Best Travel Apps 2021

In this day and age, almost everything imaginable is reachable with a tiny device in your hands. The pandemic and the consequent lockdown took away our mobility and kept us confined to our houses for the longest time. With the rising need for medicine apps replacing travel apps, traveling became a distant dream. Thus, we had to resort to technology to keep us engaged. However, that is not enough; if a short walk in the park can refresh our minds so much, imagine what a trip can do? 

Now is probably the best time to start traveling again. Given the pandemic, the situation is slowly becoming more flexible. A good trip can only help you feel better, and travel apps can help make the trip a lot more convenient! Not only will you gain new experiences, support the tourism industry, and feel better. You will do it smartly and conveniently. Today, let us take a look at the best travel apps, talk about their features, and a lot more!

Best Travel Apps 2021

1. Airbnb


Airbnb was founded in a small San Francisco apartment in 2008 by two friends, and since then, they have not looked back. Since then, there have been millions of people using the application either as hosts or as guests. The application is very straightforward and easy to use, allowing the users to surf and choose the best place to stay. 

The application works by first asking the user about their destination and then checks their booking needs. Basing on the requirements, such as flexibility, budget, unique stays, and space, the app curates places from their database that fits. It is then on the user to choose among the options presented and figure out which they like the best. 

What makes Airbnb unique is that it allows the users to experience the local culture and architecture. As the app has regular people listed as hosts, the travelers can live the life of an average citizen of the place they are visiting. This makes the trip even more enriching as the travelers get to socialize with the locals conveniently. 

2. Trivago


If you did not know Trivago as a travel app, you certainly have come across it in several memes and tweets. The tagline “Hotel? Trivago” became so famous that hotels meant Trivago that it became a meme. However, the app is actually that good. No kidding. 

Trivago was founded in Germany back in 2005 as an app that can be used to search up and book hotels. The company has expanded ever since, employing thousands globally and having millions of active users. The application inquires about the destination, the users’ requirements and then provides them with a list of suitable hotels. The user can then choose from the array of options available.

Trivago is an excellent app for scouting hotels that are easy on the pocket. The hotels are assured to be the best when it comes to hygiene and care. When it comes to the app itself, the user interface is straightforward and does not complicate the process. Furthermore, at specific times, especially during the holidays, the app provides places with discounted rates. Undoubtedly, Trivago is the best travel app for booking hotels conveniently.

3. Expedia


Many travel apps cater to different aspects of traveling, which is a convenient way of focusing on one thing. However, many people would prefer using one app to cover the majority of travel tasks. This is where Expedia comes to the rescue. Expedia is an all-rounder best mobile travel app for almost all your travel needs. 

Expedia allows the user to book flight tickets, cars, hotel rooms, and even help them figure out what to do at their destination and book tickets. This all-in-one application allows the user to manage their bookings as well conveniently. All the user needs to do is fill out the destination, check-in, and check-out date, and how many people will be traveling. The app does the rest by providing travelers’ best options in hotels, travel, and packages. 

Since the pandemic, Expedia has added COVID-19-friendly features, such as using airline credits and straightforward refund policies and a tracker. Expedia has over 8 million listed users worldwide and has employed thousands of people globally. That being said, it is safe to assume Expedia is a people’s favorite and is undoubtedly one of the best apps for travel.

4. LoungeBuddy


When thinking about traveling, the primary concern is where they will live and how they will travel. However, what people forget is the inconvenience they will face while traveling. Such as a long layover or a delayed flight. Did you think there was an app to help you with that too? Well, now you know about LoungeBuddy!

LoungeBuddy is an app specifically designed to find you lounges in every airport that you can access. One needs to simply feed in the airport’s name, credit card details, flight status, and membership details of any lounge. The application will then provide you the details of the lounges you can access. Even if you have no lounge membership access, then the app will notify you about the free lounges or sell free passes for a day.

LoungeBuddy makes sure that the layover time is not a hassle and takes the pain of finding out lounge access options for you. This way, you don’t have to snoop around and check if any friendly staff will let you in or help you. LoungeBuddy is a unique, innovative, and unforgettable travel app. 

5. Skyscanner


Flight tickets were quite expensive before the pandemic hit us. After the onset of pandemic and lockdowns, when traveling by air, or at all, was a distant thought, flight tickets became economically priced. It is only normal to expect the prices to skyrocket all over again as the situation normalizes. In no time, we would have to look for which company is providing the cheapest tickets. So if you are a frequent flyer, Skyscanner is the app for you!

