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12 money-making mobile business ideas: Business model + Cost of app development

The spread of COVID-19 is global. It has affected the world in many different ways. One of them is the sudden shift in the commerce industry. It is all now online. 

It could only happen because of technological advancements. Businesses saved themselves from sinking by setting up their platforms online. 

The best way of doing that was by setting up an app. There are many advantages offered by an app – 

  • Wider reach: with just one click, your platform is available to millions of people.
  • Fewer resources: having online platforms welcomes fewer resources, such as labor and workplace.
  • Less contact: there is much less human contact involved (which is the need of the hour in today’s pandemic situation).

After looking at these points, we can easily tell that a mobile app idea for an online business is good. So if you have been trying to get into this venture or are now convinced to, we have a list of top mobile business ideas that you can consider!

12 Mobile Business Ideas

#1 Dating or Matrimony App

dating app in mobile business ideas

About: Almost 75% of young individuals use dating apps. It is one of the most simple app ideas that make money. 

Dating apps offer a virtual platform where people can find partners. Many filters like location, preference, etc. help make the search easier. Examples of such apps include Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid

Features: Some of the basic features that a dating app should include are – 

  • User profile
  • Location
  • Matching – here, the user can look at other profiles and match with or unmatch with them.
  • In-built chat
  • Social Media integration
  • Push notifications
  • Settings

Cost: The app’s cost structure naturally depends on the list of features you plan on adding. Do remember to follow a basic setup before launching your app. For example, an in-chat part is a must in the basic model of your app, whereas you can add the ads feature later. 

The approximate cost model looks like this – 

  • IOS Development: $35,000
  • Native Android: $30,000
  • Hybrid App: $50,000

#2 Music Streaming App

music streaming app

About: A music streaming app is one of the best mobile business ideas. One can use such an app for listening to and downloading music easily. Some apps also offer other features such as podcasts and live concerts. Examples include Spotify, Amazon Music, and Wynk.

Features: A music app should include the following features –

  • Music categories
  • Personalized playlists
  • The availability of songs, both online and offline.
  • Updates and notifications
  • Subscriptions

Cost: A music streaming app does not cost that much to build. Hence, it can be considered as a great mobile app ideas for students. It roughly costs around $10,000-$15,000.

#3 Fitness App

mobile business idea fitness app

About:  Finding fitness solutions online has become a trend. A fitness app lets you do just that. It is one of the simple android app ideas where a user can find trainers, exercises, diet schedules, and much more in one app. Some of the favorite fitness apps in the market are MyFitnessPal, Runtastic, and 30 Day Fitness at Home.

Features: Must-have features include – 

  • Creation of accounts
  • Integration with other social media accounts for easier login.
  • Adding personal information, such as age, gender, weight, height, etc.
  • Notifications
  • Setting targets.
  • Settings
  • Integration with other fitness devices such as fitness watches.
  • Activity tracking
  • Location

Cost: As discussed before, an app’s primary value depends on the number of features involved. But a basic model of a fitness app prices somewhere around $4,000-$10,000.

#4 Communication App

communication app

About: A communication app is one of the most fantastic mobile business ideas in today’s market. This platform gives users the ability to communicate and exchange information with their friends or teammates. Famous examples are Whatsapp, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram

Features: Basic features include – 

  • Privacy
  • Chat backup and cloud synchronization
  • It’s not that common yet, but the ability to chat in offline mode would give your app a significant boost.
  • Sharing of information such as images, videos, and links.

Cost: For one of the most fabulous android app ideas for beginners, communication apps can be a little costly. The rough estimate ranges from $20,000-$30,000.

#5 Wellness App

wellness app mobile business ideas

About: A wellness app provides online health-services to its users. It is an up and coming sector in the mobile apps industry and hence one of the simplest android app ideas. Examples of wellness apps – Meditopia, Flo, and Headspace.

Features: Features of a wellness app depends on which kind of app you are planning to build. Whether it’s an exercise app, a calorie tracking app, or a meditation app. But some very basic features that you may include are – 

  • A pedometer
  • Water intake tracker
  • Step counter
  • Sleep calculator
  • Location tracking
  • Notifications
  • Basic profile building

Cost: An average health and wellness app can cost you around $4,50,000.

