e-scooter app development

The E-scooter App Development industry has been supported by huge funding for a long time now. Partnerships as well as a well devised unique economy characterize the market of the electric scooters. With the help of higher revenue and entry of Uber and other services like lyft, it has become easier for the market to gain more and more access to the same. The domain has been evident as a pure market growth for a long haul. And events that you will find getting highlighted in the e-scooter app development guide

Build scooter sharing app with Idea Usher. In this guide, Idea Usher will help you to find out the ways through which you can develop an e-scooter application from scratch. The e-scooter app development industry has gradually increased and formed stronger. This is because a lot of people are availing e-scooter rides  which becomes easier for them to travel from one place to another. 

Being guaranteed high growth of the electric scooter market is a reader of a number of entrepreneurs who are increasing their gradual revenue. However the e-scooter market comes with a lot of drawbacks that we will discuss later in this article. But before we get started mini to help you understand the market structure and the size of the relevant plan. 

Let’s us take a walk through e-scooter app development industry.

e-scooter app development

The e-scooter app development industry has gradually increased and improved over the years. It is because a lot of people are shifting their base to travelling from one place to another with the help of e-scooters.  

It is because a lot of people can save on their monthly budget on fuel prices and on the other hand it helps them to keep their cars clean. If you talk about an e scooter then you might understand that traveling with the help of a scooter it’s much easier than traveling with the use of a cab. Scooters can get inside any short or narrow passages and help you to reach your destination right on time.  

The on-demand communication market is gradually increasing and this shows that a lot of people have expressed their concerns. Besides, the on-demand technology has positioned itself as the midas touch of the travel and commutation market. What started as a simple idea of enabling users to gain instant access to a mode of transport has become an issue of the billion dollar industry.  

The simplicity of requesting a ride  is easy if you have a smartphone. You just need to open the application and then book for the cab and you are done for the day. You can share a ride with a fellow traveller who is going in your direction and ease of booking a bike if you want to avoid heavy traffic around your area. Furthermore with the advent of technology the e-scooter industry is flourishing more than ever before. Read more here- How AI can help your e-scooter rental business?

The demand for on demand app bookings is gradually taking a steep turn!

The on-demand market for computation is reaching a valuable point where a lot of people are scoping and entering into booking applications like them. Now we need to talk about the scope of the e scooter app development into the market. For the phone sab business models operating under one sector it is important for the entrepreneurs to know the fair share of growth and demand all over in the market. It helps a person to understand the business opportunities in the future.  

It even allows a person to take basic risks  which can help them accordingly. The only man right services at the most common types of the four models of business commutation. Started by known brands such as the Lime scooter app, Uber or lyft, for these business models have flourished over the years.

To work in a partnership with the payment company in return of a percentage of the money being earned on every ride. On the other hand the right sharing has become an important option for a lot of people as well.  

The next popular mode of communication is that a millennium group of riders generally follow a right sharing application. A lot of people don’t want to pay the full amount of experiencing a generous ride. This is why millennials prefer something which can help them to budget their expenses.

The growing demand for e-scooters has motivated many mobility service providing apps like Uber to start their own micro-mobility venture. Furthermore, the introduction of e-scooters has set a new milestone in the field of micro-mobility solutions.

According to a survey the global micro-mobility market revenue is estimated to be about over 2.55 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. These numbers are enough for you to anticipate the vastness of the micro-mobility industry. Thus the demand for electric scooters app is increasing daily.

The four sub models of business commutation.

Besides the right sharing on demand model targets as one of the most attendant parts of the industry. In this case when users book a cab they are matched with people who are going in the same direction.  

Once you have similar people who are going in the same way the rider will start their journey.  It’s simple and made easy. E-scooter sharing app helps everyone to avoid particular traffic around the area. This on demand computation model is one of the ways through which you can do with cars and motorbikes. Under this model people can book e-scooters using applications and use them as a last mile option. 

E-scooters are the most recent addition to the industry. It helps everyone to dive into a model of this next generation in today’s world.  Besides a lot of people are shifting their base from Uber to e-scooter app development for a basic purpose. And health with management growth and alongside with it. 

The Induction and Growth of the On-demand Electric Scooter App Market.

e-scooter rental industry

It was started as a journey in the year of 2017. Ever since its appearance the idea of using e-scooters  have moved from point a to point b. The idea is received by a lot of candidates and they have shared their insights on the topic. Receiving a very high level of interest and enthusiasm coming in from end users was always on the proper look out of having a cost-effective travel management. This goes to a lot of billionaires who want to travel from one place to another.  

