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best budgeting apps of 2021

Many people prefer spending less and saving more. However, this is not possible without consciously doing so. Practically a lot, including the reality of work, family life, and other commitments, takes over the delusions. All know the real situation of us, and we need to face it. It is tough to find time or motivation for budgeting, and some people skip it altogether.

For these and many other purposes, budgeting apps have become very important and increasingly popular over the past decade. These software-based applications make it easier to monitor spending and saving habits by linking accounts to an application and tracking the cash flow. These apps, free or paid, offer a range of features to enhance your finances.

In this article 7 of the best budgeting apps of 2021 have been reviewed that are available on the market.

To find the best opportunities for new or encountered budgeters, these are here. Here is a brief development of their compared cost, functionality, features, security, reviews, and more. Take help from them as they are the best options to improve your budget.

How does a budgeting app help?

best budgeting apps of 2021

Before we start telling you the objectives of a budgeting app, it is important to understand how it helps. Besides, there are many factors to which you can budget and save your money at the same time. If you want to know where your money is evaporating the most, probably you are failing to maintain a strict budget. Having a budget is important to keep track of your money expenses. Once you know where you’re spending and where your money is going, you can make all the necessary adjustments and manage your finances better.

Besides, a budget really helps you to keep and save money at the end of every month. Once you have a budget planned with yourself, it will be easier for you to stick to a surplus and get going. With this article we will present to you the top budgeting apps or the best budgeting apps in 2021 for you to use. Without a budget, it is difficult to create a surplus and completely maintain it. Living beyond one’s means can lead to financial disasters as well.

You can categorize your expenses 

best budgeting apps of 2021

Earlier a budget would remain either maintaining a notebook or an excel sheet. But right now you can choose the best budget in apps of 2021 to do the following. Expenses can be classified across several categories like you transport for groceries or even eating out. It is important to follow them until the definitive all categories under which you can add your own expenses routine as well.

However, it is important to manage the day-to-day expenses for your money making or management app. Not only helps you to categorize your expense but also identifies icons to help you have a clear understanding. Also, while you are choosing the best budgeting apps of 2021 right here. It will help you to get the automatic updates around your budget at the same time. It will be more convenient for you to have their expenses, which are sent by the default once you have linked to your bank accounts.

Every time you make a bargain with a credit or debit card or through any digital transaction which is out there it will take care of the sms and automatically read you put your expense category system.

Managing your budget with useful resource

Right now, managing your budget with the best budgeting apps of 2021 has become easier. You can set a budget for each category and receive alerts when you are nearing or have used the budget. Setting a budget for certain categories is important because it helps you to stick to it. For example, like you have a budget of $10 when it will become easier for you to find and route your expenses by sticking to the budget that you are fixed.

Nevertheless, if you are doing it manually, then it won’t be much of a use to you. This way you can understand that setting up a daily or weekly or even a monthly plan is crucial. You can have a spending tracker which can help you to set the budget that you can fix targets and stick to them. It also lets you carry forth your remaining funds to the next month or week.

Best budgeting apps of 2021

best budgeting apps of 2021


YNAB Is one of the most amazing applications that earns the top spot because of the company’s renowned budgeting philosophy and reputation. YNAB says new budgeters can save about $600 in their first two months and more than $6000 in their first year of attempted saving. Although YNAB is the costliest option on our list, the company offers a 34-day free trial and a 100% no-risk, money-back guarantee.

The various pros and cons of YNAB include it being given a complete budget change and makeover. It has a free 34-day trial period. As it comes with 100% money-back guarantee and provides a strong customer service and comprehensive education.

