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Intermittent fasting is one of the more famous eating plans that has proven to be fruitful to many. Not only does periodic fasting aid in the conventional weight loss needs, but it also does good for people who suffer from chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases. However, we must even acknowledge that intermittent fasting is rather challenging. The eating plan requires one to be mindful of the time and when they are eating. This is exactly where intermittent fasting apps come in handy. These apps, along with other fitness apps, are changing the fitness industry.

Like every other eating plan and diet, intermittent fasting, too, requires discipline, willpower, and mindfulness. But unlike most diet plans which are almost unrealistic, this is a doable plan. To make intermittent fasting even more manageable, many intermittent fasting apps can help! Now, when we say a lot, we mean a lot, think thousands. But not all of them are the best, right? So today, let us take a look at the best apps for intermittent fasting in 2021!

Best Apps For Intermittent Fasting 2021

intermittent fasting app

Intermittent fasting apps are apps customized to meet the needs of a person practicing intermittent fasting. There are a lot of things to consider while practicing intermittent fasting. Such as what they are eating, when they are eating, and which time frame suits them best.

 Managing so many factors is overwhelming for many; that is where an intermittent fasting app comes in handy. It organizes the user’s dietary habits and schedules and gives feedback on the user’s performance. 

The intermittent fasting apps make the process less complicated and take care of the planning to simply execute. 

While looking for a periodic fasting app, one needs to figure out what they need. Do they want to track their progress? Do they want their meals planned? Do they just want to have a time tracking app? Basing on all these questions, finding an app that suits your needs should not be that difficult.

1. Zero

what is the best intermittent fasting app

Zero claims to be the world’s most popular fasting app for intermittent fasting, and we agree. Zero was named after the amount of food one eats while fasting. It is one such app that can help one to get on track with their intermittent fasting habits. The app also does a tremendous job in helping to build the practice. 

Four features play a prominent role in making the Zero app a success. 

  • Timer– Allowing the user to set a timer and keeping their day on track. Reminders from start to finish and in between help the user know where they are in their day. 
  • Explore– Allowing the user to explore the content library curated by Dr. Peter Attia, the chief medical officer. This feature motivates and encourages the user to keep themselves on track.
  • Statistics– This feature allows the user to see a complete statistical analysis of their journey. From heart rate to sleep schedule, to weight log, and ultimately how much they stuck to their plan. 
  • Journal– Lastly, the journal allows users to log how they are feeling. This gives them a better understanding of how the plan is suiting them and incites mindfulness. 

The best part about this application is that it is entirely customizable. Even if the user makes the plan, the app can customize itself accordingly and assist the user. Lastly, with a spotless and smooth interface, which is very convenient to use. This app is one of the best intermittent fasting apps.

2. BodyFast

what us the best intermittent fasting app

BodyFast was founded in the year 2018, and along with, started a revolutionary change. Globally, several people started using the application and saw results from their efforts! Five years and some innovative ideas later, BodyFast now has millions of users. It is also available in 6 languages in over 150 nations.

BodyFast app has a few features to offer

  • Fasting Plans– The free version of the application has about ten free fasting plans, using which the users can recognize the apps that work out the best for them.
  • Fasting Timer– The app comes with a timer that enables the user to check their progress and be reminded of when they are to take their meals. 
  • Statistics– A statistics option is also present when the user wishes to see their ultimate progress report. 

The application is revolutionary in the sense that it has made the idea of intermittent fasting less overwhelming. People genuinely enjoy using the app, and the credit goes to the features and the user-friendly interface and design. Of course, the premium version has a lot more features to offer, such as more customizations. But even the free version is terrific!

3. Vora

how to use intermittent fasting app

In 2017, Vora was founded, and soon after, many people started using the application. The application is pretty straightforward, and there are no complicated or fancy features as such. However, the one thing that makes the application so loved is the community feeling it provides. In two months of its launch, Vora had about 11,000 users, and they logged more than 40,000 facts about intermittent fasting.

The key features of the Vora app are what makes it unique.

