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The previous few years have seen a lofty ascent in digital payment frameworks. Due to the digital revolution, mobile wallet apps appear to be overwhelming the online payment industry and progressively like speedy and quarrel-free transactions. Additionally, it’s a simple method to dispose of the holding up, an ideal opportunity to take care of bills or move cash. Hence, if you wish to step in by starting up in this domain, you should know how to build a mobile wallet app for a digital payment solution. 

mobile wallet apps

Following the popularity of digital wallet apps, numerous new businesses have assembled their app stages in light of this developing interest. Examples of overcoming the adversity of Google Pay or PayPal are motivating a few mobile wallet app development organizations and business visionaries. 

Worldwide Projected Growth

The Global Forecast Report shared by Market Research Future gauges that the e-wallet market will ascend at a CAGR of 15% and is required to stretch around $2100 billion by 2023.

What is a Mobile Wallet App?

A mobile wallet is an application that grants to incorporation and storage of various payment techniques like credit/charge cards or digital cash, close by additional advantages like coupon codes, steadfastness cards, etc. 

While building up a mobile wallet app, you should choose the key highlights you will offer in your app. You should either provide only one element or a high-level arrangement where the clients could pay for products and lead other P2P payments.

  • A mobile wallet is a monetary instrument that permits organizations and people to get and send money through mobile devices. 
  • It is a sort of internet business model created with mobile devices inferable from their accessibility and straightforward access.
  • We additionally call a mobile wallet mobile money or a mobile money transfer.

Why Should You Develop a Mobile Wallet App?

mobile wallet app development

The mobile wallet app offers a protected and solid payment arrangement and guarantees that the transaction will happen rapidly. Mobile wallets let you send cash from your smartphone, either to someone else or to a payment terminal at the snap of a catch, making your transaction speedy and straightforward. 

Likewise, it is essential to dispatch a statistical surveying effort to acquire data about contenders, users, and application capacities to improve the app execution for the end-users.

Simple Accessibility 

Utilizing a mobile wallet for everyday transactions is truly easy. Downloading the app and making a user ID and password is all you need to do here. 

Fast Exchange of Funds

Money wallets have made sending and getting money fast and simple. What’s more, on the highest point of that, as of now there are no transaction charges exacted for moving money anyplace, whenever, consequently making it a more best alternative. 

It is just about as basic as signing in to your Gmail or Facebook account from your smartphone. 

Easy to Stack Money 

You can add money to your wallet effectively through net banking, Visa, or debit card. 

Having the option to store these subtleties saves you from the problem of entering these subtleties each time you make a transaction and saves time. 

Scope of Uses

Beginning from charge payments for DTH, postpaid, information card, and broadband to purchasing air, transport, or train tickets, you can utilize an e-wallet for an assortment of transactions. 

Guarantees Timely Payments 

Likewise, you can utilize the auto compensation office to make future bill payments naturally from your wallet balance on a foreordained date. 

Offers and Cashbacks

Every wallet accompanies its arrangement of motivators. E-wallets give a lot of money-saving roads through limits, cashback, offers, and unconditional presents. 

You can profit the most extreme by going through their offer segment and utilizing promotion codes. 

Incorporating mobile wallets for internet business apps has been done for a long while. Nonetheless, money multi-utility mobile wallets have now become a need of time. The market presently is to comprehend what precisely the users are searching for.

So far, we have indulged in nearly all the reasons why you should go forward with a mobile wallet app. Moving ahead, we focus on the core question of the blog; how to build a mobile wallet appication for digital payment solutions.

Why Invest?

  • Reports express that about 1.2 billion individuals approach a bank account with payment accessibility. 
  • Additionally, around 5 billion individuals use smartphones, which demonstrates a few groups have the freedom to access net banking. 
  • Thus, making a Mobile Wallet App like Google Pay is a smart thought for new companies or huge ventures to invest in.
  • Any financial foundation will like to build its client base through mobile payment app development

The digital wallet app development has effectively shaken the market, making a Mobile Wallet App like Google Pay with a new idea vigorous. A mobile wallet application is far simpler to access than net banking. That is because the accommodation of utilizing the app is so natural, intelligent, and quick. Additionally, the income of the worldwide mobile payment app has expanded from 450 billion dollars to 780 billion dollars. 

  • The US purchaser rate between the age group of 25-34 is utilizing distributed payment offices at a 45% climb. 
  • Furthermore, the following age bunch has shown a 37% climb between 35-44 years of age. 
  • Consequently, the market is blasting, and now it would be the perfect chance to invest or make a Mobile Wallet App like Google Pay.