The charges of this app is high

  • However, some cons of using YNAB include a high charge of $84 per year. A more delayed and time-consuming learning and frequent sync issues.
  • YNAB is on the top of this list because of its budgeting knowledge and money-back guarantee. The company offers a free trial for 34 days and after which. The cost is $84 per year. If you are someone who prefers paying less upfront, then the cost is $11.99 per month.
  • YNAB also helps in providing syncing facilities to the user’s bank accounts, importing your data from a file, or manually entering each transaction. The company suggests learning basics about the application through video courses, live workshops, and continuing with reading a guide
  • YNAB offers a proactive budgeting approach, rather than staining what you have already spent, like some competitors.
  • After signing up, you create your first statement and assign every dollar a purpose, like your rent or car payment, for example. Ultimately, it is for the user to eventually get at least one month ahead. So one is spending money that they earned from 30 days ago. The company offers extensive cultural resources and customer support to keep you on track.
  • Privacy and security are its top priority. The business protects your information by using bank-level encryption for all data, best practices for password security. Besides, this has third-party audits, and more.


Mint stands out for many reasons in this list. It is one of the top and most popular budgeting applications available over for 25 million users. This application is free for use and helps budgeters of all levels. One can also set up bill payment reminders, track investments made and access their TransUnion credit score. All of which makes Mint our choice for best free budgeting app.

The pros of using mint budgeting apps in 2021 includes a free budgeting option. However, which means no hidden charges, free TransUnion credit scores available along with better investment tracking opportunities. On the other side, its cons include in-app product advertisements since the application is not paid. Few complaints about technical issues and spending categorization, which could have far better than it is.

The best option in the market

  • Mint offers the best-known free budgeting app on the market. It is a good option when someone is looking for improvement in their spending habits. The application is free, but one may see targeted financial product advertisements.
  • One may also sync their financial accounts in the application or can manually add transactions. Mint also allows users to see all accounts in one place and keep track of their spending on a daily basis.
  • The app automatically organizes the spending so that users can properly see totals by category at a glance. It offers monthly bill tracking, including payment reminders to avoid late fees.
  • Again, users get to keep track of your investments and check fees. Mint offers a few education resources like a home affordability calculator, loan repayment calculator, and blog with a variety of personal finance topics.
  • Mint protects the data through features that include security scanning with Verisigns, multi-factor authentication, and touch ID mobile access. The company stores the users’ login information in a separate database with many layers of hardware and software encryption.


Simplifi by Quicken is another top 10 categorized budgeting application because it offers a personalized spending plan with real-time updates. This signifies how much users have left to spend throughout the month. The app syncs to the bank accounts to show where one stands and the progress on financial goals. Simplifi by Quicken also tracks your monthly bills and subscriptions, including those you don’t use.

There are efficient advantages of using Simplifi, which includes strong cash flow tools. The ability to watch lists for mindful spending and to top it all for users are a generous free 30-day trial. However, the application might also not fit into the likes of many people as it charged $35.99 per year after the free trial ends. There have been few complaints about technical issues.

The cash flow is efficient.

  • Simplifi by Quicken ranks best for cash flow because of the app’s effective tracking skills. This application is best for judging how much users can spend between paychecks.
  • The app offers a free 30-day trial, and then you will pay $2.99 per month (billed annually at $35.99) or $3.99 per month if you decide not to pay upfront.
  • To begin, one has to sync bank accounts, and then they will have a complete snapshot of your finances. The app automatically classifies your spending, tracks recurring bills and agreements, and stays on top of upcoming expenses.
  • One standout feature is the app’s custom watch lists, which allows you to limit spending by category or payee. Also, the custom spending plan controls cash flow to make sure you never spend more than you make.
  • Simplifi by Quicken gives tips while you’re using the app, but there’s also a blog full of informative content at your fingertips. Besides, this app has a lot of other options present.
  • Security and privacy are top priorities for Simplifi and the same for the app’s parent company. Hence, Quicken has been trusted with sensitive financial data for decades and remains to work on new security measures. The app uses 256-bit encryption to transfer banking data and keeps the information confidential.

Pocket Guard

Pocket Guard made the cut because the app helps curb overspending. The group uses an algorithm to track your income, expenses. And profits goals to tell you how much you can spend every day. These spending limits make it easier to quit overspending and take control of your financial goals.

Some advantages of Pocket Guard are free: basic budgeting app for all users, great cash flow at a glance, easy to use for everyone. The cons might include that Pocket Guard Plus has a cost that users will have to pay. There is no phone support, frequent complaints about technical issues.