Skyscanner is an air ticketing app that allows one to find the cheapest tickets available for your destination. One just has to put in the destination details, date of the journey, and price range. The user can then choose from the options made available by the application. The database of Skyscanner has over 1,200 sources, and it also advises on the cheapest route, least expensive days and months to fly in, and the best companies to give cheap tickets. 

Skyscanner is one of the oldest organizations amongst all the others we will speak about today. Founded in 2002, it has maintained the record of being the cheapest flight ticketing app so far. The application is used by 100 million people every month and is available globally in over 25 languages. It is one of the best traveling apps for pocket-friendly flying!

6. TripIt


Let’s face it, as much as traveling is fun; it is also incorrigibly hectic. It is essential to make sure everything is organized and have fun and have a smooth trip. Planning an itinerary, scheduling things, keeping track of hotel, transport, and event bookings can all be overwhelming. Having the upper hand at managing such situations can only be helpful. TripIt does precisely that for the user, eliminating the troubles and allowing one to enjoy their trip thoroughly.

TripIt is an all-in-one place to keep track of every travel detail, including itinerary, travel stats, the traveler’s carbon footprint, relevant documents, and a lot more. The application has recently added a feature that allows the user to go through the COVID-19 travel guidelines for their places. The app also syncs with the phone calendar and sets up reminders accordingly. Lastly, the app shares the plans with fellow travelers or family members, practically anyone who the user chooses. 

TripIt is an insanely well-developed app, and as days go by, its popularity is only increasing. With unique features that virtually take care of every bother one can have while traveling. The app is not only resourceful, but it is also an excellent app for logging details. Overall, TripIt is one of the best apps for traveling. 

7. Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet

It does not matter if you are a frequent traveler or not; the thought of spending too much is always scary. However, if not cautious, money can slip out of your pocket while you are on vacation. At times like these, it is smart to use something to track your expenses. Trail Wallet is the app that will help you solve this issue. This innovative app is everything you need and more when it comes to tracking travel expenses.

Trail Wallet is one of the best traveling apps when it comes to tracking expenses, as it deals with the whole budgeting process while you can have fun. The user has to add a few details like the budget they have for the trip and how much they have spent on transport, food, and lodging. After this, they only have to log how much they are spending otherwise. The app will let the user know how much money they have left that they are allowed to spend. Trail Wallet also allows adding images with the amount logged, which can be beneficial for saving receipts. 

The data log has an interactive bar chart that shows the amount the user has spend over the days. The user can also organize the app as their heart’s content. Lastly, the app can be used for over 218 currencies. All these features, neatly wrapped in a good interface and user experience. Trail Wallet is undoubtedly one of the most appealing travel apps seen by many. 

8. Couchsurfing


Couchsurfing is not just a travel app; there is a lot more to it. The app was a dream back in 1999 of one, and by 2006, it was a vision for many. This is probably the only travel app that became a profitable business a long time after its birth. The idea behind Couchsurfing is to allow the travelers to enjoy the place they are visiting its very core by staying with the locals. The people stay in the houses of locals with them, experiencing their culture, values, cuisine, and a lot more. 

One may wonder, how is Couchsurfing different from Airbnb? Well, Couchsurfing allows travelers to stay with the people, not just rent their place. Couchsurfing has a vision of building a global community where people can become family to each other, making the world a friendlier place. Kindness, empathy, and honesty are values that run this organization. One just has to sign up, and then wherever they are going, a list of people who have signed up to give them shelter will pop up. You pick, and you go. 

If the aim of one’s travel is not just the destination but also the culture, society, and local exploration, then there is no better application than Couchsurfing. The stay will probably not be fancy, but it will be comforting and homely. The best bit? The stays are usually free! All these factors make Couchsurfing one of the best travel apps!

Why Use A Travel App?

Why Use A Travel App?

From the apps mentioned above, it is already established that travel apps can do the planning and executing travel plans significantly easier. Still, let us look at how these apps are a beneficial addition to your phone and life!

  • Organize and Optimize– Travel apps allow the user to stay organized with their bookings, tickets, plans, itinerary, and other such things. Making it easier to focus on the good bits like going out and having fun. The apps further help as they take less time to track bookings and organize things, giving the user more time to enjoy.
  • Planning Economically– Travel apps help travelers by finding out the cheapest possible hotels, lounges, and transportation options as per their need. The users, therefore, spend less than they would have by manually booking. They also save a lot of money by not paying a travel agent to do it for them.
  • Tracking Expenses– While traveling, apps help save a fortune while executing the traveling plans. Certain apps go one step further and track expenses while traveling, allowing the user to check themselves and not go over budget. 

