best scooter apps in 2021

Micro-mobility services are taking the world by storm. Especially after the advent of technology, micro-mobility services like e-scooters are creating a buzz in the market for quite some time now. The e-scooter app development industry has gradually escalated and formed stronger. This is because a lot of people are availing e-scooter rides since it is much more easier and fun way of travelling from one place to another. Furthermore, the guaranteed high growth of the electric scooter industry is also a reason why a lot of entrepreneurs are investing in this market to earn substantial revenue. Thus, there are so many scooter apps available in the market but which one is best for you? In this blog we have listed the best scooter apps in 2021. So the next time you want to take a quick e-scooter ride, you know which one is best for you.

A Look at Best Scooter Apps in 2021

best scooter apps in 2021

What are some best scooter apps in 2021?

Thanks to the e-scooters apps, travelling from one place to another has become so much fun and entertaining. Furthermore, they are also helping people to reduce their carbon footprints by introducing more sustainable travel options. But apart from the fun aspect of it there is so much more about this micro-mobility industry. We will discuss all about it later in this blog. For now let us have a look at the best scooter apps in 2021.

1. Bird

bird scooter

On the top of our list of best scooter apps in 2021 is Bird. Bird is a dockless scooter sharing startup, based in Santa Monica, California. Birds is very popular for its ride sharing services across North America. Founded by Travis VanderZanden, the company was established in 2017. As of today Bird offers its services in 100 cities across the globe. Furthermore talking about its funding and revenue model, Bird has acquired a total funding of $415 million so far. Also, the startup has raised around $300 million is the second round of funding led by Sequoia Capital.

Consequently, leading the net worth of the company raised from being $1 billion in May 2020 to being $2 billion in June 2020. Furthermore, Bird is the first e-scooter sharing unicorn. The company is trying hard to expand its business across the globe. Henceforth, it is planning to open its biggest European office in Pairs by hiring more than 1000 employees by mid 2021.

Talking about the Bird App, users can access all the services using the Bird Scooter App from their Android or iOS devices. The app itself is loaded with all the features such as –

  • Real Time Tracking
  • Smart Locks for Scooters
  • In-app Map to loathe e-scooters nearby
  • Integrated Payment Gateway

All these features make Bird our top choice for best scooter apps. Bird scooter has a base price of $1 after which it charges 15 cents for every minute throughout your ride. The total price of the journey will be based on the total time for which you have rented the e-scooter. Want to know more about the Bird scooter app and how it works? Check out our next blog How does Bird Scooter App Work to know more.

2. Lime

lime scooter

Lime is our next pick for best scooter apps in 2021. Lime is an American micro-mobility service providing company based in San Francisco, USA. The company offers various micro-mobility services such as dockless e-scooters, electric bikes, pedal bikes, etc. all through their infamous Lime Mobile App. Lime is extremely popular in the USA due to its affordable mobility services. Furthermore, it is also creating a buzz in the market due to its initiative to reduce carbon footprints of all its users.

The company has raised a total funding of $335 million so far. In addition to this it has also partnered with Uber to expand its e-scooter services. It is working to cobrand its e-scooters and make Lime available on Uber app. Furthermore, Lime has also introduced its services in Madrid and Sydney in order to expand its business globally. Lime is also trying hard to expand its business in the United Kingdom. Thus, they have introduced their dockless electric-assist bikes in Milton Keynes shopping centre.

How to use the Lime app?

In order to use the Lime app, the users must install it first on their devices. After that one can easily locate the nearby available e-scooters using the app. Once you have located an e-scooter you just need to scan its QR code using the app and unlock it. After this you are ready to start your ride. One can initiate the payment after finishing their ride through credit card. 

Similar to Bird Lime charges a start fee of $1, after which it charges 15 cents per minute. To conclude, Lime is an excellent scooter app. Thus making its position in our list of best scooter apps in 2021. Check out our blog How to rent a Lime scooter in Los Angeles to know more.