#6 Home Services App

home service apps

About: A home services app is also one of the trendiest mobile business ideas. Such apps allow their users to get on-demand home services done, such as repair work and cleaning. Some examples are Urbanclap, Taskrabbit, and HouseJoy.

Features: primary features include –

  • Payment portal
  • Notifications
  • Categorized services
  • Location integration
  • Built-in chat feature

Cost: An on-demand home service app is a great example of simple app ideas that make money. The costing backs it up. Rough estimate concludes $10,000-$15,000.

#7 Courier Delivery App

courier delivery app mobile business ideas

About: As the name suggests, a courier delivery app provides you with postal and courier services. Some famous courier delivery apps currently are Bluedart, DHL, and FedEx.

Features: There are different types of courier delivery apps,  but the most common elements in all of them are – 

  • Chat feature
  • Different packaging options
  • Tracking of the packages
  • Notifications
  • Payment portals

Cost: A courier delivery app is one of the best android app ideas for beginners. The costing ranges from $10,000-$15,000. 

#8 Gaming App

gaming app

About: Gaming apps are somewhat like live-streaming apps. They allow users to play virtual reality games. Some apps even offer a range of multiple games that the user can choose. Trending gaming apps are Amongus, Pokemon Go, and Candy Crush.

Features: Features of a good gaming app –

  • Graphics
  • In-chat feature
  • Sound effects
  • Customer support
  • Categories of games (if multiple)

Cost: A mobile app development for a gaming app can cost you around $2,50,000-$5,00,000

#9 Car Repair App

car repair app

About: Car servicing apps provide on-demand mechanical repairs to its users. They are an excellent example of mobile business ideas. Some useful car servicing apps are GoMechanic, Fuelly, and Drivvo.

Features: Many features that an on-demand car servicing app should include are – 

  • Payment portals
  • Location accuracy
  • In-chat feature
  • Live tracking
  • Notifications

Cost: Car servicing apps are part of the simple app ideas that make money. But they can be a little costly to develop. Approximately $30,000-$35,000.

#10 Cooking and Recipes App

cooking app

About: A cooking recipe app is one of the freshest mobile business ideas. In a cooking and recipe app, the user can easily access several recipes and cooking videos. They can even upload their content. Examples are Yummly and Youmiam.

Features: A good cooking app should have the following features – 

  • Profile 
  • Search option
  • Categories 
  • Subscription
  • Nutrition facts
  • Save button
  • Sharing option
  • Notifications

Cost: A cooking app is an excellent example of mobile app ideas for students. Even the price of development isn’t that high. It goes about $3000-$12000

#11 Edtech App

edtech app

About: Ed-tech stands for education technology. An ed-tech app provides students with various online learning opportunities. Some favorite ed-tech apps are Brainly, Unacademy, and Learn next.

Features: There is a basic frame of features that an ed-tech app should have – 

  • Profile
  • In-chat feature
  • Uploading and downloading of notes
  • ‘Save’ option for videos.
  • Online and offline mode
  • Notifications
  • Subscriptions
  • Group mode
  • Payment portals

Cost: The app-development can cost you around $15,000-$20,000.

#12 Travel And Tourism App

travel and tourism app

About: A travel and tourism app is one of the trending android app ideas for beginners. In such an app, the user can look for and book travel packages, flights, hotels, etc. Some favorite travel apps are Makemytrip and Airbnb.

Features: Added features depend on the kind of app that you are building, but main features include –

  • Profile
  • Location
  • Customer care center
  • In-chat features 
  • Time converter
  • Language translation
  • Trip reviews 
  • Bookings 

Cost: A travel and tourism app can cost from somewhere around $1,000-$25,000. It is a great area, and one of the best app ideas for a beginner to explore.


Mobile app development is a significant sector to explore with millions of opportunities. It offers tremendous growth and progress.

If you still have any queries, contact us here at Idea Usher. Our tech experts can help you with all your doubts. 

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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