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As per the market analysis by Statista, Revenue in the Nutrition Apps segment is projected to reach US$0.69bn in 2023. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 6.74%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$0.89bn by 2027.

As the numbers speak for themselves, you must have got how popular the nutrition tracking apps have become in today’s era. The apps are making individuals aware of what they eat and how many calories they consume on a daily basis. These calories, fitness tracking, intermittent fasting mobile apps have been proven to be highly beneficial to health-conscious people. They assist you in keeping proper track of your nutrition consumption on a daily basis. 

However, the question remains which app to depend upon when the market is overloaded with nutrition apps. “Try and experiment”; the most probable answer. But is it a mindful thing to do? Obviously, no, as no one has ages to spend on making the right selection. 

So, keeping it short, we have come up with the 10 best nutrition tracking apps explaining their pros and cons that will help you make better decisions. 

Let’s enter the world of nutrition tracking apps!

How to Choose Nutrition Tracking Apps?

Whether you want to reduce weight, improve your nutrition, or exercise more regularly, there’s an app for that. Many of these apps can make living a healthy lifestyle easier and more convenient. Some emphasize calorie counting or weight loss, while others emphasize mindful eating or nutrition education.

So, when it comes to nutrition apps, the choice can seem overwhelming. There are many factors to consider when selecting one app over another, including your fitness level and which features are highly imperative to you. 

Thus, it’s crucial to think about your goals and which features are most important to you when choosing the best nutrition app to download. 

Here’s a quick rundown through pointers that can help you pick the best nutrition app in the market.

Parameters of choosing the best nutrition tracking app
  • Information of high quality: Try to sort apps that provide accurate and useful nutritional information, preferably from a professional source like a licensed dietitian.
  • Friendly user interface: Pick the apps that are simple to operate and navigate.
  • Vetting: All of the apps on the list should be thoroughly reviewed to verify that they fit medical and business requirements.
  • Nutritional requirements: From meal planning to food tracking to pregnancy to weight loss, hinge to apps that meet a wide range of nutritional demands.
  • Customer feedback: To locate highly rated apps, consult friends, family, and coworkers for recommendations and comb through countless user reviews. Look for apps that have received great ratings and are recommended by healthcare professionals such as doctors or dietitians.

Idea Usher Picks the Best 10 Nutrition Apps

If you are struggling to stick with a diet, have plans to lose weight, or just want some help managing your eating habits, these apps can be a huge help. 

Checkout the best 10 nutrition apps penned below that have made it easier to track the food you eat and how many calories and nutrients are in each serving: 

1.MyPlate Calorie Counter: Overall Nutrition App

Plate Calorie Counter App

“The tracker helped me regain my life”, quotes several users of this app. MyPlate app is a highly feature-rich platform that helps the users to track their nutrition with tons of free features. MyPlate Calorie Counter can be used to track fitness goals and daily workout routines. Also, it gives  access to workouts, a clean-eating guide, and advanced statistics. The app also includes cooking suggestions and recipes that can be printed. A person can also make a personalized 8-week meal plan based on their dietary goals.

FounderLeaf Group Ltd.
iOS Rating4.7 stars
Android Rating4.6 stars
PriceFree with in-app purchases


  • User friendly, simple and easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Has inbuilt meal plans, nutrition tracking, recipes, and workout regimes
  • Has community forum for support and motivation


  • Few customization options
  •  No filter for recipes based on certain dietary restrictions or food allergies

2. MyFitnessPal: Food Tracking App

MyFitness Pal App

With a vast food database, barcode scanner, recipe importer, restaurant logger, food insights, calorie counter, and so much more, MyFitnessPal is a perfect nutrition app.

MyFitnessPal makes it simple to track your nutrition in order to lose weight, change your eating habits, or simply hold yourself accountable. Despite the fact that the app is free, you may upgrade to a premium membership for $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year to gain access to extra features such as thorough meal analysis,workout routines, and more customization possibilities.

FounderMyFitnessPal, Inc.
iOS Rating4.7 stars
Android Rating4.5 stars
PriceFree with in-app purchases


  • Large database for easy food logging
  • Several free features available
  • Nutrient tracking simplified using barcode scanner 


  • Several users have faced problems using the interface
  • Premium membership required to access the detailed nutrient analysis 

3. Yummly Recipes & Cooking Tools: Healthy Recipes App

Yummly app

Yummly is the go-to app for healthy cooking, with over 2 million recipes to pick from and a number of alternatives tailored to your tastes, needs, and preferences.