  • Community– Vora has a strong community that supports each other, allowing individuals extra support and motivation to get through their journey.
  • Statistics– The statistics are super easy to understand and see. Different representative forms such as bar graphs and linear graphs represent weight, the number of hours fasted, and history.
  • Easy Interface– The application is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it convenient for the users to figure out how to use the app.

Vora is a very straightforward app; it is easy to understand and deal with. When additional features like the community section are added, it becomes one of the best intermittent fasting apps to use.

4. FastHabit

intermittent fasting app

FastHabit is one of the better-recognized apps for beginners. As the name suggests, this app aims to develop the habit of intermittent fasting in beginners. The app is beneficial if the user is inconsistent with their fasting plan and frequently changes their schedules.

As far as the features are concerned, FastHabit has plenty.

  • Reminders and Notifications– The app has reminders and notification settings that the user can customize, and at the end of the fast, the app lets you know that you are done.
  • Sync– The app can sync with the user’s smartwatch to keep the user in check even if they are not frequently on their phone. This makes notifications, reminders and, and checking stats a lot easier.
  • Statistics– The app also formulates statistical reports for every user to check their progress. Helping every user to stay motivated during their intermittent fasting journey. 

This app is over-all a phenomenal app with a very sleek and modern design. Not only does the app appeal to the eyes, but it also helps significantly in achieving the targets set by the users. Making the app an undeniable candidate for being the best intermittent fasting app.

5. Window


If you are looking for an application that will also help you challenge yourself and set goals. Window is the app for you. The application is stuffed with various useful features that make intermittent fasting a lot more convenient.

The features of Window App may be various, but none are useless.

  • Tracker– There are three different trackers; fasting tracker lets the user track their fasting and eating windows. Weight tracker allows the user to keep tabs on their weight. Lastly, a water tracker helps in ensuring a healthy amount of water is consumed. 
  • Intermittent Fasting Database– The database has several facts and knowledge. This feature helps the user by educating them about their Fasting phase and the effects of the same. 
  • Challenges– The app provides different kinds of challenges for the user to overcome. Much like an addictive game, except through this feature, the user gives up a habit like overeating sweet with each challenge. 

All these features come wrapped with classic features like statistics, reminders, and notifications. The app has a smooth interface and is very easy to use. There is no reason to deny that Window is one of the best intermittent fasting apps. 

6. Fastic


One of the youngest intermittent fasting apps and yet a successful one is Fastic. With a vision to revolutionize intermittent fasting communities and putting a significant dent in overconsumption. The application was launched in April of 2019. 

Fastic is one of the best apps for intermittent fasting and is packed with great features.

  • Streak– The app comes with a streak counter that keeps track of how many days the user has successfully used it. This not only makes the process more motivating but also adds an entertaining factor. 
  • Reminders– The app has different notifications and reminders when it’s time to eat or when it’s time to fast—making the experience a little more comfortable with taking care of the timings.
  • Recipes– The application comes jam-packed with over 400 recipes to try. Not only are the users intermittent fasting, but they are also eating healthy in their eating windows.

The founders wish to educate the masses about the benefits of intermittent fasting. They also want people to recognize intermittent fasting as needing the hour to save their health and the planet. With an app so user-friendly and convenient, indeed, in time, this dream will become a reality. 

7. Fastient


Fastient is a little different from the apps that we have seen so far. Instead of setting up multiple features for various purposes, and make the user completely relieved of any duties. Fastient does the very opposite.

Fastient has two primary features.

  • Journal– The user uses this feature to journal their day. What they ate, how much they fasted, how they felt, and everything relevant to their practice. 
  • Statistics– Based on the journal’s information, the app creates a personal statistics log to track the user’s progress. 

This app is certainly very different from the rest of the apps as it gives more charge to the users. Increasing their accountability for their eating practice and making them feel more responsible for their choices. It is undoubtedly one of the best apps for intermittent fasting if the user is seeking accountability.