3. Spin

Our next pick for best scooter apps in 2021 is Spin. Founded in 2016, by Derrick Ko, Euwyn Poon, and Zaizhuang Cheng, Spin is a bicycle and scooter ride sharing company. Based in San Francisco, Spin operates through a mobile app for all its reservations. Furthermore, Ford Motor Company owns this scooter startup. Talking about its funding, it has an overall funding of $125 million which the company has raised through blockchain-based security token offering (STO).

Spin offers its infamous scooter services in 19 states across the U.S.A. Spin has managed to gather a massive popularity among its users. Just like Bird and Lime, Spin also charges a base fare of $1 and after that 15 cents for each minute. Making it one the most famous scooter sharing apps in the USA. Additionally, Spin has also started its station-less bike-sharing program in South San Francisco. But as of now, going with the on going trends the company is majorly focusing on its scooter sharing services. Furthermore, Spin is constantly iterating upon their scooter models to ensure that their scooters are safe and comfortable to ride.

Spin Mobile App

Let us know further about this scooter sharing app, its features and major components. Spin app is available on Google Play store and Apple Store. One has to install the app in their devices to start locating scooters nearby their area. The app has all the features that ensures a smooth scooter ride. Some of the key attributes of the Spin App are as follows-

  • In-app Map for locating scooters near your area.
  • QR Code to unlock the scooter to ride it.

Here is an interesting read about How to develop a scooter sharing app like Spin? To conclude Spin is a great scooter app with all the latest features ensuring that you have a fun and smooth ride. Henceforth, it has a place in our best scooter app in 2021 list.

4. Skip

Next on our list of best scooter apps in 2021 is Skip. Based in San Francisco, Skip is also a dockless scooter service providing company. Founded by Sanjay Dastoor, Matt Tran and Mike Wadhera, Skip offers its scooter sharing services in three locations. These locations are as follows Arlington, VA; Alexandra, VA and Washington, D.C.

Talking about its funding, the company has managed to get a funding of $6 million by implying different strategies. Initialized Capital led the funding by Alexis Ohanian and Ronny Conwell’s A capital. In June 2018, Skip raised an additional funding of $25 million during its Series A funding round. However, in December 2020, the company was acquired by a New York based micro mobility company, Helbiz. The company is now viewing to expand its business in other U.S. states too.

In addition to this, the company has also landed permits to operate in Portland. They are doing so under their new pilot program which aims at gauging how micro mobility services would thrive in big cities. Let us dig in further to learn more about the Skip App.

It is pretty simple and straightforward to use the Skip app just like all the other scooter rental apps. Users just have to install the app in their devices. Then locate the skip scooter near their location using the in-app map. Once located, they can scan its QR code using the app and they are ready to start their ride. Isn’t it easy?

What are some Key attributes of Skip App?

best scooter apps in 2021

Some key attributes of the Skip App includes –

  • In-app Map
  • Integrated social media to share with friends and family
  • Feature to schedule a ride in advance
  • QR code to unlock the scooter
  • Integrated payment gateway for seamless payments

How much Skip Charges to rent an e-scooter?

The base price for renting a Skip e-scooter is $1. However the charge per minute is slightly higher than the other scooter apps. It charges 25 cents per minute throughout the ride. To wrap it all up Skip is a pretty good choice if you are looking for a solid scooter rental service. However, there are certain drawbacks such as its limited service locations and slightly high charge than its peers.

5. Scoot

At number five on our list of best scooter apps is Scoot. Based in San Francisco, California, Scoot is an electric vehicle company, started in 2012. Under the pilot program, started by SFMTA, the company is one of the two operators of kick scooters in San Francisco. Bird is the parent company of Scoot. Scoot had been the first company to offer electric vehicle rental services through a mobile app. The company just started with 10 scooters, then slowly expanded its business to Barcelona and Chile by 2018. In Barcelona it had more than 1000 electric bikes in 2018. However, in 2019 Bird, one of its competitors acquired Scoot for an undisclosed amount.

Scoot is known to last mile transportation services to those in need of it. It is aiming to solve the problems related to urban transportation by introducing a new and advanced fleet of e-vehicles. Talking about its funding, it has a total funding of $38.3 Million. The most recent partners being Mahindra Partners and Vision Ridge Capital Partners.