Recipes are arranged by cuisine, course, diet, and essential ingredients, making it simple to discover something that suits your needs. The users can also create custom collections with their favorite recipes, add ingredients to the shopping list, and connect smart appliances to the app.

iOS Rating4.7 stars
Android Rating4.5 stars
PriceFree with in-app purchases


  • Offers vast list of recipes to choose from
  • Highly user-friendly and simple to navigate interface 
  • Every recipe comes with reviews 
  • Includes several helpful tools like recipe collection and shopping lists. 


  • Frequent ads in the free version
  • Users say that it requires multiple clicks to access full recipes with directions
  • Several features require monthly membership

4. PlateJoy: Meal Planning App

Plate Joy App

PlateJoy app has simplified healthy eating for users with its highly friendly user interface. It collects information about users’ lifestyles, cooking habits, and nutritional preferences through a questionnaire and then generates a custom meal plan and shopping list for your family. It also allows users to pick certain ingredients they’d like to avoid, the amount of diversity they prefer, and your ideal portion sizes in addition to your meal plan.

iOS Rating4.7 stars
Android Rating4.5 stars
Price$4.99 per year for Healthline readers; otherwise $12.99 per month, $69 for 6 months, or $99 for 1 year.


  • Provides a detailed nutritious meal plan keeping in account the needs and preferences
  • Reduces wastage of food by guiding about the optimal use of ingredients
  • Multiple diet plans and customization options available


  • Requires membership to use
  • Additional cost of ingredients other than the price of app 

5. Lifesum-Healthy Eating: Weight Loss App

Lifesum: Healthy Eating App

Lifesum is a popular weight-loss app that includes features such as a recipe library, food journal, and calorimeter. Once the users sign up for the app, it asks for information like your height, weight, age, and specific goals so that it can tailor a plan to your specific needs.

It also contains a weekly health test that gives insights into the behaviors and pinpoints areas where the users can improve. The food and activity journal is free to use, but a premium subscription with access to body composition tracking, macro counting, and bespoke diet programs and recipes starts at $4.17 per month.

FounderLifesum AB
iOS Rating4.7 stars
Android Rating4.4 stars
PriceFree with in-app purchases


  • The free edition has no adverts 
  • Basic, simple to use and visually appealing user interface 
  • Weekly health test to keep users on track
  • List of diets to pick 


  • Meal plans can only be customized to a limited extent.
  • Some users suggest that the guidelines for some of the recipes might be improved.

6. Ate Food Journal: Mindful Eating App

Ate Food Journal

Ate Food Journal is marketed as a calorie-free mindful food app that attempts to help you understand why you consume particular foods and how they make you feel. You may use the app to build a visual chronology of your day by taking images of your meals and activities. It also lets the user take part in experiments like eating with the non-dominant hand and record information about each meal, such as who the user ate with, how it was prepared, and how it tasted.

FounderPiqniq Inc.
iOS Rating4.8 stars
Android Rating3.8 stars
Price$9.99 per month or $49.99 per year


  • Rather than monitoring calories, it focuses on mindful eating and healthy habits.
  • Extra elements like experiments and personal observations are included in this basic and easy-to-use programme.


  • After the 7-day free trial, a subscription is required.

7.MyNetDiary Calorie Counter: Macro Counting App

MyNetDiary Calorie Counter App

Rated as the best app by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, MyNetDiary Calorie Counter is popular for being the complete weight-loss solution. Users who want to decrease carbs,  increase protein or obtain a better understanding of diet’s macronutrient breakdown, the app is the go-to solution. 

Smart, sleek and simple, the app assists the user in setting objectives, tracking consumption, and monitoring weight trends based on the diet plan chosen. It also includes nutrient information for each ingredient in the meal record, as well as a daily analysis to keep you on target.

FounderMyNetDiary Inc.
iOS Rating4.8 stars
Android Rating4.6 stars
PriceFree with in-app purchases


  • Range of free tracking tools like daily analysis and detailed statistics on overall nutrient intake. 
  • No ads in the free version, and there is no need to sign up.
  • Daily health coaching tips
  • Customizable dashboard


  • Diet plans require paid membership
  • Customization choices are limited without a subscription
  • User interface can be confusing and difficult

8. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker: Pregnancy Nutrition App

Ovia Pregnancy App

While many apps concentrate on fetal growth, Ovia considers the health of the person carrying the pregnancy as a whole. The app helps to track the pregnancy journey, which includes understanding pregnancy symptoms, watching the baby grow, and keeping the health track. Also, the app helps to determine which foods and medications are healthy to consume during pregnancy. 

