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We all know how easy our lives have become since the inception of useful applications. Can you imagine a time without food delivery apps? Or a life without an on-demand cab application like Uber? Well, the answer’s no – at least from our end. 

Apart from replacing the traditional methods of doing things, applications have also opened doors for new opportunities. For instance, instead of YOU finding food trucks, FOOD TRUCKS find you. 

Result? Customers get to have a tummy-full of their favorite food, and vendors can earn more than they usually do (because of higher visibility). Thus, such an app for food truck offers a win-win situation to every party involved. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 apps for food trucks that will help you find what you want – fantastic food and customers. So, without further ado, let’s discuss them and see what they bring to the table.

  1. 1. Truckster – The Best App For Food Truck 
  2. 2. Roaming Hunger – Find, Book, and Promote Via Food Trucks
  3. 3. StreetFoodFinder – An App For Food Truck In Select Cities
  4. 4. FoodPops – Real-Time Food Truck Finder
  5. 5. FoodTrux – A New App For Food Truck 
  6. How to Make Your Own App For Foodtruck?
  7. FAQs

1. Truckster – The Best App For Food Truck 

TrucksterNeed to check out food trucks or the upcoming events? Truckster got your back! It is a one-stop application that shows the nearby trucks, breweries, and events – all in one place. As a customer, you can find and track live locations of food trucks to see which ones are operating near you. Moreover, you can filter out your map results by searching availability and day-wise. 

Here’s how it works – once you pick your favorite food truck, you can order from the platform and skip the long queues. You can also look at the reviews and pictures given by other people and leave your own too. Thus, it maintains transparency and lets you see before you buy. Additionally, it also enables you to share the breweries, trucks, and upcoming events with your friends – because happiness is only real when shared.

As a food-trucker or vendor, you can leverage this platform to find new customers and earn more bucks! It also allows you to cater to events without any on-site kitchen requirements. Thus, it helps both customers and vendors try something new. The services are available in Colorado’s front range, Austin, and Portland.

2. Roaming Hunger – Find, Book, and Promote Via Food Trucks

Roaming HungerFounded in 2009, Roaming Hunger is an app for food truck. It allows users to find and book food trucks for their street food cravings and upcoming events. You can use their interactive map and refine the search by choosing your preferred time, that is as follows:

    • Breakfast (5 -11 AM)
    • Lunch (11 AM – 4 PM)
    • Dinner (4 – 9 PM)
    • Late night (9 PM – 3 AM)
    • Tomorrow

However, this platform is not just limited to using food trucks for meals and catering. It also offers unique marketing campaigns that are customized to your goals. Through RMNG (Roaming Hunger’s Experiential Marketing Agency), brands can draw customers’ attention in a big way and engage thousands of audiences at once.

Thus, if you’re a customer looking for yummy food, or a brand looking to market your business in a unique way, Roaming Hunger can be your best bet. 

3. StreetFoodFinder – An App For Food Truck In Select Cities

StreetFoodFinderIf you’re in Ohio, Raleigh, LA, Phoenix, Nashville, Tampa, you can effortlessly locate the best food trucks in your area with this app. It offers an easy-to-use interface and lets you find, book, and schedule the available food truck options. Moreover, if you wish to plan ahead, this application got your back! It provides and updates food truck schedules every week so that users can book as per their convenience and needs. 

Although it only offers basic features, it is all set to make its application all-inclusive. As of now, you can look up “What’s Open” to find the food trucks that are operating today. You can also choose the Map or the “Vendor’s List” to pick your favorite one. The Vendor’s List also displays whether the food trucks are hosting any events in the near future. Once you choose a food truck, you can view the directions and reach the location without any hassle. 

Moreover, as the application is relatively new compared to the others, it keeps releasing new and updated versions. This ensures that it maintains healthy competition amongst other food truck apps. 

4. FoodPops – Real-Time Food Truck Finder


Do you find it hard to schedule a food truck due to dynamic factors such as weather, traffic, etc.? Well, with FoodPops being in the picture, you can forget all of those troubles. This app for food truck offers maps that are synced automatically in real-time. The app only shows information related to “today” and “tomorrow” so that the users get accurate data.

Here’s how the app works – it gives you comprehensive and updated information pertaining to all the food trucks in major cities, such as Boston, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Cleveland, Columbus, and many more. Moreover, this application is known for its user-friendliness and simplicity. If you want to list your truck on their platform, you can get in touch with them and reach thousands of customers. 

Thus, FoodPops can be your go-to option when you want to be certain about the food truck’s schedule. 

5. FoodTrux – A New App For Food Truck 


If you’re looking for a GPS powered food truck app that shows real-time updates, FoodTrux can be an excellent addition to your apps list. It helps you find food trucks that provide great food and ambiance to uplift your spirits. Check out the best food trucks in town, along with their menu, schedules, and location. 

The application has useful features and works in a simple way. All you need to do is create an account and look up food trucks in Map or List view. Moreover, you can filter out your results cuisine-wise, so you can eat exactly what you’re craving. The best part about this food truck app is that it offers multiple features. For instance, food truck locations, turn-by-turn directions, menu selections, daily specials, promotions, and so on.

Additionally, you can also check back often for new market launches, and locations as this application is all set to expand all over the United States. 

How to Make Your Own App For Foodtruck?

After going through the article, we’re sure you have some great new apps to get your hands on. However, if you’re a food-trucker or a budding entrepreneur looking to make your own food truck app, you must ensure that your app is packed with features. After all, your application can either make or break your business. 

But how do you get started?

Well, when you find the right team of developers, you’re halfway there. And here’s the good news – you happen to have accomplished half your goal already!

Our applications are thoughtfully designed by keeping all your requirements in mind. By complementing cutting edge technologies with a great UI/UX, we ensure that your end-users love your application.

Get in touch with us and start working on your dream project today! Do not forget to check out our portfolio of Mobile Apps here.


1. Is there an app that shows where food trucks are located?

Apps like StreetFoodFinder, FoodPops, FoodTrux, etc., can be used to locate food trucks.

2. What are the apps that should be used by a food trucker?

Food truckers can use Square, Truckily, and other food truck apps such as Roaming Hunger, etc., to find new customers and manage their business.

3. How does Roaming Hunger work?

Roaming Hunger allows people to find food truck in real time, advertise food trucks, and book trucks for events.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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