Netflix clone

Netflix Clone

Televisions used to be the basic staple in households. Now it’s nothing more than a fixture occupying space. Watching TV has become too mainstream. We have to pay for a whole batch of channels and what we get in return is repeat episodes, stale content and annoying commercials in between. It is expected that 34.9 million American households will cancel their cable services by 2023. This could be a potential reason why the term “cord-cutter” is doing rounds in the television industry. Netflix clone apps are on the rise.

During the lockdown, the demand for content is insatiable. Before coronavirus took grip over the country, binge-watching in your comfy pyjamas was a weekend thing. But now with the advent of various digital platforms, binge-watching is the new normal. In fact, many of you might be nearing the end of your streaming queue. It’s the right time for you to take your video streaming business to next level by getting the best Netflix clone app. Click here to know more about live video streaming app development.

Undoubtedly video live streaming apps have disrupted the television industry. So let’s take a deep dive into the ecosystem of video live streaming apps i.e Netflix Clone apps.

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What is a video streaming app/ Netflix Clone App?

It is a downloadable software which further provides an on-demand online entertainment source for movies, web series and other streaming media.  A video streaming app basically means when you watch in a real-time mode. Users can pause, resume, and rewind the content without any fuss. Needless to say, it has already made an enormous impact on entertainment and businesses.

As per the reports of MarketsandMarkets, the market size of video streaming software will be USD 7.5 billion by 2022. Today video live streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live need no introduction. The live streaming trend doesn’t only restrict to entertainment but it also creates value across different industries like e-commerce and marketing, online education, healthcare and retail.

“Must have” features in your Netflix Clone App

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get into the “elite section”?

Live streaming is the latest fad. 82% of viewers prefer live video over social media posts. Being an owner of this platform, the following attributes must be embedded in it to make it a big success.  So let’s dig in-

Push Notification

If you don’t want your content to get lost in the noise then push notifications may be the marketing strategy you need to try. In real-time, you can reach your audience in an effectual way and it’s a great way to retain them. According to research, the app users who received push notifications were much more likely to keep using an app when subscribed to push notifications than those who were not.

Push Notification feature in Netflix clone app

Recommendation Engine

A good recommendation engine can prove to be a real game-changer for your Netflix Clone. It showcases the users their favourite content and hence keeps them engaged. 75% of what consumers watch on Netflix comes from its recommendation system. Different suggestions can be provided based on the interests of users.| Live Video Streaming App Development |

Real-Time Chatting

”Do you and your buddy want to watch a live sport together? Then real-time chatting is the perfect feature for you.”

This feature enables direct dialogue which can further increase the engagement. Because your task doesn’t end once you manage to grab the user’s attention, what really matters is you should keep them engaged. Due to the lack of real-time communication, 25% of apps are uninstalled merely after a couple of uses. Hence this feature is a “must-have” in your Netflix clone app.

Real time chat feature in netflix clone app


Do you want to earn a bit of extra money? Well, then the monetization feature is the right choice. In this users will pay you a “virtual ticket” so that they can watch your broadcast. Take care of the fact that the content that you offer should be unique and worth it. Industry giants like Hulu and Amazon Prime have successfully implemented this concept. |Live Video Streaming App Development|

There are two ways to monetize, either you can adopt a subscription-based model or you can go for a play ads business model. In a subscription-based model, you have the option of hiding content behind a pay-wall. This will compel your viewers to pay a monthly fee. Once they make the payment then they become eligible to access all of your content. Netflix and Disney+ are perfect examples of this model.

We all get quite frustrated when an ad pops up. Right? This is how the play- ads model works. Interactive Advertising Bureau states that 67% of consumers would rather settle for an ad abundant but free viewing experience. Numbers speak for themselves. These choices can put you in a win-win situation. Get your Netflix clone today, Click here.


Flexible Subscriptions

This feature provides a beyond belief amount of convenience to subscribers. A mobile Netflix clone app for your streaming service plays a decisive role in the success of your forum. In the US 38.4 million subscribers accessed Netflix solely via mobile. In-app purchases, let the viewers buy specific content rather than the whole monthly package. This way you can gain trustworthy users. Want to know more about live video streaming app development? Know more.

Subscriptions feature

Review and Ratings

It’s a great way of engaging the audience. With the help of this characteristic, viewers can go through the ratings and reviews and can actually decide whether they want to watch a particular video or skip it altogether. It has an immediate impact on the perception of the users.

Cost Structure

Cost of developing a video streaming app is purely subjective as it completely depends upon numerous factors. In the case of Netflix which requires heavy backend infrastructure and continuous streaming without disruption, these factors can affect the cost structure to a larger extent. | Live Video Streaming App Development|

Here are some of the factors that play a big-time role in deciding the cost structure of a video streaming app-

  1. App features have a direct relation i.e. more number of attributes will lead to an increase in cost. Although in the initial stages it is always advised to have only core features. You can adopt a DIY approach while selecting features.
  2. If you’ll choose a complex design then not only it’s going to increase the cost but also users will have a tough time using your app and eventually you’ll end up losing them. “The simpler, the better”.
  3. The procedure for app development for an android is way more expensive as compared to iOS. This is due to the fact that android involves a wide range of configurations and devices. Thus app platform plays an imperative role.

Conclusion: Netflix Clone App

You might have dozens of ideas about how a video streaming app can prove beneficial for your business, yet nothing will work until you take the first step.

Idea Usher is a pioneering web-app development company with years of experience in building robust, scalable, and innovative technology solutions. Our tech-enthusiastic programmers, designers and testers have experience of developing all types of apps, be it fitness, food delivery or video streaming. We understand your needs and deliver products that help you take your business to the next level.

At Idea Usher we make your journey of developing Netflix clone apps and up-scaling your business hassle-free. We aim at robust platforms to help you provide your customers with uninterrupted services. We offer a vast array of features from adaptive video streaming to video sharing and saving them so that they can be enjoyed afterwards, even when there is no internet connection.

Our competence lies in web and mobile app development.  With hands-on experience in developing video streaming apps, we promise to provide out of the box solutions and visionary support to your every need. Get in touch to get free quotes.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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