For example, if a person wants to travel from there tuition to their home and an e scooter app will do the deed. To win it is time for the news of e scooter app development to enter the on-demand market and spread like a wildfire. 

The e-scooters that micro-mobility companies use for their rental services are usually dockless. These e-scooters can zoom down the sidewalks at 25kph. Furthermore, these e-scooters have integrated with the best technology including GPS trackers and wireless connectivity.

E-scooters are an excellent solution to curb the growing traffic and pollution caused by vehicles. They are a more efficient, fun and sustainable option for travelling distances. Forget the boring morning rides to your office, with e-scooters you can make your morning rides more fun and happening!

Many companies have designed their own e-scooters for its rental services. Additionally, these e-scooters generally have a longer life span. They even have a durable body and airless tires.

For example the Bird Zero scooters developed by Bird are very well optimized for the rental service purpose since they are rent-by-minute scooters. Looking at the bird scooter statistics, it is one of the top competitor in the market. Bird scooter marketing strategy has succeeded in making it famous face in micro mobility market.

Read more about What is Bird App? How does Bird App Work? Bird Scooter App for Android and diy Bird Scooter 

What Does it Take to Develop an E-scooter App?

Let us dig deeper into the process of developing an e-scooter app. An e-scooter app development is a daunting process. It requires rich expertise to develop a robust e-scooter application. With Idea Usher you can develop the best e-scooter app which is not only scalable but also productive. Our experts will cater to all your needs and provide you with the best solutions.

Contact us today to know more and also do not forget to check out our e-scooter app development service page.

The e-scooter app must be packed with all the latest features. Furthermore, the app interface must be very engaging and fun to use. All the services must enlist on the dashboard so that it is easier to use the app even for the beginners.

Similarly, there should be an in-app chat support features or a digital assistant to help users with any queries or problems. This will ensure a better customer service experience making your app more productive and engaging to use.

Learn more about e-scooter sharing apps through this blog.

E-scooter App Development – A look at Its Key Features.

e-scooter app features

In this next segment of our blog we will look at the most important attributes of an e-scooter app. So let us begin!

  • On-boarding

One must ensure that the onboarding process of their e-scooter is extremely easy and hassle-free. This will make sure that users can create an account on your app pretty quickly and start using your services. Furthermore, you can even include an onboarding tutorial on the app to help the new users.

  • Locating the e-scooters

The next most important feature of an e-scooter app is quick and easy e-scooter locating. The users must be able to find the e-scooter near their locality without any difficulty. Locating an e-scooter must not give them a hard time otherwise it will degrade the service of our e-scooter business. Thus an e-scooter app must be well equipped with this key attribute.

  • QR Code Scanner

Adding the QR code will help the users to effectively book the e-scooter using their smartphone cameras. It will be a great use of technology to simply this whole process. Also it will ensure that the process of booking an e-scooter through the app is pretty simple and straightforward. 

  • Tracking E-scooter

After users have done with their ride they will park their e-scooters in the parking area. Easy tracking of e-scooters will make sure that they are able to locate their parked e-scooters. Furthermore, it will also ensure that users can securely park their scooters without any further provocation.

  • Ride History

Ride history is generally one of the most underrated features of an e-scooter app. One must implement this feature during an e-scooter app development. This feature will enable the users to find out their past rides and the amount of money they spent on these rides. 

  • Multiple Payment Options

Another important feature of an e-scooter app. An e-scooter app must have a safe and secure payment option for its users to pay for their rides easily. Additionally, ensure that you are adding more than one payment option in your app. It will increase the productivity of your app enabling more and more users to use your e-scooter app. Paypal, Stripe, etc are some of the most trusted and known payment options available for in-app payments.

Also make sure that the app remembers the last used payment options so that the next time anyone uses the app, it is easier for them to pay. 

  • Push notifications

Push notifications is a vital attribute for your e-scooter app development. Through this feature, users can learn about any latest updates, any promotional offers etc very easily on the app. Additionally, this feature also enables the owners to engage their users on the e-scooter app by luring them with discounts and coupons.

  • Reviews and Rating Option

Constructive criticism is the key to a flourishing business. A rating and reviews option on the app will enable the users to share their experience of using your e-scooter services. Consequently, helping you to form better strategies and plans to cater the needs of your customers. 

  • Promotional Offers

Promotional offers and discounts are a great way of marketing your e-scooter business. Through in-app promotional offers and discount codes you can keep you existing customers engaged on your app. Furthermore, it will also increase the customer base of your business. 

  • Smart Lock for E-scooters

Smart locks for e-scooters is a must. Customers can lock their e-scooters after finishing their rides through the app. So the next time someone has to use the e-scooter they will have to unlock it first through the QR code scanner. This feature will ensure a smooth user experience and will definitely boost your business. 

