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Technology has made our lives much easier but has also minimized our physical activities. Our eating habits have been affected as well. Junk and unhealthy food have become a lifestyle now.
Research shows over 30% of the population is either overweight or obese.

People keep procrastinating going to the gym and fitness centers. In such cases, Diet and Nutrition applications are a huge hit.

Diet app ideas

There are tons of diet and nutrition apps out there. They all have different functionality and also cater to different age groups. We have shortlisted some of the best ideas to include while developing your diet and nutrition app.

Calorie calculating apps

Such apps keep track of the number of calories consumed as well as burnt during a day. The app also helps its users with dietary recommendations.

One of the best examples of a calorie counting app is MapMyFitness. It has over 11.7 million users to prove its efficiency and popularity.

Social platform apps

These apps allow users to get in touch with dieticians and nutritionists directly. These professionals help users with suggestions and instructions regarding their diets.
Rise is an example of such an app where the user pays the diet coaches and experts so that they can guide them to follow a strict diet regime and track their progress over a period.

Apps for meal planning

These apps are used for managing diets through a diet chart. The app prepares a diet plan for a day, week or month keeping in mind your body type, weight target, and food preferences.
Diet Assistant and Eat this Much is an example of diet planning apps.

Diet and Fitness Apps for a Niche Audience

Usually, apps are made for the general audience. They are unable to cater to people with specific diets or requirements. You can develop a mobile application targeting audiences with such special needs. For example- pregnant women, Diabetes patients, Heart patients, etc.

Features of a Diet and Nutrition App

The unique features and responsiveness play a huge role in determining the success of an application. You need to ensure the features of your mobile application adds to its user experience and engagement.

Here are the features you can include while developing a diet and nutrition app to stand apart from your competitors.


Creating a profile on the diet and nutrition app is the first step. The users will need to create a detailed profile to get started. Information like age, gender, height, weight, food allergies, desired goal, any illness and so on.

To make signing-in as convenient as possible, you must provide options via Facebook, email, Google account or phone number.

Integration with Wearable devices

Wearable devices like FitBit are popular to track daily physical activities. The integration of your app with wearable devices will make your app stand out in the competition.

Wearable devices are also essential as they track and record vital information such as blood pressure, distance walked, pulse, etc automatically. Without wearables, the user will have to enter some details manually which would be both tiring and inaccurate.


Push Notifications

Excess and unnecessary use of push notifications can annoy your customers and lose your app users. On the other hand, the timely and efficient use of push notifications can help in retaining customers and earn loyalty.

You must use push notifications to remind the users about their workout schedules and meal timings. Motivating and encouraging them through notifications can help your users follow their set diet and workout regime.

Personalized Diet Plans

The mobile application must be an expert and efficient in its basic functionality. Once the user specifies the desired weight, food habits, and body type, your app must be able to provide them with a diet plan accordingly. The diet must be considerate about the user’s preferred food and allergies if any.

Track Progress

The user’s progress must be monitored after regular short intervals and the diet must be updated accordingly. Following the same diet for a long period will make the user bored and irritant. Updating the diet will show genuine concern for your app users and create engagement.



There are times when even in this tech-savvy era, people have difficulties using an application and require assistance. Also, your target audience might not be restricted to millennials.
Your diet and nutrition app must have a help section with FAQs and user manual. You can add a chat section if a user has any further questions or inquiries.


Ratings and reviews help an app improve and a diet and nutrition application is no exception. Feedbacks from your users is the best way to work on your application for a smoother experience.

You also get to know what the users expect from your diet and nutrition application. You can also consider adding a desired feature to increase the engagement of the users.


There are already a few fitness and diet apps out in the market doing great. But there are still unexplored opportunities to excel in. In conclusion, developing a diet and nutrition app with an engaging interface, pleasing UI/UX and unique features is going to be a game-changer.To achieve all this, you would require the help and guidance of a mobile application development firm that can deliver it at a minimal cost.

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