Top 10 NFT game apps 2021

If you surf around the internet, you must have come across the term  “NFT”. The new trend encapsulates almost every sector and is humongous beneficial for artists and collectors.
But do you need to be an expert to understand NFT?

What is NFT, and how are people making millions out of it? How did Jack Dorsey’s first tweet get sold for 2.9 million dollars? What can you do to make money out of this? NFT in the gaming sector and top 10 NFT game apps in 2021?

What is NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens; it’s an implementation of blockchain technology just like cryptocurrency is. Non-fungible can be defined as when an object can’t be swapped for another item because it is one of a kind. For example, one piece of art is not equal to another one as they have unique properties.

On the other hand, fungible items are interchangeable and can be divided into smaller units to form the same value.
For example:-
A 100£ note can be divided into two 50£ notes or four 20£ notes; hence it is fungible. And since a painting can’t be divided into parts and form in bulk later, it is non-fungible.

NFT helps you turn your digital assets into one kind by creating a unique digital signature that defines the ownership of a person’s assets that can be bought and sold for real money, either in cryptocurrency or another non-fungible investment.

Each NFTs contain distinguishable information like who owns the digital asset and previously sold it, making them distinct and easily verifiable.

How NFT works? And the problem it solves

NFTs are tokens that reside on a blockchain that represents ownership of unique items. Why is it helpful? Because tracking who owns a digital file is tricky because it can be copied and distributed effortlessly. So, how can you establish who the original owner is? NFT solves this problem.

For example, you make digital art a painting to be more specific on your computer. You can create an NFT out of this. The NFT assigned to your art contains some information about it, such as a unique fingerprint of a file ( also known as hash), a token name, a symbol. This token is then kept on a blockchain, and you, the artist, walk around as the owner.

Now you can sell that token by creating a transaction on that blockchain. The blockchain reassures that this information can not at all be tampered with and keeps it secure. It also allows you to track the current owner of a token and how much it has been sold in the past.

It’s important to know artwork itself hasn’t been stored in the blockchain or the NFT but only its attributes, such as a unique fingerprint(hash), symbol, and a token.

NFT and the gaming world: Top 10 NFT game apps in 2021

NFT has a notable impact on the gaming world. The term ‘play to earn’ for NFT games is now a trend; it allows gamers more involvement and control creating a blockchain-based game that is subsequently tied to a digital asset-based economy. But in order to play games longer, students order the completion of their homework on the writing service Cryptocurrency is used to pay gamers.

Gamers can earn by making digital objects such as swords, helmets, shields, etc., for a game and sell them to the highest bidder. This helps gamers to enhance their creativity in the gaming sector and even getting paid for it. In 2020 and 2021, there is a massive spike in the number of people engaging in these top 10 NFT games mentioned below.

1. Axie Infinity

This tops our list of top 10 NFT game apps 2021 because of its popularity and large fan base. An essential part of this game is digital pets called Axis. Axie Infinity sits at the frontline of the ‘play to earn’ model, where players fully own the in-game assets.

As expected, those virtual pets are tradeable on Ethereum NFT marketplaces, and the rate of each of them relies upon their rareness and specific traits.

To begin gambling the game, you need to buy three Axis. For every quest, player-versus-player (PVP) battle, and journey mode you scale, you acquire Smooth Love Portion (SLP) – the platform’s local ERC-20 application token – as a reward.

For each try to breed a brand new Axie, you ought to pay a particular quantity of SLPs, which you could additionally buy at exchanges. Another ERC20 token local to Axie Infinity is Axis Infinity Shard (AXS), which has capabilities because of the platform’s governance token. It will even anchor the game’s staking carrier scheduled to stay in some unspecified time in the future in 2021. It is accessible on Windows, IOS, MAC and Android.

2. Nine Chronicles

It’s free to play a role-playing game, but this has a technical twist. Like other Role-playing games, you play as an adventurer: collecting loot, killing monsters, battling other players, and exploring a vast fantasy world.

But what makes Nine Chronicles different is what’s underneath. It’s formed on a peer-to-peer network of gamers and miners, somewhat like Bit torrent.

This means that just any one company doesn’t own a central server. In speculation, the whole online world will continue to exist as long as there are players.
It is playable on Windows, and its steam early access is coming soon.

3. Town Star

This cut-throat farming sim is developed by the creative minds behind Farmville and Words with friends. Town star runs on a six-day cycle. Each Tuesday, the world map is reset, and all the players start from zero. You are building your farm, hiring workers, selling, and trading your way to becoming the most productive and successful farmer in the world.

At the climax of each cycle, the top farmer wins gala tokens, NFTs, and more. The competition in this game is growing at a rocket speed considering its great prize pools, which can be of a million$ ( Prize pool of May 2021). Town Star’s beta version can be played on any modern browser.

4. Lost Relics

This is an ARPG (Action Role Playing Game) following the tradition of Diablo (another popular game). Complete quests, kill monsters (enemies), conquer dungeons, and collect the rarest of loots.

