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In a shoppable video, the customers can see a variety of products, and when they select a certain product they can just click on the video. Links are embedded into the video which takes the customer directly to the buy now page of the select product. This delights customers with an immersive shopping experience and improves their understanding of products before they proceed to purchase. In this blog, we will look at the top shoppable video apps across the globe and what they offer. 

Video marketing is not a fresh concept. But, with increasing video consumption worldwide thanks to cheaper internet, new tools & apps are emerging to shape online marketing trends. As per a Yans Media report, adult users spend at least 30 minutes daily watching videos (in the U.S) via smartphones. And, 92% of the videos consumed through mobile devices get shared with others.

What Exactly Is A Shoppable Video?

Shoppable videos have gained popularity, where consumers can go through the visuals of various products, often laced with some entertainment. If something catches their attention, they can click on the video (where clickable links are already embedded). Subsequently, they are redirected to another page. They can find additional information about the product, and if they are content with it, they can proceed to buy it online.

In easy words, a shoppable video app is an excellent way for brands to generate sales instantaneously. 

Top 9 Shoppable Video Apps: 

There are many shoppable video apps in the market right now, out of them we have selected the top performers. Here is the list: 

1. Bambuser

Founded in 2019, Bambuser, a Swedish company, has already impacted this domain. Companies like Samsung have used Bambuser’s shoppable video model to boost customer engagement and sales. 

Bambuser also de-limits the boundaries of eCommerce with interactive elements on their app like a customizable player, in-player cart, live chat, live scheduling, and analytics

They offer 3 subscription plans Lite, Standard, and Enterprise with their own perks.

2. Smartzer

smartzer app

Smartzer helps businesses create shoppable videos by adding another layer on top of an existing video. This layer has a link (for products) embedded in it. When the consumer clicks on this link, it takes them to the store page of the product. From there on, it is a normal eCommerce buying experience. 

A fun feature about Smartzer is that you can actually shop while still watching the livestream. This gives the buyer a sense of engagement which he/she lacks in a bland online shopping experience. 

The layer that Smartzer adds on top of the video has “interactive hotspots” where people can instantly add the product to the cart. It also integrates with various other eCommerce apps like Shopify, Shopifyplus, Woocommerce, Magneto, etc. 

You have to only tag your content once. It implies that after you do it once, the app does the rest for you from the next time. It will automatically create tagged and optimized interactive content that can easily be shared through various social media sites, eCommerce stores, ad campaigns, etc. 

Smartzer has a massive 50% engagement rate, with a 15% click-through rate, and a 4X conversion increase. 

It is definitely one of the best shoppable video apps out there. 

3. LiveScale

livescale app

LiveScale is gaining traction as a video shoppable application that leverages influencer live-streaming. It focuses on offering a customizable experience to the users to boost product sales. Founded in 2016, it comes with a unique approach to sell products through shoppable videos. 

By revolutionizing the way brands establish, engage, and sell to their target communities, Livescale is adapting to the video-driven landscape. It’s a consumer-focused company that’s proud of having created a robust white-label, multi-cloud software with a soul.

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4. MikMak

shoppable video app mikmak

MikMak is a leading mobile video shopping app for eCommerce acceleration for multi-channel brands. It aims to provide analytics & eCommerce enablement software to aid product manufacturers better understand consumer sentiment. 

MikMak produces content for all its retail partners (for free) and charges a fraction for each successful sale made from its platform. As MikMak bears the entire production costs, the commission per sale is naturally a bit more than the competing third-party distribution platforms.

The brands can really impress the customers with the MikMak way, which actually hires comedians and entertainers to produce & host a majority of the videos. 


ntwrk app

Inside the NTWRK app, people can watch a plethora of live shows and even get their hands on virtual tickets. These tickets allow them to enter a lottery-style scenario where they can win a chance to purchase highly sought-after items/products. The best brands, including Jordan, Adidas, Off-White, Nike, Supreme, Louis Vuitton, Yeezy, Rolex, etc., are present on NTWRK.

top ntwrk app features

NTWRK provides 4 main features to its users, these are:

  1. Daily Episodes: Regular episodes, and content published by popular creators globally. 
  2. Buy Limited Edition Stuff: The influencers often drop limited edition products and exclusive merchandise on NTWRK. These merchandises do not retail on any other store other than NTWRK. 
  1. Virtual Festivals: you can attend virtual programs with live chats, musical performances, etc. all while shopping. It makes for an online carnival-like experience
  1. Coveted Sales: You can win a chance to buy collectible items like rare art, or limited-edition sneakers. 

NTWRK is a mobile-first video shoppable app. It is available both on the Apple app store and the google play store. 

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6. PopShop Live 

popshop live app

PopShop live is an iOS exclusive shoppable video app that can be used by creators to retail a brand’s merchandise. They can upload all the product details and create their own storefront. 

You can even use PopShop Live to schedule your content in advance. PopShop live also handles the payment, and the delivery part after the purchase, so that you can give undivided attention to growing your brand on the app. 