These are just a few of the primary reasons why travel apps are a blessing for any and every traveler.

Different Kinds of Travel Apps

Different Kinds of Travel Apps

Not every traveler is the same. Therefore, not every need of different travelers will be the same. A few other types of travel apps are available, which broadly cover almost every user’s needs. 

  • Hotel Booking Apps– Hotel booking apps allow the user to find the perfect hotel for them. Keeping in mind their requirement, budget, and area of stay. These apps are a great fit for travelers who prefer their privacy and like their own rooms. Apart from this, there are many apps like Airbnb
  • Travel Ticket Booking Apps– Much like the Hotel booking apps, travel Ticket booking apps are dedicated to transportation. These apps help the traveler find the best route, the cheapest mode of transportation, and a range of options to pick from. 
  • Tracking Apps– These apps are there to organize the trip and ensure everything is in check. The apps help in tracking expenses, bookings, events, and a lot of other things. The apps take care of the managerial bit so that the traveler can enjoy themselves.
  • The Event Apps– These apps primarily notify the traveler about the events or local things they can discover or participate in. Be it a festival or a regular open mic at a cafe, these apps help the traveler find activities to do. 
  • The All-in-one Apps– These apps carry the features of all the apps mentioned above. These apps are the one-stop solution for travelers and are quite convenient for most. 

Features of A Good Travel App

Features of A Good Travel App

There are several travel apps available in the market, but not all of them are successful. So what makes a travel app successful? Let’s talk about the features that contribute to the success of a good travel app.

  • Dashboard– It is essential for a good travel app to have an easy-to-access and understandable dashboard. The icons should be self-explanatory, and the dashboard should provide access to every other aspect of the app. 
  • Search bar– Traveling apps are all about feeding curiosity, so it is essential to have an efficient search bar. The Database should also be updated as frequently as possible to give the users more options.
  • Statistics– This is not the most popular or recognized feature of a travel app. But having a statistical report of how much distance has been covered or how much money has been spent is usually beneficial to the user. Therefore, if not the most necessary, it is undoubtedly a beneficial feature. 
  • Tracker– In order to see a statistical report, one must have a tracker in their app to collect the data. Trackers are great because these trackers can acknowledge the amount of time, distance, and money, with accuracy and technicality, unlike the human mind. Making them a rational addition to any travel app. 
  • Security– The app must have a legitimate sign-up process that involves legal documentation, especially of the hosts. This not only keeps the travelers safe. It also ensures the legitimacy of the app and its services.
  • Transaction Method– The app should have a smooth, hassle-free transaction process. The cancellation and refund process should also be straightforward. This way, the user is relieved from having to watch out for being scammed.

How To Make A Good Travel App?

How To Make A Good Travel App?

We have learned about the best travel apps, the key features of a travel app, and why one should use a travel app. It is only fair that how to make a travel app is discussed as well. App development may sound extravagant, but it is relatively easy. There are certain aspects to developing a travel app. 

  • Choosing the App Type– Before beginning to plan the app, one must know what kind of travel app they will work on. There are various kinds of travel apps available. One has to work on their strengths and decide what one wants to work with and build in the long run. 
  • Planning– Making a Ground plan by researching the niche apps and competitors. Understanding how these apps are successful and what can be done to make this app a success is essential. 
  • Recruiting the Development Team– The development team is going to realize the vision. It is essential to recruit the best developers and engineers who can understand the ideas and work accordingly.
  • Determine the Goals and Project Scope– The discovery phase is when the concept is elaborated upon, the scopes are discovered, and the project’s best potential is realized. Herein the goals are set upon which the team will work.
  • Testing the App– Lastly, a prototype is created and tested within a small group to see how the users interact with the app and what their experience is. Basing on their feedback, the app is further developed, and a complete product is made. 

Building an app is not the end goal, the real adventure begins after conversions start. Learn how!


Travel apps are nothing short of a blessing for a traveler. With great features and convenience, travelers love using them. The market for travel apps has also grown significantly over the years, and now is a better time than any other to dive into this game. 

Idea Usher provides several services to help build any kind of app, travel apps being one of them. The opportunities are endless and if you are planning to start a travel app, don’t back out now. Hit us up and let us together figure out the best solution for you.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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