Pocket Guard gets on the top spot as the best for over spenders because its features are aimed at helping users take control of overspending. The application provides free and paid, along with premium versions of Pocket Guard Plus.

Users can check for continuous wallet assessment.

  • In order to begin, one needs to connect by checking, savings, and credit card accounts. The app can automatically check and see what the spending, where to save is and reminds you when credit card bills are due. Pocket Guard’s feature of In
  • My Pocket uses an algorithm to identify how much money users can spend based on your income, upcoming bills, goals, recent spending, and budgets.
  • This application is a smart bill reminder also as it helps in keeping track of due dates and shows where you may be able to negotiate for lower bills. An automated savings feature available in the Pocket Guard application allows you to set a goal and save for it. Pocket Guard automatically moves the money to an FDIC-insured bank account on your behalf.
  • Pocket Guard Plus offers additional features like creating your categories, changing transaction dates. The ability to export data, pursuing cash, managing ATM deposits and withdrawals, and splitting up transactions. The organisation also publishes an informative blog for additional opportunities to learn.
  • Pocket Guard prioritizes security with 256-bit encryption, a four-digit PIN, and biometrics like Touch ID and Face ID as another layer of protection.

Good Budget

A good budget is based on the envelope system where you can portion of your monthly income to work on specific subjects. It allows you to use multiple devices all at once to access the same account.

Besides, it even allows you to make a feature of each and every system. It is done out there so that it can become useful for you to use the budget application.

Good budget does not have the feature to sync your bank account. Unlike most other apps, it will take your assessment but not the bank account details. Right from which day can collect the budget information and their savings.

You can manually add account balances that you too love from your bank’s website often. However, the cash amounts and the debt are perfectly in your hands and should be correctly entered before you start to develop on your budget.

The cost is minimal

  • The class version, which is about $7 per month or 60 dollars annually, offers unlimited envelopes and accounts for up to 5 devices and others. It is a recent addition to the best budgeting apps of 2021 because it has developed this application newly.
  • It allows you and your partner to see both financial pictures in one spot, including bank accounts as well as credit cards or loans and investment.
  • However, you can choose to share your details with your significant other or even check their details at the same time. The free budget app works before you have ended your trial period.
  • Together you can set up regular limits on each of these categories, and a good budget will alert you when you and your partner are nearing them. Even send reminders for the upcoming bills that you have saved on your mobile. What is this you need to install this application registered with your original phone number?
  • Once you are done the same, you are asked to log in to the account from where you can access all the features which are present. However, there is a catch. Coming on the list of best budgeting apps of 2021, but does not allow you to check the expenses at a regular interval.
  • For this, you have to take care of the pro version because there are free coins through which you can only check your expenses every once in a while. You automate your budget with the use of this application that sets the right parameters and helps you to undermine and take your expenses all the time.

Personal Capital

Personal capitals score high because of the company that offers the best free tools for west building. If you are looking for the best budgeting apps for 2021, then personal capital is the right option for you.

This amazing budget sinking app will help you sync all your financial accounts in one place to track your net worth. You can plan for the future with the retirement planner and use the free analyzer to check the portfolio fees. This app comes with a free wealth management system and also a retirement planning tool, after which you can check out your expenses and your living cost.

It even comes with an educational planner tool and also the net worth tracking through which you can understand the capital that you have saved over the years. However, this application does not allow you to be focused on budgeting as a sole reason. There is no option to manually add transactions for budgeting limits.

It is one of the top budgeting apps of 2021

  • Besides, the sales call for wealth management services are oftentimes irregular and can cause a lot of destruction. Personal capital and the top of the best budgeting apps on the 2021 list because it is the right app for you to build. You can use the product dashboard to sync accounts for a complete picture of your finances.
  • Which company is primarily at history with the option to add investment management services for about 0.89% of your money for accounts under 1 million.
  • Unfortunately, the personal capital app does not allow you to manually add budgeting features and transactions alone.
  • You can hand in the investment that you have made throughout the year without syncing those accounts properly.
  • You can use the personal capital budgeting tools to see your total income and expenses that you are making every month. It becomes easier for you to create a specific goal so you can add your budget and compare it to the previous month and see your spending by categories.
  • All the company’s budget features are as comprehensive as the other apps mentioned, and it is still useful.  You can make money as much as you want but choosing the right app for expenditure can help.