Besides these features, know more about the technologies beneficial for e-scooter app development through our blog- Why IoT will be essential for the e-scooter industry?

How Does an E-scooter App Work?

how to use e-scooter app

After skimming through top features of an e-scooter app let us find out how it actually works. We have divided this process into simple steps, so let us begin with the first step-


Before renting an e-scooter, you will first have to download the e-scooter app for your Android or iOS device. Once you have downloaded the app, you need to create an account on the app. You can create an account by using your email address.


Next, you will see an In-app map with all the nearby e-scooters available to rent. You can zoom in further to see all the details, such as battery charge, etc., of any of the e-scooter.


Before renting the e-scooter, you have to add your credit card for payment. You can do so by going on the Settings option and then clicking on the Payment option.


Consequently, when you find any e-scooter near you, just tap on the button to unlock it. After which, the app will ask you to snap a picture of the QR Code on the e-scooter.


However, if it is your first ride with any of the e-scooter services, you may be asked to scan your valid driver’s license. With this done now, you are ready to start your ride on your e-scooter.


To start the e-scooter, you have to kick it three times and then push the throttle button. You have to squeeze with the right hand to accelerate and apply the brake with the left hand.


When done with your ride, you can park it by the bike rack. Just make sure that you are not parking it on the road where it can block the public pathway.


If you are done with your ride and want to end, it just opens the app and tap on the button to lock the e-scooter. Consequently, the app will show you the ride time cost, which your previously added credit card will pay.

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What is the Cost of an E-scooter App Development?

e-scooter app cost

In this next segment of our blog, let us look at the cost of developing an e-scooter app. We have to consider a lot of other factors to find out the actual price of development.

These factors include Geographical location, Target Platform(Android or iOS), Integrated Technologies, and Features. Developing an app in the USA or Europe is relatively higher than creating an app anywhere else. Similarly, if your target platform is both Android and Apple, the cost of development would be higher in that case. The more advanced features, the more will be the cost of development.

Apart from UI/UX designing and front and back end development, testing tools also costs a lot. The cost of developing an app also depends on the fact that if it is a Native app or a Hybrid app. 

Considering all the factors, the cost of developing a Food Delivery App with all the features is around $30000 to $40000. 

But if budget is your constraint, then you need not worry. With Idea Usher, you can create innovative online food delivery service apps within your budget without compromising quality.

Developing a robust E-scooter App with Idea Usher.

E-scooter Apps are becoming a new trend in the tech world. They are creating a roar in the market due to their high demand among the people. If you are thinking of building a solid and scalable e-scooter app, you are at the right place. Idea Usher is a leading software and app development company that designs web and mobile-based solutions for you.

From design to e-vehicle app development, we have got you covered! Our team of best developers will guide you through each and every step of app development, be it designing or marketing your app. We will cater to all your needs and requirements to produce the best-customized solutions.

Furthermore, we use cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Development, and Machine Learning and complement them with human-centric UI/UX design to offer futuristic and result-driven solutions.

Our services are not just limited to just designing and developing your app. We offer our services post your app’s launch too. Furthermore, we will help you form effective PR strategies to boost your app’s performance in the market.

What are you waiting for then? Contact us today to get your dream project started! Also, do not forget to check out our portfolio and the comprehensive list of services we offer to our clients across the globe.

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Wrapping up

There are so many solid reasons that make this a more sustainable and better option in the field of mobility and our environment. Since it causes less pollution and is extremely easy to use, the reasons behind its success and popularity are pretty obvious.  

Furthermore, the rides are so much more joyful than regular car or bus rides. Henceforth all the above given reasons work as additional perks of using the e-scooter rides.

However, at times there have been some minor and major accidents that have been caused by these e-scooters. But the need of the hour is that companies should make sure that they are upgrading their e-scooter technology regularly. Thus, this will help to ensure that the e-scooter rides are safer and smoother all the time. 

The ever growing buzz of e-scooters has invited other companies also to do better in the micro-mobility field. Hence, it is evident from the fact that the e-scooter app competitors are on a sudden surge. Micro mobility companies such as Lime, Uber and Bird are giving tough competition to each other in terms of services and productivity.

Consequently, other mobility industries have also seen this as an opportunity to expand their realm from mobility services to micro-mobility services. Thus, the competition among them is rising day by day. These companies need to be in sync with the latest technology and introduce better options every day only then they can ensure a position in this competitive market. Also this shift from mobility to micro-mobility services will be beneficial to not just the general public but also to the environment as a whole.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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