Scoot is an excellent option for morning rides to offices or colleges. It is way more fun than ordinary boring bus and car rides. Also it is a much more sustainable option of transportation. 

These were our best scooter apps in 2021. Bearing in mind the growth and development of these scooter apps, if you wish to know more about the scooter apps then check out blog E-scooter App Development – An Ultimate Guide. This guide will help you to acknowledge the nitty-gritty of the development process of an e-scooter app.


1. What are e-scooters?

top e-scooter apps

E-scooters are dockless micro mobility vehicles that are used as a medium of transportation for travelling within the city. E-scooters have two wheels and a small motor. They are gaining a massive popularity in many places across the globe including San Francisco, Paris and Copenhagen. E-scooters are an excellent option for last mile transportation services. Furthermore, they are pretty affordable, fun and a much more sustainable option for commutation. This medium of micro-mobility transportation is rapidly growing because of its numerous benefits. Consequently, becoming a great business option. Many mobility businesses and startups have considered this aspect thus starting their own scooter rental services. 

2. Who can ride e-scooters?

scooter ride

E-scooters are currently legal in the USA and many other European countries. However, riding an e-scooter is illegal in the UK. You can buy one, but you cannot hang it on the roads, pavements, or sidewalks. Similarly, in California, you can not ride e-scooters on the sidewalks. Rules differ from place to place.

You have to be at least 18 years of age to ride an e-scooter. In addition to it, you need to have a valid driver’s license to ride an e-scooter. Furthermore, wearing a helmet while riding is also mandatory in many US states, including California. 

These dockless scooters that can park anywhere very quickly are in a huge trend right now. Mostly because they are very feasible, fun, and convenient to use. You can use these e-scooters to go to your office, supermarket, college, or maybe just for a fun ride. There are so many possibilities, and all of them are really fun! 

3. What are some top attributes of a scooter app?

features of scooter apps

  • Hassle free On-boarding Process

One must ensure that the onboarding process of their e-scooter is extremely easy and hassle free. This will make sure that users can create an account on your app pretty quickly and start using your services. Furthermore, you can even include an onboarding tutorial on the app to help the new users.

  • Smooth Locating of the e-scooters

The next most important feature of an e-scooter app is quick and easy e-scooter locating. The users must be able to find the e-scooter near their locality without any difficulty. Locating an e-scooter must not give them a hard time otherwise it will degrade the service of our e-scooter business. Thus an e-scooter app must be well equipped with this key attribute.

  • Seamless QR Code Scanner

Adding the QR code will help the users to effectively book the e-scooter using their smartphone cameras. It will be a great use of technology to simply this whole process. Also it will ensure that the process of booking an e-scooter through the app is pretty simple and straightforward. 

  • Easy Real-time Tracking of E-scooter

After users have done with their ride they will park their e-scooters in the parking area. Easy tracking of e-scooters will make sure that they are able to locate their parked e-scooters. Furthermore, it will also ensure that users can securely park their scooters without any further provocation.

  • Ride History

Ride history is generally one of the most underrated features of an e-scooter app. One must implement this feature during an e-scooter app development. This feature will enable the users to find out their past rides and the amount of money they spent on these rides. 

  • Integrated Payment Gateway

Another important feature of an e-scooter app. An e-scooter app must have a safe and secure payment option for its users to pay for their rides easily. Additionally, ensure that you are adding more than one payment option in your app. It will increase the productivity of your app enabling more and more users to use your e-scooter app. Paypal, Stripe, etc are some of the most trusted and known payment options available for in-app payments.

  • Push notifications

Push notifications is a vital attribute for your e-scooter app development. Through this feature, users can learn about any latest updates, any promotional offers etc very easily on the app. Additionally, this feature also enables the owners to engage their users on the e-scooter app by luring them with discounts and coupons.

  • Feedback Option for Customers

Constructive criticism is the key to a flourishing business. A rating and reviews option on the app will enable the users to share their experience of using your e-scooter services. Consequently, helping you to form better strategies and plans to cater the needs of your customers. 