Benefits to Different Industries

digital payments using mobile wallets

The mobile wallet app is solidly connected with the financial area since such apps store information about the charge, credit, dedication cards, digital monetary standards, etc.

Indeed, numerous enterprises are profiting from digital wallet app development. The idea of mobile wallet application development permits users to get payment transactions from any place and whenever. For instance, the retailer can offer a QR code for the users to scan and pay. Let’s talk about a few industrial use cases of different enterprises that are profiting from mobile wallet app development:


In this domain, we can use it for both m-commerce establishments and integration to existing mobile applications.

Financial Establishments

They offer users different cards like credit and charge cards and outfit clients with organizations (for example, portions for open organizations with Visas). 

Telecommunication Organizations, Logistics, Transportation, and Tech Endeavors

They go about as neural parts in the financial fragment. They have more chances to coordinate diverse payment cards from different banks in their mobile wallet. 

Do you have a habit that you can hardly wait in line, re-energize your metro card through your wallet for free, and never be late? Consider the possibility that your electricity bill’s due date is approaching. However, you don’t want to get out of the house. Click on the alternative given by your wallet app and cover your electricity bill now without stressing for a second.

Key Factors of a Successful Wallet App

Here are a few components to consider to build a mobile wallet app for a digital payment solutions.

Ease of Use and Hassle-Free Transaction 

Preparing a payment through a mobile wallet is fast and smooth. You should simply interface your charge/credit card and a substantial record with the e-wallet apps. The app, at that point, saves your data for authentication and offers a safe and consistent transaction anyplace and whenever on the planet. Users can likewise synchronize their information with various devices to utilize the e-wallet on a few widgets. 

An Interactive and Smooth UI/UX Design 

UI/UX configuration assumes an indispensable part in user engagement. An alluring plan can appeal to the user and empower collaboration and fame. To ensure that the app is user-accommodating and simple to utilize, one should consider UI/UX plan as an essential piece of mobile app development. It helps in better engagement and readability of your app for the users. 

Cloud-based Technology 

With this element, speedy transactions are conceivable in a secure way. The cloud-based technology gives clients the entire set-up of abilities to change their smartphones into digital wallets. For example, a payment made with a straightforward tap at Point of Sale (POS) terminals facilitates the payment interaction for sellers, backers, and purchasers the same. 

GPS Tracking and Navigation 

These days, any individual or business can acknowledge mobile payments regardless of where they are. On account of geolocation, GPS following and the route is one of the fundamental in-constructed highlights of the e-wallet app. 

With GPS assistance, users can find individuals on their devices and make the payment with simply a tap on a particular user name. The element helps save time as no account data is required, and the transaction completes successfully. 

Wearable Device Integration 

Wearable technology isn’t just about wellness trackers, smartwatches, or smart adornments, on the other hand, it is the following legitimate advance for mobile payments. According to Tractica, wearable payments developed to about $500 billion by 2020, from $3 billion in 2015. 

Actually, like contactless charge/credit cards, wearable payment contraptions contain a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip. This chip contacts the chip in the card peruser at the retail location, empowering the helpful transaction. 

Spending Analysis 

Spending investigation is an extra device that you should consolidate into your mobile wallet app to empower users to look at their spending. It urges users to design their spending better and limit their use in any place required. 

Protection and Security 

An e-wallet anticipates that users should store their card data and enter their passwords. Thus, the app should be fit for getting the users’ information. Developers should focus on fingerprint authentication for secure transfers. We may also have features like QR code authentication and password verification.

What are the Core Features?

features of mobile wallet apps

User Side Panel:

Straightforward and Interactive UI

The user interface is consistently a critical piece of the business perspective to fascinate the application. So an appealing UI works with the users’ looks. 

User Registration 

This element will permit the user to get enrolled in the application. The user can register with a phone number or email. The user then needs to create the account, and once the account gets confirmed, the user can continue. 

Coordination of Bank Account

The user will want to coordinate their approved bank account with the digital wallet account right away, utilizing a credit/charge card or net banking. 

Wallet TopUp / Add Money

The user can add money to the wallet from a separate incorporated bank. The amount reflects in the wallet once the user adds money. 

Send Money

The user will want to transfer the money differently. This transfer sum action will take some particular information about a collector. App users can send the money to the bank account or to another wallet too.

Passbook Feature

This component permits the user to check the wallet sum, and the new transaction happened also. 