The portfolio fees are minimal.

Personal capital offers better investing tools at the same time. You can use the dashboard to see the changes to your network over time, and the personal capitals field analyzer gives you a closer look into the portfolio fees. You can prepare a future with this company as a retirement planner or use it for the college plan or educational planner. Besides, it helps you to cover a range of financial planning topics for beginners to more experience uses alike.

Personal capital protects all your data with the encryption feature and protection and even rule-based authentication.

When you are opening this budgeting app, it becomes easier for you to set a password and username login system that does work through it. No one can access individual login credentials, and the company’s partnership has another layer of security. So when you are using personal capital, you don’t have to worry about anything else.


Last but not least, zeta is a good budgeting app for those who are couples. It is one of the free dating apps designed specifically for couples and even joint finance regulation. The apparatus to many couples, including those who are living together engaged or even married or becoming a new parent.

It allows you to check for the best resources.

  • You can sync the various accounts to track your spending and see your network and manager of the bills together. Zeta allows you to sign up for joint account banking services.
  • Besides, it comes with features such as early access to direct deposit and even digital text to access your money pass atm network and contactless payment. Right from here, you can enhance the features that make this app our best choice for couples using.
  • This is a free budgeting app, and there is no fee for the joint bank account, which is set. It is designed for all the couples who are out there. It even has features like early direct deposit and contactless payment and even for the bill management system. However, this app has a low API for joint accounts.
  • Besides, there is not a product recommendation at all. Zeta answers spot in our lives because this budget editing status is available to all types of couples who are out there.
  • The product of a free joint bank account to manage to spend and paying all the bills together. It even contains some money manager apps and joins cards, but the company may offer page services in the future.

The money manager works the best.

The money manager app enables you to sync accounts or manually at the details for a shared view of your finances. It even helps you to create the budget and also track your spending by setting up joint goals and managing the bills at the same time.

A few standout features, including sharing your bill and controlling your partners, did at the same time. It even helps you to share and personal budget bill reminders and even more. It allows you to check out the monthly inside of your finances and how you can make improvements on the same.

There is a money date which is an online publication covering all the love and money in your modern age and includes all the articles to boost your financial knowledge. Zeta even has joint cards and offers bank account services with FDI insurance. They don’t store your financial logins, and the business has a two-factor regulation.


How to choose the right budgeting app for 2021?

If you want to choose the best budgeting apps of 2021, then our list is here for you. Besides, if there are other options which you want to try, then you can always go out for it. You can do individual research and understand the best budgeting app, which can help you to top the list and even come with a ton of features. While choosing the right smart budget app, check out the list of features and the type of bank account management that will come with the help of your app.

Are there any free budgeting apps in the store?

There are a lot of available budgeting apps which are present in the store. While picking up, you can check out for the field services and minimal options. For example, most of the decisions on the list are completely free. Once you done with the trial period, you can use the pro version or even use the free version as you like.

How does a budgeting app work?

There are a lot of ways to relinquish a budgeting app. Once they take your bank account details right from there, you will understand your expenses as they will track your cost. Once they have corrected, they will send a report at the end of the month or as whatever system you have saved in.

They will check or cross-check the report and help you to understand the over expenses that you have done in a complete month or a quarter.

Choose the best app development company in 2021

best budgeting apps of 2021

Budgeting apps are making the buzz in 2021. As the pandemic has hit, the lockdown procedures have shifted back a lot of people from their paradigm. This is why it is necessary to work with a company and prepare your own budgeting app.

To create the best budgeting app of 2021, you can choose the help of Idea Usher. Our team is an expert in this solution and works diligently to get the work done for you. Contact our team right now to get your app development services at minimal costs.









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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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