  • Lucrative Promotional Offers

Promotional offers and discounts are a great way of marketing your e-scooter business. Through in-app promotional offers and discount codes you can keep you existing customers engaged on your app. Furthermore, it will also increase the customer base of your business. 

  • Smart Locks for E-scooters

Smart locks for e-scooters is a must. Customers can lock their e-scooters after finishing their rides through the app. So the next time someone has to use the e-scooter they will have to unlock it first through the QR code scanner. This feature will ensure a smooth user experience and will definitely boost your business. 

4. How to use an e-scooter app?

how to use scooter apps

How to ride an e-scooter? Well it is one of the most frequently asked questions. It is pretty simple to use a scooter app. Many apps come with an introductory video to help its new customer. In this next segment we have simplified this process into a few simple steps. So let us begin!

Steps to consider

  • First of all, you have to download the e-scooter app for your Android or iOS device. Once downloaded, you need to create an account on the app using your email.
  • Next, you will see an In-app map showing all the nearby scooters available to rent. Furthermore, You can also zoom in further to see details about the scooters, such as battery charge, etc.
  • Before renting the e-scooter, you have to add your credit card for payment. You can do so by going on the Settings option and then clicking on the Payment option.
  • Consequently, when you locate an e-scooter near you, just tap on the button to unlock it. After which, the app will ask you to snap a picture of the QR Code on the e-scooter.
  • However, if it is your first ride with any of the e-scooter services, sometimes you may be asked to scan your valid driver’s license. Now, you are ready to start your ride.
  • To start the e-scooter, you have to kick it three times and then push its throttle. You can squeeze with your right hand to accelerate and use your left hand to apply the brakes.
  • After completing your ride, you can park the scooter by the bike rack. Then tap on the button to lock the scooter. Consequently, the app will show you the ride time cost, which your previously added credit card will pay.

What is the cost of developing a scooter app?

development cost of scooter app

In this part of our blog, let us look at the cost of developing an e-scooter app. However, the answer is not that simple and straightforward. One has to consider a lot of factors to find out the actual price of development. Let us try to understand these factors one by one.

Many factors include Geographical location, Target Platform(Android or iOS), Integrated Technologies, and Features. Developing an app in the USA or Europe is relatively higher than creating an app anywhere else. Similarly, if your target platform is both Android and Apple, the cost of development would be higher in that case. The more advanced features, the more will be the cost of development.

Apart from UI/UX designing and front and back end development, testing tools also costs a lot. The cost of developing an app also depends on the fact that if it is a Native app or a Hybrid app. Considering all the factors, the cost of developing a Scooter sharing App with all the advanced features is around $30000 to $40000. 

But if budget is your obstruction, then you need not worry. With Idea Usher, you can get an innovative scooter sharing app developed within your budget without compromising on quality.

Choose Idea Usher to build a Robust Scooter Sharing App 

Scooter Apps are creating a buzz in the tech world. They are roaring in the market due to their high demand among customers. If you are thinking of building a solid and scalable e-scooter app, you are at the right place. Idea Usher is a leading software and app development company that designs web and mobile-based solutions for you.

From design to development, we have got you covered! Our team of best developers will guide you through each and every step of app development, be it designing or marketing your app. We will cater to all your needs and requirements to produce the best-customized solutions.

Furthermore, we use cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Development, and Machine Learning and complement them with human-centric UI/UX design to offer futuristic and result-driven solutions.

Our services are not just limited to just designing and developing your app. We offer our services post your app’s launch too. Furthermore, we will help you form effective PR strategies to boost your app’s performance in the market.

What are you waiting for then? Contact us today to get your dream project started! Also, do not forget to check out our portfolio and the comprehensive list of services we offer to our clients across the globe.

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Wrapping Up

This was all about scooter apps and their features and benefits. It is a complete guide to help you understand the underlying aspects of the e-scooter and e-vehicle development service market and how it operates. Similarly, we have seen a detailed comparison between the different scooter apps available in the market. We hope you like our blog – Best Scooter Apps in 2021 and it has helped in some way to choose the best scooter app for yourself.  Check out our other blogs related to scooter apps and scooter rental services HERE.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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