in that case. Adding a job editing feature in the recruiter panel will be very useful.

3. Resume Search

To make the app convenient and hassle-free, it is essential to integrate this feature. This feature will enable the users to sort from a pile of applications. By doing so, they can easily select the best applicant from a considerable number of applications by doing a simple resume search.

4. Job Invites

Once the recruiter has shortlisted a suitable candidate for the job, the next step is the job invite. The straightforward job invite option will enable the recruiters to send the job to invite to the job seeker very conveniently.

5. Resume Downloads

Downloading the resumes will help the recruiters to increase their database. Henceforth, an option for downloading the resumes is a must for an online Job Portal.

6. Email Jobs

Having an option of emailing a candidate directly is a much more feasible and fast process to inform anything. Having a very accessible email option in the mobile application will help the recruiters greatly.

Features for Admin Panel

Some features are essential for the smooth functioning of the admin panel. These features in an online job portal include-

1. Ads Management

Creating an interface that makes the management of the ads easy is very crucial. There are thousands of ads running on social media. Having a user-friendly interface to manage them will enhance the user experience. 

2. Candidate Profile Management

One of the critical roles of an admin is to manage the profile of the candidate. Henceforth, it is extremely crucial to develop an advanced interface that enables the admin to have all the information with just one click.

3. Employer Profile Management

With the advancement of technology, frauds and scams have also increased. To ensure that the profiles created are genuine, it is crucial to eliminate fake profiles’ chances. 

Consequently, it enhances the legitimacy of the application.

4. Statistics and Analytics

With this feature, the admin can keep an eye on all the app usage statistics and analytics. The admin must know about all the shortcomings of the app. Furthermore, it will also keep a check on the number of people benefiting from the app.

5. Interview Scheduling

An essential aspect of job seeking is an interview. It is the interview only to make or break a candidate’s chance to get selected for the post. Hence an option to schedule an interview would be very useful in the process of recruitment.

Additional Features of a Job Search App

Along with the aspects mentioned above, you can give an 180-degree experience to the users by providing the following features. These features provide a closer study while understanding how to build a business app like Indeed.

1. In-App Communication

An integrated In-App Communication option will help the users, and the recruiters communicate with each other easily. It will reduce the hassle of communicating on different platforms. 

2. Cloud Management

Integrating a cloud management system will help manage all the data in the most secure way. Additionally, all the data can be easily monitored and tracked with this feature.

3. Applicant Tracking

One of the most underrated features of an online job portal. It enables the recruiters to scan the applicant’s expertise. Furthermore, it helps the HR department of the company to scan through applicants.

4. Job Questionnaires

A company must know if the candidate is eligible for the job. Having an option to create required questionnaires will enable the recruiters to choose the best candidate based on their performance. 

This feature will further enhance the characteristics of a job search app.


According to a survey the revenue of a leading firm for the online job search industry was close to 4.4 billion dollars. This fact is enough to assume the vastness of this industry. All this hype and surge in the business market has invited more and more people to seek jobs via the internet.

However it is not an easy task to create a job recruitment app. There are so many intricate things to be taken care of while working on a job search app. Here in this blog we have covered all the points for How to build a Business App like Indeed Job Search.

We have listed all the features and key points you need to know about the topic. 

Like Indeed Job Search you can also create your own job recruitment app using the right resources.

Create your own Job Recruitment App with Idea Usher

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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