8. Ate Food Diary

Ate Food Diary

Ate Food Diary, the application is as unique as the name suggests. It is a fun and quirky app that allows users to track their food intake and what they ate throughout the day. The app is not exactly what one would expect an intermittent fasting app to be, but it certainly gets the job done. 

The application has two exciting features.

  • Visual Food Diary– The app allows the users to click their meals instead of only making them log what they ate. Images have a better impact on the mind than words enable users to reflect on their meals truly.
  • Calculating Gaps– The app also calculates each meal’s gap, significantly tracking the time frame spent fasting.

The app is one of the best apps as it allows the user to understand their body better. The app promotes mindfulness and eating what makes them feel good. The app also allows users to share their meals on social media, allowing them more accountability.

What Are The Benefits of Using Intermittent Fasting Apps?

What Are The Benefits of Using Intermittent Fasting Apps?

Intermittent fasting apps have a few fantastic features which benefit the users thoroughly. But one needs to understand how they help the users recreate that same result if they wish to make one. The users feel a few things when they use the apps. 

  • Motivation– Apps are packed with facts, stories, and motivational quotes. These help the users feel they are doing something worth it to stay motivated. Now when they reach their goals, or in between their journey, they can also share their experience and motivate others. This helps strengthen the community and build a loyalty base for the app. 
  • Achievement– The best intermittent fasting apps have in the progress reports and statistics. These show the user what new goals they have achieved. Furthermore, certain apps also have challenges, and daily goals keep the users on track and finishing those activities is fulfilling. 
  • Reminder– The majority of people use applications to make their lives easier. People nowadays are always on the go with several things going on at once, so it’s only natural that certain things are forgotten. Such as their eating windows or how much water to drink. The app takes charge and reminds the user, assisting them in staying on schedule. 

All these factors and many more ultimately make an excellent intermittent fasting app. 

How to Make Intermittent Fasting Apps?

How to Make Intermittent Fasting Apps?

Having a clear idea about the best intermittent fasting apps’ functions may be enough for most people. This segment is for those who want to take it up a notch and make their intermittent fasting apps or know about them. Intermittent fasting apps are straightforward. There is significantly less that can go wrong with these apps. 

Let us look at the few development aspects that make intermittent fasting apps a success!

  • Dashboard– A fun and easy way to navigate a dashboard is the primary need. Here, the user should be able to see their entire statistics in a simplified manner. 
  • Statistics– The statistics at the end of the month or week is a major motivational factor for the users. The accuracy of the statistics must be ensured, and the users must fetch the detailed analysis.
  • Trackers– Trackers are the basis of creating the statistics. Therefore the trackers must be the best of their kind as well. Ensure the leading trackers, such as fasting and eating window and water consumption trackers, are added. One can further add a steps tracker and calorie tracker as well.
  • Challenges– Additional features like Challenges, daily streak counts, recipe books, or information hubs are useful. These features make the users inclined towards the app, and they spend more time interacting with the app. 
  • Interface and Design– Coming to a more technical side, visual appeal plays a significant role. The user experience must be smooth and enjoyable; if not, the best features will go to vain. Decide on the app’s personality, if it is a sleek, fitness-oriented app or a warm, community-based health app. These factors, along with a smooth interface, create a huge difference.

Developing an intermittent fasting app or a diet and nutrition app does not just help the developers or the company. It also helps in bringing a change of health, yielding more than just monitory results. 

If you want to learn about the cost of developing a nutrition app, then we have other articles to help you with the same. By industrial standards, the costs of developing apps begin at $6,000, but if you contact us at Idea Usher, we assure you that we will provide you with an economical package.

To Sum Up

Intermittent fasting is a game-changer in the health industry, with proven benefits in weight loss and many diseases. This discipline is bettering the world, one decision at a time. Intermittent fasting apps contribute heavily to this change, and creating an app for the same is only beneficial. 

Idea Usher believes in this change and is more than happy to help anyone who wants to venture out in this journey. If you are looking for a team to help you create the best intermittent fasting app, then our services and team are the right choices for you. So, what are you waiting for still? Connect with us!

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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