Get Payment

A user can get payments from the users related to the application. 

Pay Bills

This app will permit the user to pay different bills utilizing a high functionality. The app will want to bring the bill subtleties related to a number. 

Receipt and Receipts 

Upon every transaction, a receipt or receipt should produce and ship off the user on enrolled contact. 

Scan To Pay

Each enlisted user will dole out a QR code. That QR code safely has some valuable information. After scanning this QR code, the user will want to pay the related users. 

Offers and Promotions

Offers are a worthwhile functionality from the business perspective to upgrade the crowd. The admin will want to add relevant offers, and the user can use the advantages related to that offer. 

Admin Side Panel:

User Side Management 

Admin will want to deal with all users enrolled with the application alongside the transactions and have the option to follow the exercises on the application. Additionally, the admin will want to impede and add a particular user. 


The dashboard will show the admin a fast figure and qualities about the general advancement of the application as figures and outlines. 

Offer Creation

Admin can make offers and coupons and will want to follow and oversee them. 


The admin will want to get the business information as reports. 

Transaction Management

The admin will want to follow and deal with all transactions accumulating on the stage. 

Necessary Generic Features:

Information Synchronization

This component empowers the application to synchronize the user’s information with their registered interpersonal organizations and enlisted mobile numbers. Thus, we can convey exactness and an undeniable level of security. 


The schedule assists the users by reminding the following transaction or bill payment date to lessen human intellectual endeavors. The user can essentially feature the dates on the program. The schedule also permits setting the update-ready alternative to update the payment or transaction warning, for all things considered. 

QR Code Integration 

QR code permits the user to just make payments in an exceptionally successful and speedy way. It has gotten a lot simpler to produce modified QR codes when contrasted with easy dark/white codes utilizing certain libraries. 

In-app Camera highlights

An in-app camera is an incredible element with regard to scanning the QR code. This permits getting affirmed inside an app to approve all the asset transfer demands often. 

Message pop-ups highlight

Pop-up message functionality will keep the users consistently mindful. The app informs users about various occasions like prizes, payment affirmations, and other significant cautions. So that such a significant notice can’t get missed.

Working on Mobile Wallet App

mobile wallet 2021

There are four essential technologies to empower POS mobile wallet payments: 

NFC (Near Field Communication)

NFC is a contactless far-off technology that functions up to a distance of 10 cm. It permits secure payments among smartphones and PoS devices. Even though it appears a lot like Bluetooth, it offers benefits regarding more limited association time, just about less than one-10th of a second. 

Bluetooth and iBeacon

This mix gives you an option iBeacon a choice to send information without utilizing internet information for the equivalent. What else? They don’t need to mess with their cards and coupons during checkout. If you have a Bluetooth 4.0-empowered smartphone, you can undoubtedly associate it with BLE transmitter known as Beacon. An iBeacon-empowered POS can peruse the user’s subtleties to make them consequently accessible. 

QR Codes

QR Codes are a fantastic option in contrast to NFCs. Numerous goliaths, including Starbucks and LevelUp, influence QR codes to guarantee advantageous transactions for the clients just as themselves. Users can essentially scan the QR codes put away on the cloud while looking at it. 

Payment Mobile Apps

Many retail apps are presently holding hands with the setup of payment apps to work with online payments. A portion of the mainstream alternatives accessible incorporate PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, other than others.

How can Idea Usher Help?

Without a doubt, the mobile wallet app is a quickly developing business that is simply excessively significant for smartphone users to overlook. As the technology behind it keeps developing, the essential estimation of mobile wallet applications like Google Pay makes certain to take off significantly higher. All things considered, one should consider each component of development while going through how to build a mobile wallet application for a digital payment solution.

Assuming you’re uncertain about achieving the last mentioned, it is ideal to talk about the matter with specialists like Idea Usher. We offer mobile app development arrangements that are explicit to your business. Contact us for amazing and reliable experiences.

In a Nutshell

We crossed through more than how to build a mobile wallet application for digital payment solutions in this blog. Mobile wallets don’t simply allow you to complete secure money transactions yet additionally save users time. Moreover, they have additionally diminished investment weaknesses extensively. Enormous, too, as new businesses would now be able to connect with their clients utilizing smartphones. eWallets are not anymore only a pattern; all things considered, they are need of great importance. Notwithstanding receiving rewards from the quickly advancing market, you need to make the definite execution of features and functionalities. If you want to develop a mobile wallet app and start your business, contact us for a quote.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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