FounderOvuline, Inc.
iOS Rating4.9 stars
Android Rating4.7 stars


  • Provides highly detailed pregnancy materials and nutrition suggestions
  • Allows to track food, activity, sleep, emotions, and more
  • Completely free to use
  • Calendar to organize and track all pregnancy related activities


  • Some functions, such as medicine reminders, have limited customization choices
  • Too much of in-app advertising

9. Noom: Nutrition Education App

Noom App

Noom places a high value on eating psychology. The app enables people to rethink their eating patterns, understand why they eat the way they do and make healthy choices while still enjoying their favorite foods. The app offers the users with daily 10-minutes lessons for developing healthy habits. Also, the large in-built database in the app allows the user to scan the barcode and understand the product’s nutritional value. The app is available for free download. However, to use some of the Noom features, a person must pay for an in-app purchase.

FounderNoom, Inc.
iOS Rating4.7 stars
Android Rating4.4 stars
Price$60 per month or $199 per year


  • Lesson plans to help you understand your eating choices
  • Tools like step counting, weight logging and water tracking to track your progress 
  • Advice from a virtual coaching team
  • Several healthy recipes available


  • It’s more pricey than competing applications
  • Some customers say the coaching team doesn’t provide enough individualized input.

10. Spokin: Food Allergy App

Spokin App

Spokin has established itself as a convenient app for keeping users away from food allergies. It allows you to pick and choose which food substances you must avoid, as well as provides information on whether food goods are safe and allergen-free. The Spokin users also get the access to ratings and reviews from other users that help them find allergy-friendly restaurants and accommodations all over the world.

Though the app is currently only accessible for iPhones on the App Store, the developers say itwill be soon available on Android devices as well.

FounderSpokin, Inc
iOS Rating4.7 stars
Android RatingComing Soon!


  • Access to information regarding the allergy-friendly food products, hotels, and restaurants
  • Easily get connected with other users having food allergies
  • Free to operate


  • Issues in the navigation through the app reported by the users 
  • App not available on the Android platform

Build Your Own Nutrition Tracking App With Idea Usher

As more and more people are showing greater concern about their diets and fitness goals, it has resulted in a plethora of diet and fitness applications prospering in the app store. Said that it seems a perfect time to develop your own diet and fitness app and enter the market with a new concept to attract users to your app. 

For delivering the best, you must hire the best team of experts. Said that, connect with IdeUsher, who has proficiency and experience in the same sector and can guide you through the development process when establishing a nutrition tracking app. With years of experience in nutrition app development and fitness app development, Idea Usher has delivered results like never before.  

From planning to developing to deploying, the experts at Idea Usher strive to provide the clients with the highest quality of services that best meet their needs. We believe that “One Flock” will make a breakthrough in the development of nutrition tracking apps, so we promise to put all our efforts into it.

For more information and a detailed understanding of the application development process, you

can contact them at.

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone Numbers : (+91)9463407140, (+91)8591407140, and (+1)7329624560

Build Better Solutions With Idea Usher

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Final Words

​​​​​​​Handling food management, diet tracking, and preparation can be juggling more than a full-time job. As apps become ever more popular, nutrition tracking isn’t disappearing anytime soon. Nutrition apps are gaining traction because they provide a way for customers to easily track their eating habits on their phones or tablets.

Diet and nutrition apps will be popular for a long time as the bulk of the population becomes increasingly concerned about their health. Many people live in polluted environments and eat products containing various pesticides, all while desperately trying to protect their health,  which suggests favorable business conditions.

A popular and profitable diet and health nutrition app is user-friendly, has an intuitive design, a useful feature set, and smart revenue mechanisms, among other things. You’ll need a fantastic startup idea and an experienced development team to create a faultless digital business product to make your app unique and competitive in the current market.

Hire ex-FANG developers, with combined 50000+ coding hours experience

Hire Ex - developers, with combined 50000+ coding hours experience

100% Developer Skill Guarantee; Or Your Money Back.


Here are some interesting FAQs on the best app for nutrition tracking

Q. How efficient are nutrition apps?

A. Over half of the users review nutrition tracking apps as highly helpful in encouraging them to eat healthier and exercise more. Diet applications are more successful when used regularly and for a longer time than when used infrequently or for a short time.

Q. What is the time duration for developing a nutrition tracking app?

A. The typical time taken might range from 3 to 6 months, depending on the app’s functionality, design, platform integration, technological stack, and features. Contact Idea Usher if you need the app to be developed quickly and economically.

Q. What features should be included in the nutrition tracking apps?

A. The basic features and functionality of a nutrition app must include the following:

  • Profiles
  • Search
  • Food logging
  • Changes tracker
  • In-app communication
  • Recipe recommendations
  • Meal planner
  • Alerts
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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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