7. Spin Live

Spin Live works like any other shoppable video app. But, what makes it special is the sense of urgency that it is able to create. Spin leverages impulsive buying. 

Here’s how Spin Live functions:

  1. Watch: Users watch their favorite influencers & brands demonstrate products live.
  1. Ask: How many times do we have a question in our mind about a product? A Spin Live user can query the influencers during the live demo to clear all doubts.
  1. Shop: Users can lap up the best deals that they won’t find elsewhere (limited inventory).
  1. Revisit Later: It’s okay if a user is busy. He/she can catch a Spin Live for 48 hours & shop accordingly.

Furthermore, it even integrates with Shopify to auto-sync product details while looking after order management. 

8. Yeay

shoppable video app yeay

Yeay is an unlikely app to feature in this list and it is primarily used by Gen Z. However, this makes it lucrative to sell affordable and cool products that appeal to the youth. It follows the word-of-mouth approach!

It allows its users to speak out about their favorite products to the community and create recommendation videos. The best part is that if someone purchases the product from any of those videos, the creator gets a small commission as a reward! This strategy also explains why Yeay’s primary user base is Gen Zs. 

9. Promo

promo app

The last inclusion in our list is Promo. Promo works in exactly the same way as other shoppable video apps, it allows you to embed links on a video which can then be integrated into your eCommerce store or any social media app. 

It is extremely easy to use, making it accessible and usable by all age groups in the eCommerce business. Promo pulls videos and images seamlessly from a brand’s store and creates an optimized, shoppable video out of it. 

It is completely free to use and can easily be integrated with the Shopify eCommerce store plugin. This allows it to be adopted by people who have already set up their eCommerce store. 

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3 Types Of Video Shopping Apps

Entrepreneurs looking to try out dive into live-stream commerce must know that there are three options to choose from:

3 types of shoppable video apps

1. Dedicated Shoppable Video Apps

Well, this genre includes all the apps that we had discussed just now. Buyers can scroll through the videos or presentations of products (often done by influencers/artists). If they wish to order a product, clicking on the video will straightway take them to the product details page.  

These apps often offer exciting deals or limited products that create a buzz.

2. Social Media Apps With Shopping Capabilities

Apps like Instagram, Tiktok, etc., come under this category. They already host biggies like Walmart, Amazon, Fitch, etc. For newbie brands testing waters, leveraging social platforms where they are present and command a sizable audience makes sense. 

3. eCommerce Apps

Ecommerce titans like Amazon are upping the ante in live commerce by incorporating shoppable product videos into the existing platform. 

Consumers unconsciously visit the top eCommerce sites for their regular shopping requirements. The inclusion of a live-stream/video component can augment sales by guiding shoppers to make savvier decisions. 

Benefits Of Video Shopping Applications

benefits of shoppable video apps

1. Leveraging The Power Of Influencers

We are past the age when advertisements and marketing efforts centered the well-known celebrities. It’s the world of influencers now and we are living in it! Any one with unique talents can acquire a fan following and influence people. And, with this genre of apps, businesses can leverage the fan following of influencers to promote their products & drive sales.

2. Better Engagement

Brands can create a more engaging experience by using video. The target audience will feel emotionally linked to the products if they involve some storytelling. It results in more interaction and a better user experience.

3. Higher Conversions

Brands that utilize shoppable videos have witnessed an upsurge in conversions. The consumers will have a compelling reason to stay in this genre of applications because the videos are more engaging. It also makes the entire process more user-centric, thus increasing conversions.

4. Increase In Sales

This new app genre can significantly boost sales in the age of influencers and surging video consumption by wowing the audience. Customers can make a purchase faster, and brands can benefit from delight moments which are momentary. 

5. Connecting With The Youthful Audience

There is a certain segment of the population (mostly teens and youth) who doesn’t liking watching television, checking out billboards, and even shy away from traditional social media platforms like Facebook. They have a creative psyche and are always looking to produce/watch unique content. They flock to video apps and this is where businesses can reach out to them!

The Bottom Line

After having seen the top shoppable video apps, the conclusion stands that shoppable video eCommerce is the future of all eCommerce websites. This unique approach of coupling influencer marketing and selling new products to consumers is a big transformation in product-buying experience. 

Idea Usher has a reputed team of developers, designers,  and new-age marketers. We can help you clone an existing shoppable video app or a new one from scratch that can disrupt the current market. For more information, connect with us right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Live Sale- What Is It?

A live sale is where the customers buy things immediately after catching them demonstrated in videos. They adopt a different approach from traditional eCommerce platforms selling products, and user interactivity is at its core. 

2. Does Youtube Allow Live Shopping?

If we talk about the long-term aim of YouTube, then its team says (in a blog post) that Youtube is eventually looking at live shopping. The team wants to integrate a live-shopping feature that will allow everyone having a product and equipped with a smart device to seamlessly host a live stream.

3. Does TikTok Come With A Shopping Feature?

Yes, it does. Thanks to the latest LIVE shopping feature, a brand present on TikTok can easily connect with the users of the community in real-time. While content (fashion and beauty videos) is being streamed live,  brands can now share links to the products/services they offer. 

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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