And these loots come in two ways: blockchain and virtual. Virtual items are those with which we’re all familiar, such as weapons, armors, and accessories, which are controlled and maintained by the game’s developer.

Blockchain objects, on the other hand, are decentralized; a gamer is free to use, trade, sell, transfer and even discard them, and the developer can’t do anything about it.

Lost Relics is free to play with an option for a paid membership to unlock perks.
The pre-alpha version is available for Mac and Windows. But player slots are limited.

5. Splinterlands

Can you recall how easy it was to trade physical cards of games like pokemon and WWE? Well, the Splinterlands is exactly that but in digital form. You build your deck with different fighters, abilities, and stats. Then you battle other players on the battlefield.

For every victory, your rank increases, unlocking higher-level cards and more rewards. What separates Splinterlands and secures its spot in our top 10 NFT game apps 2021 is that the cards are NFTs. This means that players own the cards and have the freedom to trade, buy, sell and pay them whatever they prefer. Splinterlands is available on PC, Mac, and iOS.

6. Sorare

When it comes to talking about football, there is nothing else like a European fan base.
So rare is another card collecting game. Imagine a 5-A side fantasy football on a global scale. It features footballers from different leagues around the world.

Using the sorare cards, you can build your virtual team and join active leagues. The cards are an XP based on the player’s performance in real-life football matches. With every point gained, your team becomes stronger; this gives you a chance to compete in higher divisions and win bigger prizes.

One of Cristiano Ronaldo’s cards got sold for 300,000$, making it the most expensive card sold in the NFT marketplace. With 135 licensed football clubs, covering 23 leagues. Sorare is playable on any browser.

7. League of Kingdoms

It’s a typical browser MMO strategy where you form a kingdom, train troops, form alliances, and compete against other players.

What qualifies League of Kingdoms in our top 10 NFT game apps 2021 is how it implements blockchain technology to engage users.
All the properties, such as lands in the game, are real estate NFTs stored in the Ethereum blockchain. You can build, sell and buy lands.
Governance players can choose leaders and vote on the mechanics or features they want to see in the next update.
League of Kingdoms is playable on any modern browser, iOS, and Android.

8. Zed Run

It might sound a bit gross, but this is a horse racing game on the blockchain. Designing a horse race is just the tip of an iceberg because what’s more to it is the breeding of horses. The aim that a gamer should set in his mind is to breed the fastest and strongest horses.
Every single horse in this game is an NFT that has unique DNA. This DNA establishes the horse’s power, speed, and other racing abilities, including rarity and bloodline. This game can be played for Android users and can also be played on browsers.

9. Crypto Fights

This is a fighting game where a player gets to earn rewards on victories. Dungeons and dragons inspire its program. There are one-on-one matches, tournaments, and face-offs, which are later unlocked as you progress—starting in a story mode and unlocking weapons and other items. This game’s open beta version is accessible by PC and Android.

10. The Six Dragons

Surprisingly generated dungeons, crafting your own items and waking up in a world that demands exploration, roaming around in the virtual area of 256 square kilometers.

In this game, you can create an item, register it as an NFT, and then you can sell it for a fair amount. Seeing its popularity and gamers increasing hype with creating virtual game items, this easily became a good source of entertainment and earning at the same time. Easily be playable on PC and the upcoming PS5 version by the end of 2021.

Here’s top 5 upcoming NFT games of 2022.


Crypto game and media

There are many different opinions on NFT that prove NFT is a success in generating hype and heading towards being a part of our daily life someday in the future. 

Forbes claimed this year that in the span of three months, the market cap of major NFTs have grown to 1785%

If we will talk just numbers, then NFT is an excellent opportunity for not only artists and gamers but also for people who are looking to start a new business from scratch.

Do I have to learn coding to make an NFT game?

Yes, a person must know how to write good code to build a good app. But thanks to some companies that can keep an ordinary person’s dream alive without writing a single line of code, you may create an application. If you have the idea of a game and want to develop its website or an app but don’t know where to begin or not knowing how to, we are happy to help you.

Why Idea Usher?

A simple answer is that we are not new at this and have experience working with 100+ clients worldwide.

  • Professional team for every task.
  • Post app development support means we’ll be there if something goes wrong.
  • Affordable price and treating the client’s priority as ours, yes, you are essential.
  • Valuing design, we have an entirely different perspective on design, considering it as one of the most crucial parts of app development.

Build Better Solutions With Top Developers

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1) Do you integrate the API? Do you integrate smart contracts?

Yes, we can integrate the API and Smart Contracts to the NFT Platform.

2) How does the download and purchase aspect work?

Users can download the software, create a wallet on it and then send some ETH to that wallet.

4) Is there the ability to integrate not only NFT’s but also standard media purchasing?

Apart from the NFT’s, I can also integrate Standard Media Purchasing to your platform.

5) What are available payment types, crypto wallets compatible, and gateway integrations included in the price or not?

They can buy ETH with a credit card on exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, or Binance. Once the transaction is complete and verified, they can send it to your NFT.

6) Do I need a team to maintain the app?

The product we’ll be delivering to you will be a full-fledged product which wouldn’t require a special team to maintain.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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